Main Information and Strengths of the Demonology Warlock class for World of Warcraft

If you’re looking for a versatile and powerful Warlock specialization, look no further than Demonology. With a vast army of demons at your command, you’ll be able to conquer any challenge that comes your way. In this guide, we’ll cover all the essential information and strengths of the Demonology Warlock class, so you can start dominating the battlefield in no time.

If you have chosen the Demonology specialization, then in your arsenal there will be many options for summoning and controlling demons of various strengths and powers, and after generating resources, the full potential of the character will become available to you.

demonology warlock strengths

The Warlock plays a valuable role in raids through the use of his charges and cooldowns, as well as through the use of demonic gates.

The character depends on the equipment, but more defensively, so as not to die until your summoned creatures finish off the enemy. The weapon in this scenario plays the role of increasing the attacks of the creatures themselves. You can simplify your gameplay by purchasing gold, or the equipment itself, from the Skycoach service.

Demonology Warlock Strengths

  • A new, expanded selection of talents and skills due to a change in the general concept of skills that appeared in the Dragonflight update – now you can even learn those skills that previously contradicted each other.
  • Many active skills that deal damage to a single target.
  • You can efficiently attack several enemies at once.
  • Great speed indicators.
  • Strong AoE damage when hit by pre-spells.

Due to the damage that can be overclocked and summed up with the efforts of pets, the character becomes very popular and in demand in raids, especially at the mythic level.

demonology warlock information

Weaknesses of the Demonology Warlock class to consider before choosing a character

  • Compared to other warlocks, the overall damage of the Demonology specialization is the smallest.
  • To give out stable AoE damage, you must first disperse the damage with preliminary skills.
  • If the targets keep a distance between themselves, then the damage is reduced.
  • Without pets, the hero loses his attack potential.

Stats and stats, and their promotion priority for the Warlock class, with the Demonology specialization

All characters in any online game, and World of Warcraft is no exception, have their own characteristics that significantly affect their combat capabilities and you can and should strengthen them with high-quality equipment with good parameters, food and buffs, special accessories from raids and others. available ways.

demonology warlock class guide


The first and most important attribute for all classes that use magic for attacks and buffs.

Since the Demonology Warlock is primarily a mage with the ability to summon minions and gradually ramp up his damage with a series of skills, intelligence will play a key role in all of his mechanics.

Intellect allows you to increase your mana pool and increase the average damage that the hero deals without amplifiers and critical damage.

The easiest way to increase intelligence points is to accumulate, buy, or get legendary equipment for your class in raids. Such kits always have bonuses for the main class they are intended for – intelligence, strength and dexterity, and the more valuable the item, the more additional points to the main parameters.


Despite the overall good speed indicators of the Warlock character with the Demonology specialization, due to personal passive characteristics and skills, increasing overall mobility can be considered one of their priority goals.

Your character lives and deals damage and summons his henchmen until the main damage of your opponents is concentrated on him, and since most classes fight in close combat, you need to constantly maintain distance and accelerate your speed in order to deal damage and harm without death, in including casting spells while moving.

It is important to consider that in addition to the general movement speed, the movement parameter also allows you to increase the speed of casting magic spells and attack speed.

If the attack speed is practically unnecessary for your class, then casting spells directly affects how many skills you have time to use during the procast in a conditional minute of time.

Mages and all spell-related classes need to have their speed boost at least as high as the general attack criteria for magic and summoned pets.

Critical Damage

This is a parameter that directly affects your damage from using spells and during normal attacks during the battle.

The higher the overall chance of a critical attack, the greater the chance of dealing double damage when using magic.

Considering that in order to get the main damage from the main skills you need acceleration from the secondary ones, then the power of a critical attack and its chance will help you inflict huge damage on the enemy even in the process of preparing for the main attacks, and if the target does not die in the process, then there will be achieved in the future.

This is why the Demonology Warlock is so valuable in raids, especially Mythic.

Since the boss does not die in the first minutes, but requires impressive damage, the Demonology Warlock simply starts working on him with dispersal skills, and then deals the main damage and then repeats the chain of actions to make a huge contribution to defeating the enemy.

Critical damage will work both on magic and on simple attacks that are inflicted with the help of your pets.


Another parameter that is important to all heroes who rely on their skills during the battle, and it doesn’t matter in an attacking or defensive way.

Since you, as a Warlock with the Demonology specialization and the prospect of damage overclocking, prepare the final damage due to preliminary skills, it is mastery that will become a guide to a successful chain of actions.

Even if one skill does not work, then the acceleration must be started from the beginning, and it is the mastery that significantly increases the likelihood of a successful application.

The same principle works for all debuffs in general – increasing the chance of triggering on the target, which is especially important with a high level of magical defense and resistance to debuffs.

For buffs, this is the chance of a double proc over time, or a reapplying effect without a cooldown.


The last parameter in terms of its value and value, which plays a supporting role rather than a generally effective one, which is worth striving for with all your efforts.

Versatility is a general tendency to increase the general parameters of attack and defense, which will affect incoming damage and defense relative to the enemy and its similar characteristics.

An important bonus can be another source of dispersal of the strength of your demons, which you summon and used to attack the enemy and affect the overall strength of the damage.

The parameter is considered secondary, since there are few direct ways to overclock the versatility characteristic, it often comes as a bonus with high-quality equipment, and alone in few ways can strengthen your hero.

The criterion is important for all supports who care about defense, and for attacking classes, which is the Warlock with the Demonology specialization, it is more of a nice bonus than a really important parameter.

Only your demons, who inherit your attack and defense, will receive the main effect.

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