How to Extend WhatsApp License for Free

Are you looking for the ways to extend WhatsApp license for free or want to get WhatsApp free after 1 year? If yes then please don’t worry be happy because we are going to help you in extending your Whatsapp subscription for free.

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp Messenger is the best mobile messaging app for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and other mobile platforms. It allows us to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. Along with the basic messaging feature, it also allows WhatsApp users to create groups, share unlimited images, video clips, and audio messages with the same internet data plan that we use for normal web browsing.

As we all know, WhatsApp is free only for the 1st year and after a year of use you’ll have to pay a Whatsapp subscription fees $0.99 USD per year (Rs.60) for the license renewal. But most of the Whatsapp users want to renew their Whatsapp subscription without paying anything.

extend whatsapp license for free

Generally, there are two main reasons to extend WhatsApp license without paying the renewal fee: Whether they do not intend to pay the Whatsapp subscription fees and want to use Whatsapp free for lifetime or they are not capable to pay for their WhatsApp subscription but want to enjoy WhatsApp free for lifetime (or free after one year). team request you all to pay for your WhatsApp subscription and support the developer of WhatsApp. Below mentioned methods to get WhatsApp for free after 1 year is only for all those people who are unable to pay the WhatsApp subscription fees.

Extend Whatsapp Subscription for Free

There are numerous methods to extend WhatsApp license for free after one year, but here we will explain only the most active and the best ways to extend WhatsApp free trial period. Here are some top methods:

Method 1: Extend WhatsApp License for Free

Deleting and recreating WhatsApp account is one of the best ways to extend WhatsApp license for free. Here’s how to delete and recreate your account:

Important Note: If you apply this method in order to renew your Whatsapp subscription without paying then all your message history will be deleted and you will be removed from all the groups you were in. So, we would suggest you to take a complete backup of your WhatsApp files.

Step (1): First of all, open WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Step (2): On WhatsApp, go to Settings option and click on Account.

Step (3): After that, select “Delete my Account” option.

Step (4): On next page, enter your mobile number in the text field to confirm the account deleting and press “Delete my Account” button.

Step (5): Once your WhatsApp account is deleted, now open WhatsApp messenger again and create a new account with the same phone number. That’s it!

Step (6): To check WhatsApp expiry date, go to Settings and click on Account then select Payment info option.

You will see that the expiry date of your Whatsapp has been extended for another year. Now, start enjoying the interest services of Whatsapp.

Method 2: Extend WhatsApp License for lifetime

Extending WhatsApp license for the lifetime using iPhone or iPad is another best way. Not for the lifetime, but you will be able to use Whatsapp free upto 2022 which is quite enough time to enjoy free Whatsapp subscription.

In order to apply this Method, you must have an iPhone or iPad device. If you don’t have iPhone or iPad, you can borrow it from your friend for few moments to follow the below-mentioned process:

Step (1): Firstly, backup the conversations from your android device by visiting SettingsChat settingsBackup conversations. After that, uninstall the Whatsapp app from your android device.

Step (2): If Whatsapp is already being used on the iPhone device (which you borrow from friends or elsewhere) then backup the conversations of that Whatsapp account and uninstall it too.

Step (3): After that, Install a fresh Whatsapp app on the friend’s iPhone and register with your own phone number (which you use on your android phone).

Step (4): You will receive a verification code via SMS to your android smartphone. Enter that verification code on your friend’s iPhone to active the account.

Step (5): Once the account is activated, Whatsapp app will work fine on your friend’s iPhone with your Whatsapp account.

Step (6): After checking that your Whatsapp account is working well on your friend’s iPhone, delete the Whatsapp from your friend’s iPhone.

Step (7): Now, install Whatsapp on your Android smartphone and register the Whatsapp account using your own phone number (which you just used on your friend’s iPhone to active the account).

Step (8): Once your account is activated. You will be able to see that your Whatsapp subscription has been extended to 2022.

Step (9): You can check your WhatsApp expiry date by going to Settings → Account → Payment Info.

Note: This method works for all devices including Android, Blackberry, and Windows phone etc.

Thus, you can easily extend Whatsapp free trial period to lifetime. Once done, enjoy the exclusive features of WhatsApp for a long time without paying anything.

Method 3: How to Get WhatsApp for Free

In case, the first and second methods are not working well for you then this method might solve your problem. With this method, Gmail app should be installed on your android device in order to extend WhatsApp license for free after one year. Here’s how:

Step (1): Once your WhatsApp free trial period is completed, uninstall the WhatsApp app from your device.

Step (2): Now, open Gmail and create a new Gmail account.

Step (3): After creating new Gmail account, go to Google play store and click on Settings icon which is located on the top right corner.

Step (4): Go to “account settings” option and then change (replace) the new Gmail ID with the older one.

Step (5): Once it’s done, again install WhatsApp and register with your phone number. That’s it!

Step (6): Now, you can enjoy WhatsApp free for one more year.

Apply this method every year after Whatsapp subscription expired and use services of WhatsApp for free.

Method 4: Extend WhatsApp Service Expiration

Another interesting method is, let the service expired and wait. This is one of the easiest methods to renew your Whatsapp subscription and you can try it if you want to extend WhatsApp license for few more months without paying anything.

If you are a consistent user of Whatsapp then let your Whatsapp account expire and wait for a few days (Usually, only for 2 or 3 days). After the expiration of WhatsApp subscription, if Whatsapp will notice about your inactivity then your Whatsapp account will be extended for free up to few more months.

Actually, they do so to prevent you from using any other mobile messaging app or Whatsapp alternatives such as Line, Telegram, Viber, and WeChat etc.

I hope, these methods will help you to extend your WhatsApp license for free after one year. Try in on your device and share your view with us through comments – Did you find these WhatsApp license renewal guide useful for you?

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