21 Best Free Whiteboard Animation Software Without Watermark

Do you want to know how to make whiteboard videos for free? Check out this list of 21 best free whiteboard animation software without watermark and learn.

Are you in the search of best free whiteboard animation software without watermark to make whiteboard videos? Drawing has been a popular way of expressing feelings since the ancient ages. When language wasn’t invented, people used to draw pictures to describe things. Since then, drawing is always a favorite activity for us. With time and evolution, the concept of drawing has undergone many changes. Technological growth made us dependent on it more and that led us to find every solution in terms of technology.

The drawing wasn’t exceptional as well. To make drawings livelier, the animation was introduced. It gave drawing a new dimension altogether. The expression with the drawings became livelier with the infusion of animation into it. Drawn characters became capable of doing activities; they could talk, walk, eat, sing and whatnot.

The excellent amalgamation of voice over and animation turned drawing into animated cartoons. With more improved to be added in our life, the mode of animation changed. The cartoons don’t look like hand drawing anymore. It looks more humanly and adorable. Today, animation has become so popular that billion-dollar movies are made on animation and the ROI is high in it.

free whiteboard animation software without watermark
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It is manifest that the blog is closely related to animation. There are various types of animation but we are not going to cover all those sections in this blog. Here our main focus will be on the whiteboard animation, the whole idea, and its usability, best free whiteboard animation software without watermark and the most popular open-source whiteboard animation software, as well as some paid whiteboard animation video software to ease your understanding about the entire thing.

So just continue reading this guide to learn everything about whiteboard animation and the best free whiteboard animation software available in the market without a watermark to work within technology. Here you go!

What is a Whiteboard Animation?

We preferred directly leaping to the main point because most of the users are already acquainted with animation technology. Now, what is whiteboard animation and how to make whiteboard animated videos? Well, a whiteboard animated video is an animated film that involves appearing of pictures along with the narrative. The story can be about new products of a company, ways of implementation, strategies, manuals and many other things. With an appropriate script construction and strong narrative, the animated films drag more attention to people than any other film.

According to the surveys, people memorize animated films and the topics of the same more than other conventional videos. This is the reason why whiteboard animated videos are used more extensively in digital marketing and communications. This is an innovative and effective way to promote your business product or service. In addition to that, whiteboard animation is always focused on the thing it is based on; therefore, it is always very straightforward and loud to be remembered.

free whiteboard animation software

The use of whiteboard animated videos is widespread. If you know the techniques, you can get free whiteboard animation software to create whiteboard videos easily. This will help you in various ways. According to many successful marketers, it is the best way to start promoting your business. If you know how to make whiteboard animation videos and the animated videos made by you are integrated properly in the marketing strategies, it can get you some great loyal customers. People find engagement in these videos and thus, whatever you are trying to promote is going to be striking and memorable for the audience. After all, this is what marketing intends to do.

People are now using social media as an effective platform to post white animated videos. While scrolling through numerous videos, when people find animated videos, it evokes interest in them, and they watch it eagerly. With a powerful script, an animated video can be more appealing though it can even be made without the script. It is also studied out that animated videos cost less than other conventional videos where they may need to hire real people to act and which is why we are today here with some amazing best free whiteboard animation software without watermark.

5 Important Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation Videos for Business

Why use whiteboard animation? Like many other people, if you are also in a dilemma about whether to choose animated video as a mode of your business advertisement and can’t find why you should use whiteboard animation videos for business here are some key reasons for you. Have a look in order to learn why and when to use a whiteboard animation video:

Reasons #1: This is fun

If it is created in the right way, animated videos can be impactful and entertaining at the same time to the viewers. Informative videos are generally boring, and people do watch them for getting the key points of it. Whereas, informative video in a form of whiteboard animation compels people to watch it with its appeal.

Reasons #2: Wide Acceptability

The acceptance of animated videos is widespread. It enhances the flexibility of the video. You can simply post it anywhere. It can be posted directly on a home page or anywhere you want. There is no restriction for such videos to be posted on social media as well.

Reasons #3: Memorable

Whiteboard animation videos create a deep impact on the viewers’ minds. Because people enjoy watching animated videos, it remains in their memories for long. You can still remember your childhood commercials which used to come in the mode of animation, don’t you?

