Most Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Generally, most of us use YouTube to upload, view, and share video files but only few people know – how to use YouTube keyboard shortcuts correctly.

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing website and a large community of people use it for various purposes such as: to watch various kind of videos (academic videos, user-generated funny video content, and short real videos etc), to use YouTube video as alarm clock, to create animated GIFs from youtube videos, and countless other things too.

If you also spend your most of the time on YouTube to watch youtube videos then by using YouTube hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) you can save your lots of time.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

With the help of YouTube keyboard shortcuts, you can control the entire task very easily and freely while watching a video. In this guide, we are sharing some most useful YouTube shortcut keys which you must know:

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Most Important YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Various kind of keyboard shortcuts is available to perform different tasks on youtube, but here we mentioning only the most useful youtube shortcuts:

YouTube Playback Hotkeys

       Space or K : To play / pause

       > (Shift+. key) : To increase speed of the clip

       < (Shift+, key) : To decrease speed of the clip

       F : To go fullscreen

       ESC : Exit fullscreen

Rewind YouTube Video

       ← : To go back 5 seconds

       → : To go forward 5 seconds

       Ctrl + ← or j : To go back 10 seconds

       Ctrl + → or l : To go forward 10 seconds

       0 or Home : Go to the beginning of the video

       1 : Go to 10% of the video duration

       2 : Go to 20% of the video duration

       3 : Go to 30% of the video duration

       4 : Go to 40% of the video duration

       5 : Go to 50% of the video duration

       6 : Go to 60% of the video duration

       7 : Go to 70% of the video duration

       8 : Go to 80% of the video duration

       9 : Go to 90% of the video duration

       End : Go to the end of the video

YouTube Volume hotkeys

       ↑ : To increase the sound volume level by 5%

       ↓ : To increase the sound volume level by 5%

       m : To mute the sound

Playlist Navigation Hotkeys

       N : Next video in the playlist

       P : Previous video in the playlist

Other Shortcut Keys

       / : Go to the search text box

       Esc : Leave search box / exit full screen

       ? : To see keyboard shortcuts help window

Thus you can effectively perform tasks on YouTube. We assure, you will love to use again and again these YouTube hotkeys just after using them once. If you have any other YouTube keyboard shortcuts then please suggest us through the comment.