How to Compress PNG Images in Windows

Image compression has become necessary thing of every user because everyone want fast upload, quick share, and very small size attachments of images while using online. This is the main reason, people always want to grab very simple and the best image compression software.

If most of the time you deal with the PNG images then it’s confirmed that PNG image files can take up quite a bit of your hard disk space. In this condition, compressing PNG images using a powerful PNG image compression tool, PNG Compression Software, or PNG image online optimization service are highly needed.

how to compress png images in windows

Since, compressing PNG images online might be a difficult task for you if you haven’t proper internet connection. So in this case, using PNG Compression Software like “PNGGauntlet” is an appropriate choice for you.

PNGGauntlet is a PNG compression app for Windows that allow you to compress png images without sacrificing quality. With the help of this image compression software, you can freely compress multiple png images on your Windows computers without losing the image quality. Here’s – how to compress PNG images in Windows.

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Compress PNG Images in Windows

First of all, Download PNGGauntlet – PNG compression app for Windows and install it on your Windows PC.

After the installation, launch the PNGGauntlet application. The software window will appear as shown in below screenshot.


On the software window, click on “Add Images” button to add the PNG images which you want to compress. You can also add images by drag and drop. Next, click on “” button to add the folder path where you wish save your compressed PNG images.

image compression

By clicking on the option of “Tools” and then “options“, you can manage the PNG image compression settings. After selecting the check box of “Always convert files to PNG even if it would make them larger”, all the JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA and PCX images will be converted and compressed in the PNG format.

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After that, click on “Optimize” button to start the image compression and conversion. Just after the click, PNG image compression process will begin:

compress png images

Once the image compression completed, you will be able to see the png file compression details such as: new file size, % of compressed original files etc. For example a screenshot is shown below:

png compression software

Now, go to the folder which path you entered to save the compressed PNG images and you will get the same PNG images in very less size and along with same image quality.

The size of PNGGauntlet Software is less than 1 MB and very well compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating system.

Overall, PNGGauntlet – PNG Compression Software is a very useful Windows program for all those users who want to compress png images without losing quality on their Windows PC.

Get from here: Download PNGGauntlet

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