Reasons #4: Potential Customer Base Building

If the animated videos are created with innovation and uniqueness, it is easy to convert the target audience to potential customers. It enhances engagement and people love to react and comment on the videos. When they like it, they share it and thus, automatically your product gets views.

Reasons #5: Complex Matter Explained Simply

You can exceed the average video length with animated videos and people will not get bored because of the technology integrated into it. Also, animated video is an excellent option to explain a complex idea. Whiteboard animation always makes the approach easier.

21 Best Free Whiteboard Animation Software Without Watermark

There are numerous whiteboard video maker tools and whiteboard animation software without watermark available in the market for making animated videos and sometimes, too many options are quite confusing. To make it easier for you to compare, we have selected the top 21 best free whiteboard animation software without watermark jobs that are trending these days.

On social media platforms and various online forums, many people ask – Is there any free software for creating whiteboard animation videos? For them, we have some popular open-source whiteboard animation software names and people who are okay with the premium whiteboard animation software, we have the names of some very widely used tools as well.

At first, we have discussed the free whiteboard animation software and after that, we have mentioned the paid whiteboard animation tools list. Some very popular and the best whiteboard video maker names are mentioned here. You can go through the detailed features and watch the videos even on how to create whiteboard animation videos using free whiteboard animation software without watermark to start with these. Here we go:

MySimpleShow (Free)

Your search for best free whiteboard animation software without watermark for your business ends here because MySimpleShow will be going to fulfill all your whiteboard video animation requirements. Among the free software available for whiteboard animation, MySimpleShow is one of the most renowned. With it, a professional-looking explainer video is extremely easy to create now for education purposes or business promotions.

best free whiteboard animation software

No matter what your requirements are for creating a powerful campaign for your service or product, providing training materials to the employees or something for motivating your team, the whiteboard animation videos can be of real help. For this wide array of usage, people access this software for their purposes and most of them have positive feedback on it.

You can share these videos on social media platforms right after creating those. The software enables you to stay connected on social platforms. Spice up your marketing strategies and ideas and make crowdfunding videos with this software. You will discover a totally new horizon of how much you can do with the graphics and the animated images. MySimpleShow is an absolute free whiteboard animation software for which you don’t need to pay anything.

Animaker (Free)

This is a web-based whiteboard animation software that is completely free. As Animaker is a web-based application, you can’t download it on your PC. You have to be online to access the software and let it work nicely. The interface is similar to RawShorts in many ways. To make whiteboard videos for free using this tool, only you need to register and sign in with the free account then you are good to go.

open source whiteboard animation software

It enables you to click and start editing the image in the form of videos. Or you select the file from the gallery. The drag and drop option along with edit and play makes it more interesting than the other web-based apps. The drag and drop option alleviate the process of video editing. The usage of this whiteboard video maker tool is easier than any other whiteboard animation video software available in the market and this is why both professionals and newbies use this software for their occupation and passion respectively. According to the users, it is one of the best free whiteboard animation software available in the market right now.

Animaker video animation software has six different video styles that can be worked in an aligned manner together. This is an excellent feature that people love to use. With this DIY animation video maker, you will be able to create 720 types of attractive animated videos; all unique in their own way. For the content marketers and the project related to advertising and marketing, this software is extremely useful.

Raw Shorts (Free)

This is also a very well known and best free whiteboard animation software to make whiteboard videos without watermark which can assist you effectively to create an excellent explainer video. For being responsive and user-friendly software, Raw Shorts online video maker is widely used by professionals and amateurs as well. There are many templates available with this software that goes perfectly well with the whiteboard animated videos. You can also choose from the host of professionally designed animated templates which are segregated in different categories.

whiteboard animation video software

This whiteboard video creation software enables you to insert media files, texts, media, sound, and effects to make the video more appealing and unique. The sharing of the video on social media is available along with the other features. The best part for which people like this online whiteboard animation video maker more is the free usage of the same.

It is found out in the surveys that people who use whiteboard animation software with free download love this software because of its wide range of features despite being a free version. Raw Shorts are downloaded in a huge number since the development of the same which is quite notable and impressive.

