How to Find the Best Conference Calling System for Your Business

Looking for some of the most reliable ways to choose the best conference call services? Here’s how to find the best conference calling system for your business.

In this modern era, hosting an online meeting with team members or setting up a conference call with clients all across the world is an extremely manageable thing to do. And it’s all because there are countless powerful conference calling system and best conference call services available in the market that allows you to facilitate such collaboration smoothly and doesn’t require any complex setup.

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Now the main question arises, which are the best conference call services out there and which conference calling system is best for your business? Well, this is exactly what we are going to talk about in this guide. So, just scroll down and get familiar with the criteria to pick the best conference call services for small businesses. Here we go:

Toll-Free Dial-In

When your customers and remote workers are spread out all over the country and possibly the world, you need to make it easy for them to join your meetings. You may have a difficult time getting people to attend your conference calls if they have to pay for long-distance charges.

That is why it is essential your conference calling system offers local dial-in numbers across the globe, or toll-free numbers for access so that free conference calls are always available for your participants.

High-Quality Audio

When you are holding a conference call, high-quality audio is essential. A system that keeps cutting out leads to frustration on the part of everyone involved. People not being able to hear you prevents you from an effective presentation, and may cause the loss of important information. Do not leave your professional appearance to chance. Make sure your system provides high-quality, dedicated lines so that your voice is as crystal clear as your message.

Screen Sharing

65 percent of the population are visual learners. In addition, people benefit from the information being presented in multiple modes. When you add visual information-sharing to your conference call, you create a higher level of retention and engagement among your audience, and they come away feeling like they had a more positive experience.

People have a hard time getting on the same page when they can’t even see the page. Make it easier for your communication to be clear and understood with visuals to back up the audio.

Web Management

A good conference calling system allows you to control everything about the call from your browser. Keep track of who is coming and going, mute participants, yourself, or the entire meeting, in order to prevent background noise and distractions.

When other people are logged onto the web interface, they should be able to virtually raise their hand if they have a question or important input. Make sure everyone feels involved, and you feel in control, with a system that gives you the ability to manage everything about your meeting from your web browser.

Recorded Meetings

In an information-heavy meeting, it is difficult to retain all the important points. When you are running the conference call and meeting, you may struggle to take notes. Find a service that records your calls for you so that you can go back and listen to the whole meeting. This way, you never miss a beat.

Operator Assistance

Sometimes your meetings may be too big for you to handle on your own, or too important to risk mistakes. In those cases, it is nice to have a service that offers the assistance of professional operators. They will greet participants as they call in, make sure you know they have arrived, and help you manage the flow of your meeting. Not many systems offer this service, so if you think you may need this kind of help, make sure yours does.

Customer Support

Customer support 8 AM – 5 PM Pacific Time may be fine for meetings based in that time zone, but you need 24/7 customer support if you ever plan to do business with people on the other side of the globe or hold a conference call after hours. Do not get stuck having questions or technical difficulties that cannot be fixed right away, with a service that has limited customer service hours.

Instant Meetings

Sometimes, you need to get everyone together for an emergency meeting. Some services do not have the capability to support a meeting whenever you need one or on the fly. If you have a hands-on business that handles its own customer issues or remote teams that may need to collaborate on a more immediate basis, you need a service that allows you to host a meeting instantly without prior scheduling.

Branded Hold Music, Greetings, and Notification Tones

When you want to build a strong brand identity with your clients, then one more piece of that puzzle is keeping on brand even in conference calls. Make sure you choose a service that allows for custom greetings, hold music, and tones that notify other participants when someone has entered or left a meeting.

Unlimited Calls and Meetings

You like to communicate with your clients and remote workers. Make sure you are not limited to how often you can do that with a service that allows an unlimited number of calls and meetings every month.


Your business deserves the best conference calling system, to help you connect with your customers, employees, and remote workers all over the world. When you look for a system that works for you, make sure it provides high-quality audio, a robust package of features that provide a high level of control, great customer support, no restrictions on your meeting volume, and the ability to have a meeting whenever it is best for your company.

When you find the conference calling system that is right, you will have yet another tool to stay in touch with the people essential to your operations and revenue, maximizing your company’s growth and productivity.

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