11 Best Reminder Apps for Windows 11 PC to Use in 2024

Do you want to keep your tasks organized, on schedule, and never forget anything important again? If yes, these best reminder apps for Windows 11 PC will help you ensure you don’t leave anything undone.

We all wish we had a helping hand, someone who would keep track of our activities, ensure tasks are accomplished and remind us of all important events.

While the idea of a robotic assistant and AI that can do all of these things might sound possible, it’s still a little way too far out. However, the rapid advancements in technology have given us some respite in the form of reminder and task management applications.

And that’s why, in this comprehensive guide, we are going to take a look at some of the top-rated, trusted, and best reminder apps for Windows 11 PCs.

best reminder apps for windows 11
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In addition to checking out the list of free to-do list app and pop-up reminder app that reminds you to do things, we will also learn how you can use the desktop reminder app for Windows 11 operating systems to improve your workflow. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.        

What are Reminder Apps for Windows PCs?

Most of us have experienced the frustration of forgetting to do something. For example, we might forget to buy milk or pay our electric bill on time. Fortunately, there are many easy-to-use, free to-do list apps and the best task reminder software available for your Windows device that can help you stay on top of tasks and keep track of all upcoming events.

These top-rated and best reminder apps for Windows 11 allow you to note things down and get reminded to do something when the time comes. You can drastically improve your workflow by using the daily or hourly reminder app that reminds you to do things.

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11 Best Reminder Apps for Windows 11 in 2024

Reminder apps are used by most people these days to remember their future tasks (meetings, appointments, deadlines, and other duties) and manage their schedules appropriately. After all, who doesn’t want an easy-to-use app that reminds you to do things to keep your work on track every day, right?

And if you are also thinking about taking benefits of digital reminders in your calendars, productivity apps, and to-do lists to help you manage your work efficiently, in that case, you should know that setting up task reminders on Windows 11 computers using these desktop reminder apps are extremely easy and quick.

And since now you know exactly why we need reminder apps, it’s time to check out the list of most popular, trusted, and best task reminder apps for Windows 11 computers. Here we go:

Microsoft To Do

It would be a waste not to start this list with Microsoft’s own reminder app for Windows 11 operating systems. A free download of the Microsoft To Do app is available at the Microsoft Store.

The UI is clean and straightforward, and if you’re familiar with the tile interface Windows 10 and 11 are known for, then you’ll feel right at home with this to-do list, task management, and desktop reminder app.

reminder apps for windows 11
Microsoft To Do: Lists, Tasks and Reminders

New features are regularly added to the app, like attaching files, syncing with Outlook, integrating with Microsoft Mail and Calendar, and much more. To-Do lists can be created and shared with friends and colleagues across multiple platforms.

One-time or recurring due dates and task reminders can also be set up with ease. Overall, this is a great reminder app for Windows PCs.

Windows Shutdown Assistant

Are you wondering why a Windows auto shutdown software is in this list of the best reminder apps for Windows 11 free download?

Don’t be deceived by its name. Windows Shutdown Assistant is so much more than the name suggests. Scheduling automatic shutdown is just one of the unique features this Windows shutdown timer app offers.

app that reminds you to do things
Windows Shutdown Assistant – Best Solution to Shutdown Windows Automatically

The software allows you to turn off computer automatically in various situations, such as when you have important work on your task list. Businesses and individuals both benefit from this method of getting work done.

Apart from turning off computer automatically and running and stopping programs on schedule, it also allows you to lock, restart, hibernate and log off computer at any specific time.

This multifunctional software offers you the quick and easy options to set reminders for events, generate notes for recording thoughts and ideas according to your wish. In short, there is no doubt that this software contains all the critical features of a desktop reminder app for Windows must-have.


Todoist provides a powerful task management system that combines the ability to add tasks with natural language. To-do lists and reminders combine in this hybrid app. The application can also integrate with services like Dropbox, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Slack.

reminder apps for windows
Todoist: To-Do List and Task Manager

This popular to-do list and task manager app integrates well with your PC due to its ability to jump to a task within your Windows Timeline or mark a task as completed within notification toasts.

You can use Todoist’s free version, but to use all of its features, you have to upgrade to its premium version.


If you were wondering, “Is there an app for keeping track of medications?” then worry no more. The most widely used and popular medication tracker app is here for your rescue.

Pillbox functions on a simple premise. It helps you remember when to take your pills. Everyone has some ailment or another, and we need to take our medicine on time, but due to our hectic schedules, we tend to forget taking them. That’s where this medication reminder app for Windows 11 comes in.

windows reminders app
Pillbox – The Most Popular and Ease-of-use Medication Tracker App

Pillbox medication tracker app reminds you what medicine to take in what dosage and at what time once you feed all the data in its simple-to-use UI. This medication management app is excellent for people who work on their computers for the majority of their day.

Efficient Reminder

Efficient Reminder is a free calendar and reminder software for Windows computers that’s exceptionally versatile. From the user interface to importing your favorite holidays, meetings, birthdays, events, or appointments, everything is customizable.