Renderforest (Free)

Renderforest is another powerful free whiteboard animation software to make whiteboard videos. This one enables you to be a storyteller. You can create a narrative in a different way by adding creative fusions. In the education sectors, this animation maker software is widely used for the presentations and explainer videos and corporate scribble videos. A huge collection of templates is available with this free online whiteboard video maker from where you can choose your favorite one and create a perfect presentation with the animation toolkit.

how to make whiteboard videos

For business promotion, people have been using animated videos to attract the audience and make them engaged in the content. It is an excellent way of communication through which the message can be conveyed perfectly. This is the reason why it is widely used in social media for several purposes. The communication through the videos is straightforward and remarkable to sustain in the viewers’ minds for a long time.

This is indeed a popular software and one of the crucial reasons behind it is free of cost pack. This is your free whiteboard animation software to download for your animated video related purpose. The initial version of Renderforest is free, and you can use the templates and tools without spending anything, however, for the upgraded version you have to make a purchase.

PowToon (Free)

If you are looking for powerful yet useful whiteboard animation software free download for Windows 10 operating systems, PowToon can be your best pick. It is integrated with all common features available in the free software for whiteboard animated video software.

how to make whiteboard animations

You can get attention from your colleagues and seniors in a business environment through this software. It helps you to counter any disturbance in the class and get students’ attention while presenting any educational tutorial. The students can use this online video maker for communication for any special occasion. There is a wide range of templates available in Powtoon which enable you to create premium quality animations faster. You have to install the software and sign up to get the training material and assistance to process it.

Many people get confused about how to download whiteboard animation software free. If you have the internet and smooth data connection, you can just search on the search engine and find the authentic site of the software to process the download. After opening the site, you will get the direct link to download the same on your PC. However, you have to check the compatibility of the software with the operating system.

VideoScribe (Free)

This is also one of the most popular open-source whiteboard animation software which enables you to create your own video at ease. VideoScribe whiteboard video maker is fast enough to take a minimum time to create the video. The best part of why people like this software so much is because it is a free whiteboard animation software without watermark available in the market.

software to make whiteboard videos

With this whiteboard video maker, you will be able to select the images, background of the same, text and the music as well. After you select all these, you need to add a captivating yet short script to merge the two ideas well. Upon completion, you need to publish it and from there you can share it on social media platforms.

There is a paid version of the VideoScribe whiteboard animation software which incorporates many features like drag and drop facility, instant access to a complete library, 24/7 community support and many more. The free version is yet useful for many as the features that already exist in the app are enough to create a magnificent video. Being free open source whiteboard animation software, it can be used in all operating systems, be in Windows or iOS. The performance of the app doesn’t change with the change of the operating system.

Adobe Animate CC (Paid)

Adobe is a celebrated name in the industry of online products. Adobe Animate CC is one of those popular products which is very useful for a whiteboard animation. Integrated with new-age technologies, this flash and 2D animation software offer unique techniques to create whiteboard animation videos. Various apps, games, web apps and mobile apps are developed with this software. It is immensely helpful to add animation to the banners, tutorials, infographics and many more.

free whiteboard animation software to make whiteboard videos

Adobe Animate also enables you to post animated videos on several social media platforms fast. It is a great way of grabbing the attention of the viewers through mobile, desktop or laptop. The dynamic demonstrations and tools are used here to create those interactive videos. The lifelike sketches with sensitive vector brushes are great features of the software.

Adobe Animate CC, of course, doesn’t have a free version for trial. You have to purchase it. However, there are many websites that offer whiteboard animation software free download full version crack; you can try them. Make sure you process the virus scanning and other security checkups before installation because many sites run a scam and your system can be affected with the crack version you download.

TruScribe (Paid)

TruScribe is also one of the most popular whiteboard video solutions which are featured with some of the celebrated media outlets and provides effective video strategies. Considering the current market, this is the only custom whiteboard video, infographics, and graphic recording software that integrates neuroscience to create something that the world hasn’t seen before.

free whiteboard animation software to make whiteboard videos

The scribology method it uses with the hand-drawn customized videos helps in attracting viewers, boost understanding and improve viewer retention. People who use TruScribe are generally quite acquainted with Scribology method which makes the experience of the video better than conventional whiteboard animation. The system-driven process enabled with creative adaptability will help the company to create and achieve a budget and deadline for you.

