How to Turn Regular Downloads into Torrent Downloads

Do you want to create Torrent from direct download link? Here’s how to convert direct download links into Torrent download for faster downloading

If you want to download any file from the internet you are having two options, either you can download it using the direct download link (regular downloads) or you can simply go for the torrent download. Most of the people know that these are the two methods available which help one in downloading files off the internet but they always fail to know – What is the basic difference between these both methods?

create Torrent from direct download link

There is a huge amount of data present over the internet and this data is available on Peer-to-Peer network. With the help of a torrent file, a user will be able to find several peer-to-peer networks which are using BitTorrent. Torrent is basically an interface which allows users to download content off the internet. A majority of users prefer to download torrent over direct downloads.

Read the complete guide thoroughly if you are wondering why the torrent download is better than direct download link and how to convert direct download links into torrent downloads? Here we go.

Why is Torrent Download better than Direct Download?

It is always ideal to download files from torrent instead of direct downloads. You can use any online torrent downloader to download different torrents from the internet. Let’s have a look at some features and find out why torrent download is better than direct download:

  • There are no restrictions to download torrent as a user can easily download multiple files. You can also download consecutive files without any difficulty using torrent.
  • You can download the torrent files from different sources and the download can be easily resumed later on even if you have turned off your computer.
  • If you want to download files with big size then torrents are the best options which you are having as you can easily download files with size as big as 100 GB.
  • Users have the option to check ratings and reviews of the torrent before actually downloading it. This gives a user the option that if he wants to download the torrent or not on his computer.

Now that you know why it is better to download torrent as compared to direct download then you would be happy to know that you can easily convert direct download link into torrent download and enjoy the free torrent download.

There are many software and tools available which will help you to convert torrent to direct download. If you are still confused and are wondering how to convert normal download into torrent download then you can have a look below and find out.

How to Convert Normal Download into Torrent Download

Although there are plenty of best free sites to convert direct download into torrent download for easier downloading but “Burnbit” is the most popular one. Basically, Burnbit is the most useful platform that easily burns a torrent for any file available on the internet or the file which can be downloaded with any torrent client that support web seeding.

Follow the step by step guide shared below and find out how to turn regular downloads into torrent downloads for faster downloading using Burnbit:

Step (1): First of all, copy the direct download link of the file from the web which you want to convert into the torrent download.

Step (2): Now, open and then paste the copied URL in address bar of the website.


Step (3): Just after copying the URL in address bar, click on the “Burn” button to start the direct download into torrent download conversion process.

torrent downloadHere you need to wait for some time as it will take a while for the files to transfer. The time will depend on the size of the file which you are willing to convert and also depend on the web server.

convert direct download into torrent downloadStep (4): Once the conversion is completed, you will get a .torrent file. Now you can use any torrent downloader to execute this file and enjoy faster downloading.

Simply, open the .torrent file using any BitTorrent client and the downloading will begin on your computer. You can take help of these best uTorrent Alternatives for high-speed torrent downloads.

Important note: The access of Burnbit service is restricted in few specific countries or regions all around the world. So if you are trying to access Burnbit from any part of the restricted countries or regions and unable to open the Burnbit website then these guide might help you in accessing blocked sites:

We hope that now you are able to easily burn a torrent for any file on the internet and then download torrents. If you are not able to convert direct download into torrent downloads then you can get in touch with us using the comments section below.

Do you think BurnBit is one of the best ways to create Torrent from direct download link for large downloads?