Reasons of Data Loss and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Want to know the reasons of Data Loss and what is the best free data recovery software to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from PC, laptop or removable devices?

Data loss is one of the major concerns now a day as more and more computers and smartphones are getting common these days.

If you are not living under the rock then it is a very high probability that you have to face the data loss problem at some point in your life.

In this world, data is priceless you could have pictures or videos from the beautiful trip and these are the memories that you don’t want to lose ever. Some of your data might be in the form of document that is worth more than million dollars.

In short data loss can be frustrating and I can bet nobody can ever want to be in this difficult situation. The following I will let you know some reasons of data loss and share you the best file recovery software to get it back.

easeus data recovery wizard

There could be different reasons that you may lose your data. You can lose your data because of a virus attack or someone accidentally deleted those files while playing with your laptop or smartphone. Due to the system crash or failure in the partition may also lead to the data loss.

Now, I will tell you some tips to avoid the data loss. Here’s how you can prevent data loss situation:

(i) Try to have a backup of the important data. For example, you can keep a backup on iCloud or Google Drive in which you can store a large amount of data. Moreover, you can have an external source for storing the data. So whenever you want to have your data back you can recover easily from these sources.

(ii) Use a paid or genuine Antivirus software on your machine or on your smartphones that can help you from the virus attacks.

(iii) Avoid installing that software that you don’t trust because they can cause boot failure or system crash.

(iv) Try to install the latest update of OS, as it brings patches.

Still, you manage to lose your data after going through all these precautions still, there is a way to get out of this. In the following paragraph, I will tell you the secret how to recover your data back safely. If you have a data backup on some external source then it is very easy to recover from it.

For the example: If we take an example of the iPhone user then the complete backup of its phone is stored on iTunes or iCloud. If he loses his data for any reason he just has to plug back his phone to the computer and just follow the instruction.

free data recovery software

Still, there is data recovery software available on the market to let you recover your data back safely. But usually, they are not free. EaseUS data recovery wizard is a very simple and user-friendly software which helps you to recover your data back safely by following only three steps. So in its free version, it helps you to recover your data up to 2 GB and that is more than enough if you wanted to test any application.