According to the users, it is really one of the best whiteboard animation software in 2020 available in the market now. The download process is easy. You just have to visit the site and click on the link that is meant for the download. Make sure that your internet connection is uninterrupted while processing the download otherwise, you have to start the download from the very beginning again.

Video Jeeves (Paid)

This is another well-deserving explainer video maker tool to be on the list of best whiteboard animation software without watermark. Basically, Video Jeeves is another established animated videos creation service that enables you to develop explainer videos more conveniently. With the interactive explainer videos, you will be capable of converting the target audience into potential customers. It is, undoubtedly will increase business growth and enhance revenue.

how to make whiteboard drawing videos

The videos which are created with this online video creator is enough compelling and effective that it could captivate the viewers. Right from the product promotions, training material or tutorial, the Video Jeeves video production services can be of great help to make it easier for you. The reason why businesses like to use this video maker is that at a lower cost, the business can create various compelling advertisements for their product or service. However, this is not a free video. You have to buy the license to use the same.

Video Jeeves helps you to create professional videos for which you may need a professional designer. The in-built templates are extremely beneficial to create that aura for your business on social platforms. Choosing the theme, texts, images, and effects, you will be able to create a video that will engage the viewers more and in the end, you will end up getting more revenues out of it.

Camtasia (Paid)

Many of us already know that Camtasia is a very big name when it comes to screen recording and video editing. But you would be surprised to know that this powerful video editing software is also an excellent option for instructional videos, explainer videos, and whiteboard videos. Yes, you read correctly, Camtasia is a very comprehensive software for whiteboard animation which comes with several useful features.

how to make whiteboard videos for free

Like the other premium video editing software for whiteboard animation, it is also integrated with many useful functionalities that can help you create the masterpiece you have been looking for. This is mostly used for the business purpose as an entire video created by the software is proved to make a last-lasting impression on people and the businesses have fetched enough profits with this.

The major features which helped Camtasia gaining so much popularity are a wide range of completely nee videos, customizable outros, and intros, access to more than 500,00 free videos, photos, images, and audio files after signing up with your account. You can pick different themes for organizing your personal or professional styles, smoother experience with a more improved preview playback option. The built-in feature also includes webcam, recorder, capability of importing media, voice-overs, transitions, annotations, effects, interactivity and many more.

Easy Sketch Pro (Paid)

Easy Sketch Pro is one of the best doodle video creation software and whiteboard drawing animation software that can enable you to create interesting and interactive videos with the help of animation. Not only the transformation of an image into a moving thing, but you can also create an animation combining the existing images in your system.

best free whiteboard animation software without watermark

You can choose from the images that come with the software or can use your own to meet the expectations. These animated doodle sketch videos can be extensively used for any business purposes. The sketch videos you can make with the exiting tools of the Easy Sketch Pro software and experience the drag and drop facility available for the interface. Also, a special opening scene will be created by the software with excellent effects to make the video more appealing.

In addition to these features, you will be able to pre-set the timing for the sketch videos and turn them into live videos. Add anything you want to the video including texts, music files, images, video, and many other things. There is a range of backgrounds available in the library which you can use to give your video a better theme. With Easy Sketch Pro, you can also directly share your animated video creations on social media very efficiently.

Explaindio (Paid)

No matter if you are a Mac user or Windows operating system user, you can use Explaindio video creator on any device because it is extremely easy to use yet very powerful whiteboard animation software. This reliable and proven video creator is compatible with both operating systems and that is also one of the reasons behind its popularity among both the windows and Mac users for creating professional-quality videos.

how to create whiteboard animation

The performance of the software is the same with both operating systems. In fact, Explaindio is the best free whiteboard animation software in 2020 according to many users. Millions of users trust this video creation software for their professional use as well. Combining 2D and 3D animations together, this software will help you create impressive videos (explainer, doodle sketch, and motion videos) for your business. The animation scene of many movies is made using this software.

It is a paid whiteboard animation software that offers you to use the whiteboard sketch components and full-motion video. The software is capable of customizing your creativity with a feature-stuffed interface, using attractive themes, making HD videos, adding auto and video data from other software and many more. Explaindio is practically an advanced software that professional people generally don’t miss to download.

