How to Find Social Media Accounts by Phone Number Free 2023

Do you want to learn how to find social media accounts by phone number free? If yes, use these best free reverse phone lookup services that actually work.

Social media. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. We can connect with our family, colleagues, loved ones, and people we look up to through social media, and this is both a boon as well as a curse.

We all know, social media sites help us connect with our long lost acquaintances and friends anywhere in the world. If you want to find someone you know on a social media platform and have their phone number but not their email, today’s guide is for you.

find social media accounts by phone number free
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Today in this guide, we will teach you how to find all social media accounts by phone number free and we’ll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions such as; Can you find someone on social media by phone number, and is there a free reverse phone lookup service to find social media accounts by phone number free? So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Disclaimer: The method outlined in this guide is for educational purposes only. nor the author of this article take any responsibility for any miscreant using the information in this guide for any purpose other than the intended purpose.

Why Would You Want to Find Social Media Accounts by Phone Number Free?

There are countless reasons for anyone to find someone on social media by phone number. Most of them are legal, some not so legal, and others that fall in a moral grey area. Here are some of the most common ones;

  • You want to look up an old friend or acquaintance.
  • You want to manage your online reputation.
  • You want to learn more about someone you just met.
  • You wish to discover some business intel before you meet a prospect.
  • You want to check out the social circle of your friends.
  • You want to verify someone’s identity before you hire them or work with them.
  • You want to network with people.
  • You may want to learn more about your tinder data.
  • You may want to scout a business to pitch your services to.

There are plenty more reasons, and I can go on for a long time about it, but you get the gist of it, right?

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Advantages of Using Reverse Phone Lookup Service to Find Social Media Accounts by Phone Number Free

There are plenty of advantages of using a reverse phone lookup service. Most of us have Truecaller on our devices. Why do we have it? So we can know who’s calling us if it’s an unknown number.

In a similar fashion, many of us like to know if a person calling us is genuine or a scammer, and reverse phone lookup allows us to gauge exactly that from their social profiles. And some other advantages include:

  • You can find the social profiles of long lost friends and relatives.
  • You can find out who you should address your mail to if you are sending out cold emails.
  • You can get more information and reviews about a retailer or business before you purchase
  • You can get the email of someone by using reverse phone lookup.
  • You can find hidden accounts on unpopular platforms of people who you know.

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Is There a Free Reverse Phone Lookup Service? How Does Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

Yes, there are a few free reverse phone lookup service providers you can check out. Do they work 100% of the time? No, absolutely not. Do they work in general? Yes!

Reverse phone lookup helps you find a lot of information using just a phone number. You may have tried searching an unknown number on Google only to get useless results.

The way a reverse phone lookup service works is that when you put in an unknown number, the number is run through their database. And if your submitted number matches the number in their database, the site tells you the name, email address, home address, social media accounts, any information about relatives, etc. as long as all the information is updated in the database.

There are many such service providers out there. Most of them have their proprietary databases, which they run your number through to give you the most accurate information possible.

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How to Find Social Media Accounts by Phone Number Free

There are many popular and best free reverse phone lookup services that actually work and allow you to find someone on all social networks by phone number. Here are the best ones we recommend:

Spy Dialer – Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Spy Dialer is a technically advanced reverse phone lookup solution that can help you find the information you are looking for using just a phone number or a landline number.

This widely used free reverse phone lookup service allows you to lookup email addresses, residential addresses, and many other such pieces of information using only a contact number.

find all social media accounts by phone number free

Spy Dialer runs your lookup request through their database of publicly available and ethically collected information to get you accurate and current results.

They scan through social media as well as other data sources to get you as much information as they can gather. Go ahead, start your free reverse lookup search with Spy Dialer to find that long lost friend.

TruthFinder – Reverse Phone Lookup

If you want to search people by phone number, this reverse phone number lookup service by TruthFinder is quite appropriate for you. Truthfinder reverse phone lookup helps you look up numbers that are private and don’t make their information public.

