Is It Worth Launching a Node JS Development Company?

Every entrepreneur has dreams, and if yours involves a Node JS Development Company, you’re not alone. But in the midst of glowing success stories, what’s the real deal? Embark on a journey with us as we uncover the ins and outs, the highs and lows. By the end, you’ll be well-equipped to make that crucial decision.

Statista claims almost 43% of coders globally apply Node JS to create networking as well as server-side apps presently. On top of that, there is a hefty demand for such programming services worldwide.

All of that creates favorable conditions for starting a Node JS development company nowadays. But how complex is it to launch the mentioned firm? Let’s figure this out.

Why Is Setting Up a Node JS Development Company a Good Idea?

Initially, it’s noteworthy that Node JS stands out for its cost-effectiveness. Here, the following things should be noted:

node js development companies
Decoding reasons: Why Choose Node.js for Product Development.
  • You use the only coding language (JavaScript) for front- and back-end development with Node JS. So, startup owners don’t have to involve loads of different-specialty programmers to make software.
  • The development environment demands less code as well as fewer files. This saves time and effort. Furthermore, such pros essentially decrease expenses. The latter is especially important, as almost 80% of startups face financial difficulties when starting their operations (according to Moneyzine).
  • The ability of a vibrant community. You can easily solve any issue related to Node JS coding by just asking for help on one of a bunch of thematic forums. That’s because community members excel in their highly professional attitude and kindness. Thus, you may save money on hiring skilled professionals to resolve problems that appear as a part of the app-making process.

One can find further information about this subject on topical blogs (e.g., at

Node JS Has Great Scalability Possibilities

Impressive scalability of the described runtime environment is achieved through load balancing as well as the capability to process a hefty number of simultaneous connections. Additionally, Node JS applications may be scaled both horizontally and vertically.

Accelerated Time-to-Market With Node JS

The tool enables one to shorten the software creation period. At the same time, the mentioned environment enables you to achieve good functionality.

So, one can move from concept to idea realization immediately using the described programming tool. Finally, digital products made by employing the described development tool are simple and quick to deploy.

Node JS Provides the Shortest Path to the MVP

Frequently, clients that order software-making services have limited budgets and wish developers to create software as fast as possible.

Moreover, consumers always want to test their digital products’ competitiveness before ordering full-fledged app development. The latter is particularly true for projects that will scale in the future but need to check market feedback first.

Node JS, for its part, allows you to quickly create MVPs with the least investment as well as effort. That’s because of smooth API integration. Thus, you may essentially enhance your client experience by making applications using the specified development tool.

Node JS Is Compatible With Almost All Popular Platforms

This involves both desktop (macOS, Linux, and Windows) as well as mobile (iOS together with Android) OS. The described programming tool unifies development efforts.

So, you don’t need to use specific codes to make applications for different platforms. This simplifies the multiple codebases’ management complexity.

What Well-Known Brands Employ Node JS Successfully

Here, it’s worth noting the following famous enterprises:

node js development company
A closer look at the benefits and challenges: Is It Worth Launching a Node JS Development Company?
  • LinkedIn: Its developers started using the described runtime environment in 2011 to enhance their mobile application. As a result, they accelerated the app’s operation by 20 times.
  • Uber: This company was the first to employ Node JS to create most of its applications. Uber’s programmers chose the mentioned development tool because it offers numerous beneficial features, such as fast processing speeds, simple error-checking, etc.
  • Netflix: The streaming service’s interface is built by employing Node JS. Netflix’s coders started using this environment due to its modularity.
  • eBay: This platform has to maintain live connections for up to 200 mln visitors daily. That would be impossible without using Node JS.
  • PayPal: The enterprise’s developers picked the described programming tool because it enables them to write client- and server-side codes by applying merely JavaScript.

Finally, Mozilla Firefox coders employ Node JS to create web applications. The programmers prefer the specified environment due to its huge memory capacity.

And How About Government Institutions?

Here, NASA should be noted. The institution’s employees selected Node JS due to its subsequent benefits:

launching node js development company
Weighing the pros and cons before launching a Node JS Development Company.
  • Suitableness for a cloud database system that receives requests from loads of users who demand data immediately;
  • Ability to lower development time and cost;
  • Capability to build a microservice architecture, allowing each API, application, and function to run seamlessly as well as independently.

So, NASA specialists significantly improved their workflow and research effectiveness using Node JS.

Final Verdict: Is A Node JS Development Company The Right Step?

Node JS is quite a simple development tool that enables you to create high-quality as well as fast-operating applications for both gadgets and PCs. At the same time, software made using the specified runtime environment excels in great popularity worldwide.

Thus, setting up a Node JS development company is definitely worth it. However, that’s true only if you have skilled programmers. One may find proficient programmers, e.g., by contacting Keenethics consultants.

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