Top 10 Best FLAC Players for Android and iPhone/iPad

FLAC music player – Learn what is the best FLAC player for android and iOS devices? Top 10 best FLAC players for android and iPhone/iPad, Download FLAC player apps for android and iPhone

For readers who are not yet aware of what a Flac music player exactly is, it stands for “Free Lossless Audio Codec” and is used for the lossless compression of digital and audio data. The purpose of making use of Flac music player is that its algorithm enables the compression of digital audio to about 50-60 percent of its original size.

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It is now possible to use Flac players for Android as well as iOS-powered devices. In this guide, we are listing some of the best Flac player apps for Android and iPhone/iPad devices. Hope you will find them useful for you.

Top 10 Best FLAC Player for Android and iPhone

Nowadays, most of us are spending more time on our smartphones and tablets in comparison of Computers. So, if you are looking for a portable MP3 player with FLAC capability for your smartphone, here are top 5 best Flac players for android smartphone/tablets and top 5 best Flac players for iPhone/iPad devices.

Top 5 Best FLAC Players for Android

Play FLAC audio files on Android devices by utilizing these best FLAC players for android mobile phones or tablets:

(1) DeaDBeeF Player

DeaDBeeF is a Flac player for Android which is capable of playing a variety of online radio as well as audio formats. This player consists of an equalizer with 10 bands which also supports headset media buttons. Full Unicode support and automatic CUE support are important components of this Flac player. The 10 bands allow you to vide album art and tags of the music file.

Developer: Alexey Yakovenko | Download DeaDBeeF Player for Android

(2) VLC Player

VLC Music Player for Android is absolutely free to use and it comes with its very own equalizers, filters and full- fledged database. It is basically an open-source multimedia player which is capable of playing almost all audio and video files. It comes with zero in-app purchases, spying and absolutely no ads. There are also widgets for audio media library, cover art, and audio control.

Developer: Videolabs | Download VLC Player for Android

(3) Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player is a great Flac player for Android which supports a large variety of files. It comes with a 10- band optimized graphical equalizer and includes features such as crossfade, openGL- based cover art animation, replay gain and dynamic queue.

Developer: Max MPKey | Download Poweramp Music Player for Android

(4) jetAudio Music Player

jetAudio is one of the best Flac players for Android with 10/20 bands graphic equalizer and plenty of different sound effects. It supports plugins such as AM3D audio enhancer and Crystalizer among others. It supports majority of digital music files and supports features like Wide, Reverb and X- Bass, etc.

Developer: DjIT | Download jetAudio music player for Android

(5) n7player Music Player

n7player Music Player comes in both free and paid versions and it allows you to customize all the elements of your music player. Tag editing, album art grabber and scrobbling, etc. It comes with a unique user- interface and supports several different media formats.

These were some of the best Flac players for Android. Below are some of the best Flac players for iPhone.

Developer: n7 Mobile | Download n7player music player for Android

Top 5 Best FLAC Players for iPhone/iPad

Play FLAC audio files on your iOS devices by utilizing these best FLAC players for iPhone/iPad:

(1) FLAC Player+

FLAC Player+ by Khoa Tran Anh is a Flac player for iPhone which enables you to listen to good quality music on your iPod Touch and iPhone. Using it, you can manage all songs through artists, genres, albums and playlists. It supports 24- bit audio output and its features include Wi-Fi transfer, background audio, and Bluetooth headset, etc.

Developer: Khoa Tran Anh | Download FLAC Player+ for iPhone/iPad

(2) VLC for Mobile

VLC Player works across all iOS devices and also supports Flac. It is absolutely free, open source and is a type of portable audio player which supports almost all audio and video formats along with DropBox file synchronization.

Developer: Video LAN | Download VLC Player for iPhone/iPad

(3) VOX Music Player

You can enjoy music in several formats using this Flac player for iPhone. VOX – Music Player for FLAC & MP3 by Coppertino Inc. has a unique design, along with gesture-based interface, music playlist in offline mode and sound equalizer. It is basically an All-In-One player which connects with all music sources, such as online radio, iTunes, Flac’s personal collection, etc.

Developer: Coppertino Inc | Download VOX Music Player for iPhone/iPad

(4) Capriccio – Ultimate Music Player

Capriccio – Ultimate Music Player is a well-known and best Flac player which supports multiple audio formats and features internet lyrics on the music along with sharing of online sound effect. It makes music-management easy with Wi-Fi transfer, cloud storage support, FTP connection and iTunes sharing. 3D surround sound and queue- based sound effects are its notable features.

Developer: Junho Choi | Download Capriccio Music Player for iPhone/iPad

(5) FLAC Player

FLAC Player by Dan Leehr L.L.C. is also one of the best FLAC players for iPhone which also supports live recording. You can create and edit the playlist of this player and it also supports AirPlay audio output. This music player comes with original audio phone quality music and produces lossless and gapless Flac albums. Browsing by artists, albums, Bluetooth headphones support and shuffling/ playing entire playlist are its key features.

Developer: Dan Leehr LLC | Download FLAC Player for iPhone/iPad


So, these are the top 5 best Flac players for android and top 5 best Flac players for iPhone/iPad. Select any of these best Flac player apps for Android and iPhone or iPad devices and experience lossless audio and video playing. Please, feel free to share your personal view with us using the comment section below – According to you, what is the best Flac player for android and iPhone/iPad devices?

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