Doodly (Paid)

It is another popular whiteboard animation video software that claims to be the primary whiteboard video creator that people can use no matter if they have technical experience or not. When animated videos were first invented, Doodly was one of the first and most effective video creation software that used to be used by professionals and amateurs.

how to create whiteboard animation videos

This simplest drag and drop doodle video creator is not free, but it comes at a much affordable price in comparison with the other best whiteboard animation software for making animation videos. You will not regret your investment after installing the software and using it for a while. The professional designers left a sigh of relief by getting Doodly because this is something they have been waiting for long.

Many video creators and videographers also use this software extensively for making professional HD quality animated videos. It enables you to create professional-looking doodle videos with zero or very little experience in this field. Doodly is really an efficacious and fast whiteboard animation maker tool that will not take ages to create a single video yet, it doesn’t compromise with the high-quality it generally provides.

TTS Sketch Maker (Paid)

If you were in the search of a simple yet effective video maker app for Windows 10 or Mac that allows you to easily create amazing whiteboard sketch videos with text-to-speech human-sounding voices in minutes then you will love TTS Sketch Maker. This is basically a text to speech software that perfectly goes with the whiteboard videos.

free whiteboard animation software to create whiteboard videos

Text to speech is an excellent feature that people like to use for video creation. High-grade voice featuring male and female both it helps in creating magnificent animated videos. The responsive interface it includes is extremely useful in creating TTS whiteboard videos faster. The software doesn’t restrict the number of videos you want to create. You may get numerous videos using this single software.

The provision is also there to share or upload them on social media platforms. You can get a handsome price by selling the videos as well. With the least investment of time and money, you will be able to create TTS whiteboard videos without paying a professional which is much more than the price of license you need to pay to use the software. So what are you waiting for? Download this best whiteboard animation software and start creating amazing text to speech sketch videos right now.

GoAnimate (Paid)

**GoAnimate is now Vyond** – This is not free software and there are plenty of reasons behind you paying for the same. GoAnimate is in many ways different from the ordinary animated video makers. The professionals use this online animation software for business purposes which manifests that with adequate skills you can make flawless videos with the software and promote your business product or services, spread awareness, create tutorials, and do a lot of things with this software.

how to create whiteboard animation for free

The reason why it has a huge number of downloads is its speed. Be it loading or giving any effect or something else, the software is quite faster than the others. The wide range of backgrounds, characters, and templates available in the GoAnimate whiteboard animation software for video creation is extremely useful. The collection is so good that people don’t have to download other images from the internet. The features are almost similar to Vyonde because this is the older version of the same.

Moovly (Paid)

This is another well-liked online video editor and video maker software specially designed for creating engaging whiteboard animation videos. Moovly enables you to create professional videos and presentations easily. It is widely used for creating explainer videos, advertisements, presentations, training videos, video tutorials, and several other kinds of videos in very little time.

is there any free software for creating whiteboard animation videos

Moovly needs you to sign up to access the wide variety of templates that are complementary to it. The library enables you to choose the template from a collection of 175 million lively objects and start the project. Not only the objects but also the video clippings and audio files are available here.

Upon completion, save the video on your system or share it on the platforms. If you are a fan of drag and drop option to start editing instantly, Moovly can be your reliable pal. It doesn’t matter whether you want the best whiteboard animation software without watermark for your small-medium businesses, large enterprises, education, or integration partners, it’s perfect for everyone’s use.

Sparkol (Paid)

If you want to engage your audience and keep them with you through your amazing animated videos then Sparkol is one of the best software for whiteboard animation video creation you should use all the time. This is enabled with all storytelling tools which help the business to get the attention of the viewers, educational sectors to create a training video interesting, spread awareness about something and many more.

free open source whiteboard animation software

Videos created with animation technology grab viewers’ minds quickly and it has a long-lasting effect on their mind as well. This whiteboard video making software is also quite useful to make videos for social engagement. All features that a responsible software for whiteboard animation need are present in the Sparkol, starting from the background list, themes, images, text, and music file addition and all others.

This leading whiteboard animation explainer video solution comes with a free trial of 7 days after which you have to purchase the license to use the Sparkol software with all its features.

Biteable (Paid)

This software is famous because of its simplicity. The Biteable video maker claims to be the simplest online animation maker in the world. People who are confused about how to make whiteboard drawing videos can have a sigh of relief by installing this software. The functionality is extremely easy and user-friendly.

free whiteboard animation software download

The software enables you to choose your preferred colors, add your own music, text, and whatnot. After that, you have to choose your website or the platform where you want to get the video published and that’s it. Because of its simplicity, people who are not even professional can use the software at ease.

