How to Know if Your Computer has a Virus

Most of the people who use Windows computer don’t know the exact way of – how to detect computer viruses? or how to know if your computer has a Virus?

It happens with most of the users they think “I have installed antivirus software on my computer to remove computer virus, so my computer can’t be infected from virus or malicious software”. But the reality is quite different, you can’t make sure that those computer virus removal or malware removal tool you have installed on your Windows PC will completely (100%) protect your computer from virus.


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There are several malicious malware, viruses like Trojan, key logger are available that can silently operate your computer without your knowledge and without creating any data issue if once your computer is infected with virus. So, it’s very crucial to know whether your computer is infected with a virus or not.

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How to Detect Computer Viruses

If you are really willing to know – how to detect computer virus then here we are going to mention few vital points that will helps you to recognize malware infections and signs, symptoms. By checking the Symptoms of malware infection, you will easily know whether your computer is infected with a virus or not. Here are the Symptoms of Malware Infection:

Symptoms (1): Change in your browser’s homepage or default search

Symptoms (2): Your web browser hangs continuously or work so slow

Symptoms (3): Unable to open any security-related sites and always face “Error”

Symptoms (4): Your computer become slower day by day or hangs often

Symptoms (5): You get redirected to different web pages automatically

Symptoms (6): Unwanted Pop-up appears while browsing, with no reason

Symptoms (7): Problem in internet connection or data transfer activity

Symptoms (8): Security software or Firewall program disabled automatically

Symptoms (9): Getting Balloon Notifications from your system tray

Symptoms (10): Several unwanted toolbars in your browser

Symptoms (11): Excessive CPU usage or Memory utilization problem

Symptoms (12): Some programs start automatically without any click

Symptoms (13): New icons (or Homegroup icon) start appearing in your desktop suddenly

Symptoms (14): New, unfamiliar, and unwanted software installed without your knowledge

Symptoms (15): Getting several undetermined Windows error messages

Symptoms (16): Your security software shows unusual warnings with blinking red or yellow color icon

Symptoms (17): Windows functions or features disabled automatically (for example: Command Prompt, Task Manager, Registry Editor, Control Panel etc)

After checking these above mentioned Symptoms of Malware Infection, if you detect any of these signs on your Windows Computer then quite possible your Computer has a Virus or malware.

How to Remove Malware Infection from PC

After detecting computer virus infection you will think – How to remove malware infection from Windows PC? To solve your problem, in this guide we have explained about the best way and quick way to remove malware infections. Click here to read – how to remove malware infection from Windows