If you’re one of us, the forgetful ones, you can automate your life with the help of a professional, cross-platform and easy-to-use reminder app for Windows 11, which is specifically designed for managing dates, meetings, events with ease as it sends you automatic reminders by syncing across devices.

Efficient Reminder – Free Calendar and Reminder Software for Windows

Efficient Reminder is well known for its easy to sync, multiple calendar views, quick reminders, powerful document editor, portable editing, and information safety safeguard features. If you run a business or have a fast-paced life, then this tool is what you need in your life today! Grab it and give it a go.


Do you want to get a bird’s eye view of your upcoming tasks in a day? If you answered Yes, Rainlendar is one of the best reminder apps for Windows 11 that will remind you of your every task at the right time.

This feature-rich application is highly customizable and is so user-friendly even a kid can understand how to use it. The built-in calendar can also be customized to fit your needs at any time.

windows 11 reminder app
Rainlendar – A Powerful Customizable Calendar Application

You can make a new list for each and every task in your life and essentially micromanage every aspect using this free reminder app for Windows 11 and other older versions of Windows.

What’s better is that this is a cross-functional app which means if you do decide to ditch Windows and move to Mac, you can take your data with you. Give it a go today!


If you’re looking to organize your life with ease, then 2Day is the answer to your problems. 2Day is a personal organizer that helps you add reminders, tasks, and scheduled events to your calendar, so you don’t miss out on anything!

You can quickly arrange the dashboard to see tasks due today, tasks due this week, this month, and tasks without an assigned date.

best reminder app for windows
2Day – The Best Todo List for Windows

This popular to-do list, calendar reminder, and task manager app isn’t free, but it’s a cheap one-time purchase for about $4, which makes it a great value! You can use your voice to set reminders, and this app is compatible with Office 365, Share, Outlook, ToodleDo, and 2Day cloud.


If you’re looking for a free task organizer that also works as a reminder app for Windows 11 laptops and desktop computers, then your search ends here. Desktop-Reminder is a powerful software that allows you to create tasks, define priorities, and set the alarm or event associated with it.

desktop reminder app for windows 11
Desktop-Reminder – A Freeware Task Planner for Windows

The system is easy to use and very convenient as it helps you keep track of your time and tasks. The calendar can show you a yearly view of the upcoming 12 months with all upcoming events and tasks clearly marked and mentioned.

Alarm message for tasks with the time of day defined is a very impressive and essential feature of this application. You can easily set up repeating reminders for weekly, monthly, or annually repeating tasks.

Kana Reminder

Are you looking for something lightweight that can run in the background without hogging up precious resources? Maybe all you need is basic reminder functionality that sends you notifications at specific times of the day.

And if this is the case, Kana Reminder is the perfect program for you to set a reminder to be triggered at a specified time according to your need.

reminder program for windows
Kana Reminder – Receive Event Reminders or Trigger Applications at a Certain Time

What’s more? By using this free lightweight software, you can schedule hibernating, logging off, and shutdown for your PC. You can even trigger specific softwares to run once conditions are met.

This pop-up reminder app for Windows 11 is an excellent addition to this list of task reminder apps that remind you to do things.


Do you prefer to see your tasks and responsibilities laid out in front of you in a calendar view? If yes, this free calendar and reminder software is perfect for you.

Once you start using this personal calendar and event reminder for Windows systems, you’ll never forget special events like meetings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc., because this app will remind you before time.

If you wish, you can customize the features and make the user-interface unique to your needs and customize it to fit just how you want it.

hourly reminder app for windows 11
Remind-Me: Free Calendar Software that Tracks and Reminds You of Important Events

You can choose to receive a reminder whenever you open your computer automatically, or you can manually control it. The software comes with a unique feature that automatically sends emails when certain conditions are met.

What’s more? You can also attach custom audio files to the automatic emails to ensure you never miss a thing. Remind-me is the perfect reminder app for Windows 11 computer users, and the best part is that it’s totally free. Give it a try today!

Remember The Milk for Windows

Don’t be fooled by the name; Remember The Milk for Windows is much more than a simple reminder app for Windows operating systems that reminds you to get the milk. It’s an all-in-one reminder solution and personal organizer that helps you manage your life easily.

The app is designed to serve busy people with even the minute details in mind. It’s available across platforms like Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, and even as a browser extension.

how to set reminders on windows 11
Remember The Milk: Online To-do List and Task Management

If you’re someone who likes to break down their tasks and goals into smaller, more manageable chunks, then the app also allows you to break them into sub-tasks. You can even manage multiple projects and different timelines. Twitter, Gmail, and Slack accounts integration are also present in the software.

There’s a free version available that you can use, but to unlock the advanced features, you have to shell out about $39.99 a year.

What is the Best Reminder App for Windows 11 Free Download?

We hope this list of the best reminder apps for Windows 11 helps you find the best task management tool and task reminder app that reminds you to do things.

We recommend using Microsoft To Do and Windows Shutdown Assistant to set reminders in Windows 11 PCs in order to plan your day with ease and increase your productivity level.

If you have any questions regarding these apps or Windows 11 operating systems in general, then please comment down below, and we’ll undoubtedly help you out.

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