The free version of Biteable is enough to create excellent explainer videos with animation. You can always expect HD quality from the software which you can publish on social media easily. For the free version, you may get a watermark on the video. In order to remove the same and make a video that seems completely yours, you have to get the paid version. For a premium account, you need to sign up and add your bank details so that the yearly subscription can be deducted easily.

Wideo (Paid)

With a pool of features, Wideo is one of the preferred software that professionals and general people use. Along with the other facilities like adding texts, music files, images, and backgrounds, this stunning video animation maker enables you to get the images and videos from the gallery and just drag and drop the same on the software platform. With this feature, you will be instantly ready to edit it and transform it into a captivating animated video.

how to download whiteboard animation software free

The software is infused with more than 1300 images and 50 music tracks. You can get a complete HD explainer video with this software easily. Yes, Wideo whiteboard animation video creation software is paid, but it is a one-time purchase and that is also reasonable. After getting the software, you will need to sign up with your account and start creating compelling animated videos and presentations that engage people instantly. The license code you have to provide to verify your purchase and that’s it.

Explee (Paid)

Explee is basically a web app that is designed for hassle-free whiteboard animation video creation. The platform incorporates hundreds of elements and illustrations so that you don’t have to search for the images and effects on the internet. The huge collection will satisfy you. You can add from your own collection as well.

whiteboard animation software free download for windows 10

The trial period is for 14 days and after that, you have to subscribe to this video scribing and whiteboard animation web app. The free trial account will enable you to create videos and watch in on the web player. You can’t really download the video.

You can share the same on social media but you can’t have it saved on your PC. However, you will need a PC with decent configuration and an uninterrupted data connection to use the app because the functionality and the smoothness of the same total depend on the data connection and the configuration of the PC.

Vyond (Paid)

Your search for a dynamic whiteboard animation software ends here because Vyond can serve your purposes. Vyond is the new name for GoAnimate which was more well-known. Within minutes, you will be able to create animated videos. The online animation creator software enables you to use various features of the same including templates, audio, etc.

whiteboard animation software free download full version crack

This software is extensively used for training purposes where people need to absorb a complex idea in a simpler form so that the trainee can enjoy the videos and absorb the content of the same. You will be able to create compelling videos that can help you to get remarkable results in terms of business promotion. The simplicity of the video will enrich the collaboration and communication within the companies.

Altogether, the software is an all-rounder that enables businesses to communicate with the employees effectively and maintain a trustworthy bond. Be it a sales compliance, enterprise communication with vendors, advisors, and educators, this software can be useful for all.

Which is the Best Free Whiteboard Animation Software Without Watermark?

After this long list of best free whiteboard animation software without watermark of 2020, you must be confused about the right one to choose for your needs and preferences. To get the most effective whiteboard animation making software, you have to determine your requirements. If you are going to use the video maker for professional purposes, you will have to install a particular type of software and if you are going to use it for a recreational basis, you should look for other types of software.

There are plenty of paid whiteboard animation maker tools and free open source whiteboard animation software for the use and you have to consider it according to your budget. All the free video creator software may not include all the features, however, we feel that RawShorts and PowToon and VideScribe are the three most popular and useful free whiteboard animated video software which can help you create cool videos without watermark. Also, the last two are the open-source software that you can use on both Windows and iOS.

If you want to use the whiteboard animation software professionally and can afford the yearly or monthly subscriptions, you can have several paid software for creating animated videos. The above-explained list also includes several famous and useful premium whiteboard animation software, but we prefer Biteable, Doodly, and Adobe Animate CC among the top paid animated video software. The features are mesmerizing and the added opportunities you are going to get through this software to create videos are excellent. Altogether, you will be able to create the best high-end videos with these using all features available with the full versions.

If you found this list of best free whiteboard animation software without watermark 2020 useful for you then share it with your friends on social media networks so that they can get benefited from it too.

According to you, what is the best whiteboard animation software to create animated whiteboard explainer videos? Which online animation creator software are you going to choose? Please, feel free to share your opinions with us.

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