This platform scours the deep web to find information that’s not readily available on the public internet. Their sophisticated algorithm searches through social media, yellow pages, and more to get you hidden information about any contact number.

how to find all social media accounts with phone number

You can also check for criminal records or get a background report to see if the person your company is hiring is reliable. Some of these features require you to pay a small fee, but the investment is well worth it for the kind of information you get. – Reverse Phone Lookup makes it incredibly easy to find social media accounts by phone number. All you have to do is type the number into their reverse phone lookup tool, and within minutes, you’ll see all the social media accounts and dating profiles associated with that number.

Even better, also will pull results for every other phone number associated with the caller – which means you can find hidden social media accounts they have through alternative numbers. So no matter what, you’ll be able to find even the most private dating or social media profiles that someone may be trying to keep from you.

social media search by phone number free

You’ll also get a wealth of other data about the caller, including their criminal record, full name, relatives, past addresses, associates, email addresses, and even their job history, marriage records, or divorce records. And with a subscription to, you can look up as many phone numbers as you want every month.

BeenVerified – Reverse Phone Lookup

BeenVerified is a potent tool that allows you to search for information collected from over a billion data points using just a phone number. The software helps you find out the location, email, address, and much more for any person who’s contact number you have on hand.

This well known reverse phone lookup and cell phone search service is available with an Android as well as an iOS app along with their official website.

how to find hidden profiles on social networks

You can get a free seven day trial to their reverse phone lookup service to test it out for yourself. You can also get criminal and background reports using the service. Do give it a try before you commit to anyone.

Instant Checkmate – Reverse Phone Lookup

If the number you are searching for is listed in any public records, then Instant Checkmate has information about it. Instant Checkmate is a public records search application that allows you to perform reverse phone lookup for free, get background verification reports, and do much more.

The service is primarily aimed towards businesses, but it works great even for individuals who are looking to reconnect with people they have lost touch with. The searches are completely anonymous so you can search with confidence.

free reverse phone lookup

With this reverse phone lookup tool, you can get the name, location, address, email ID, and even social media accounts within seconds.

And the best part is, you can get most of the information for free. Some parts of the report may require a small payment, which is completely justified for the kind of information you get in return.

Spokeo – Reverse Phone Lookup

Spokeo’s reverse phone search gathers data from over 95 social media platforms and aggregates it in an easy to use program that allows you to perform reverse phone lookup.

You can search for a person using their phone number, email ID, and even their social media username to authenticate if they are genuine. Their vast database is their key USP.

best free reverse phone lookup

Spokeo claims that all the data they gather is from the public domain. Hence, they can not verify the authenticity of the information individually, so sometimes you may get outdated results. 8/10 times it should work well.

Social Catfish – Reverse Phone Lookup

If you want to look up any private social media accounts that your family members operate, this is a helpful and easy tool to use. Social Catfish allows you to look up names, social media accounts, email IDs, images as well as social media usernames with the help of just a phone number.

how to find someone on social media

Social Catfish’s reverse phone lookup provides you only basic information about any person. Sufficient enough to verify if a person is real or if they are trying to catfish you, MTV style.

You can also perform a reverse image lookup using the site. Overall, this is an excellent software to verify the person you are planning to date.

ThatsThem – Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup? That’s old news. That’s Them allows you to look up a person using the phone number or even an email address. How cool is that?

That’s them may not be the best among reverse phone lookup websites, but it still holds its own. It can provide you with data such as name, address, net worth, occupation, and so much more.

best reverse phone lookup free

You can search using a phone number, an IP address, an Email ID, or even using the name of a person. The UI is straightforward to use and gives out information quickly.

One of the significant downsides for That’s them is that it doesn’t have a massive database like some other sites, so you may not always get accurate and current results. Give it a try for yourself

How to Find All Social Media Accounts by Phone Number Free – Author’s View

Hold your horses, privacy enthusiasts, I hear you. All these softwares are safe to use as they collect their data from publicly available data sources. They use sources such as social media sites, directories, yellow pages, and other such places.

It may look like using these softwares would be an invasion of privacy, but it is not. All of them are compliant with all the data privacy rules. If you are still concerned, you can read through their privacy policies yourself and decide if you wish to use them.

I hope I have answered all your questions about reverse phone lookup that is actually free are responded to. Your queries, such as how to find all social media accounts with phone number? Is there a free service for reverse phone lookup? What is the best free reverse phone lookup? How to find someone on social media by phone number have been answered.

If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments, and we shall help you out.

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