The Pill Dispenser: The Perfect Prescription Management Tool

A pill dispenser in many cases is all that stands between good and dangerous oral drugs management. The dispenser also assists in prescription adherence.

Mothers, being chief micro managers of many a childhood, often have their advice ignored. This is especially so, once the baby birds fledge and leave the nest. One of mother’s warning is that you should not be too quick to forget is never to put anything in your mouth, which you are not sure of.

Nevertheless, millions of adults worldwide over the age of fifty and above make this mistake every day. Without the aid of a pill dispenser, they will blindly consume over the counter prescription drugs needed for relief from various chronic and acute health conditions.

automatic pill dispenser

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Age does make it more challenging to keep track of medications. This situation is worsened by the fact that seniors take drugs more than other age groups for obvious reasons. It is a good age to be alive. There are tons of medical interventions now, which help people to live longer. The thing about medicine, however, is, it only works when used wisely and as per the instructions.

Older people, therefore, who become more forgetful with the years are in danger of forgetting their pill-taking routine. Indeed data from the American Geriatrics Society shows that one in three seniors in the States gets an unwanted drug reaction each year. Indeed, over a quarter of all nursing home admissions are tied to complications that come with the management of medications at home. This is according to research done and published in Drugs and Aging.

Table of Contents:

Introducing the Pill Dispenser

A pill dispenser allows the user to recognize their prescriptions in a jiffy. A simple pillbox works perfectly when it comes to prescription recognition. However, a little digital technology can make these simple boxes super useful. Smart pill dispensers can do more. They will, for instance, alert a user either visually or audibly when the time comes to take their pills.

The machine is made lockable and tamperproof as well to ensure that there is no chance of an overdose. Innovation can take the usefulness of these gadgets further. They can, for instance, through SMS technology, alert your caregiver, of a missed prescription dose. This can be very useful in ensuring that your drugs are taken within the required window of time.

Amazing Features of an Excellent Prescription Dispenser:

  • Very easy to use. The loading, programming and the dispensing protocol should be intuitive.
  • It should have ample capacity. Sufficient doses per daily use, as well as volume per dose, should fit insufficiently.
  • It should have mechanisms that remotely monitor your interactions with the dispenser.
  • The pill dispenser should have loud and yet simple alerts to warn you when your prescription is due.
  • Other features such as internet connectivity, tamperproof cases as well as sufficient locking mechanisms.
  • Should be reasonably priced. If it has a monthly subscription charge, it should also be reasonable.

The Final Word

Taking your prescriptions as per the doctor’s advice is critical to health and independence in your sunset years. An accidental doubling, for instance, can cause an overdose. Missing your medication schedule can cause health concerns as well. Use an automatic pill dispenser and alleviate the worry and stress that accompany multiple medication management.