Top 10 Best PayPal Alternatives for Making Online Payments

Have you ever searched for some best online payment services like PayPal online payments system? Online shopping has taken over the traditional methods of shopping and has taken the entire internet by storm. Every other day, we see a new online shopping website making its way into the world of internet. If you are wondering about what has made online shopping so popular, it is the ease of checking, scanning as well as selecting products among thousands of available products without the need to leave your home.

The concept of online shopping has been around for around a decade now but it has never been as popular as well as wide-spread as it is now! Today, it has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry with e-commerce giants like Amazon, EBay as well as Alibaba carving a niche for themselves on the internet.

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Another peculiar feature of online shopping is the ability to make payments online. You can now visit any website of your preference, buy anything that suits your style and then purchase it by making the entire payment online. All you need to do is select your desired mode of payment as credit card/ debit card, net banking, etc. apart from the traditional method of COD (cash on delivery).

Yes, you can now make online payments across all the e-commerce websites and the respective particulars of your order will be delivered to your address within a few days. Online payments have become a fast, secure as well as reliable way of shopping online. To facilitate effortless and secure online payment, PayPal is a very popular payment gateway. However, there are several other alternatives to PayPal available.

Top 10 Best Online Payment Services like PayPal

Undoubtedly, PayPal is the safer way to send money online or make an online payment. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or expert online user, creating PayPal account or sending money via PayPal or receiving money through PayPal are always a super easy task.

In order to get started with PayPal, you have to follow only three steps: Sign up for your free PayPal personal account using your email and password, Link your credit and debit cards to your PayPal account, You’ll only need to do this once. Use the PayPal button to check out with just an email and password. Isn’t it super exciting?

But it might be a really very frustrating situation for you if you are living in a country where PayPal service is not available or if you are using a transaction system which does not support PayPal online payment service. In such situations, using PayPal alternatives is one of the best options.

In today’s Alternatives guides, we have created an amazing list of some best PayPal alternatives for making secure online payments. We hope you will like this list of top 10 best online payment services like PayPal:

(1) Google Wallet

As the name suggests, this PayPal alternative belongs to the company that owns the world’s largest and most successful search engine, Google. The features of this online method of receiving money through PayPal have remained intact starting from the time when it was first launched in the market as one of the best PayPal alternatives.

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Google Wallet is very easy to use and comes with a user- friendly interface. All buyers will be able to proceed with the payments as easily as the process of sending money via PayPal. Google Wallet is a lot similar to PayPal payment gateway in its usage as well as interface. Using this you can both send as well as receive money from your respective bank accounts with utmost ease. Credit card processing, sending invoices, etc. all processes of Google Wallet are similar to that in PayPal.

(2) WePay

WePay is a great alternative to PayPal which comes with commendable customer support as well as fraud protection properties for all users. It is a stand-alone PayPal alternative which enables all users to make payments for all the purchases without the need of leaving the virtual terminal.


WePay is not only a professional alternative to PayPal; rather it is also focused on the interests of the buyer and not just his/ her credit/ debit card details. If you are sending money through PayPal or receiving money through PayPal online payments system from a long time, you must give is a try.

(3) Skrill

Skrill was earlier known as Moneybookers and it comes with some very interesting features of online payment services. Some of the features offered by this PayPal alternative involve low fees, free setup, ability to send text messages regarding transactions straightway from your bank account, etc. among others.


Skrill is one of the most popular PayPal alternatives which are very simple to use and works fine across a plethora of international merchants as well as vendors for making online payments. Using Skrill, you can also make payments from your prepaid debit card in just a few minutes.

(4) 2Checkout

2Checkout is one of the most popular online payment services which is capable of giving tough competition to PayPal. What 2Checkout exactly does is that it combines the merchant account with a payment being made for the purpose of permitting all the customers in receiving money through PayPal.


This is one among the few alternatives to PayPal which also features several international payments, recurring bills as well as a solid shopping cart among other benefits.

(5) Click2Sell

This is one of the best alternatives to PayPal for receiving payments across almost all eCommerce websites on the internet today. Click2Sell features all the properties which has made PayPal the most successful online payment gateway of all times. Click2Sell is also one of the very few alternatives to PayPal for receiving payments through Google Checkout, credit cards as well as Skrill both with and without the need of a merchant account.


Some of the most peculiar features of Click2Sell include powerful reports, automated management of sales and affiliate tracking among others. There are also several top-notch sales reporting tools which provide better sales statistics and strategies.

(6) ClickBank

Launched in the year 1998, ClickBank comes with a plethora of easy to use features as well as increased functionality to all online merchants as well as buyers. This is basically an all-in-one way of making payments online which works in the similar fashion as transferring money through PayPal.


It also allows all merchants to build a brand for themselves so that it will benefit your business to the core. It is nothing short of a one- stop destination for all online businesses.

(7) Stripe

Stripe is one among the best tools for making online payments which was started as a start- up business idea but has gained momentum over time. When you are using Stripe, there is no need for any gateway or merchant account for the same.


Stripe will simply make the process of transferring money through PayPal very simple and secure for all buyers by storing their card details securely, directing pay-outs to your bank account as well as handling subscriptions. Stripe’s API is highly functional and it can be used for collaborating merchants with your bank.

(8) PayMate

PayMate helps you in sending money via PayPal exclusively if you are a seller based in Australia and New Zealand. Sellers in both these countries can make use of PayMate for the purpose of carrying out transactions to and from any part of the world while sitting at their homes!


This will enable them to expand their business as well as markets while also receiving payments from their customer base who can be purchasing their products from anywhere across the globe. It is very easy to use and comes with a simple and fast checkout process. As a seller, you will have to pay PayMate a nominal fee that is originally charged from the retailers.

(9) Dwolla

Using Dwolla financial service, you can send and receive money from anywhere in the world. This payment method is largely focused towards daily users as well as consumers but can also come very handy for companies as well as merchants that accept online payments. Almost a decade ago, Dwolla was popular for enabling the exchange of bitcoins but its timely retracting from the market has definitely worked in the favour of Dwolla.


This financial service is also compatible with several other online platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn among others. Anyone can make use of Dwolla for transferring funds to their twitter accounts, phone numbers, email addresses as well as business websites. MassPay is yet another very useful feature of Dwolla which helps you in processing 1000+ payments within a short period of time.

(10) Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is one of the best alternatives to PayPal for receiving online payments. As the name suggests, Amazon Payments is the product of Amazon, one of the leading online shopping companies in the world. Amazon is known for selling almost all varieties of goods that one could think of. Easy shipping as well as secure payments are some of the main advantages of shopping on this eCommerce website. Amazon has a loyal user-base of millions of consumers from all parts of the world.

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There are several different categories which are a part of Amazon Payments, which also makes it a universal payment option. Amazon Payments caters to the needs of both consumers as well as merchants alike. It links your already existing Amazon account with Amazon Payments which will save your card details as well as residential addresses for making future payments easy, secure and fast. So the next time when you will purchase something on Amazon, you will not have to waste time in filling your address and card details over and over again.


We hope you found some very useful online payment services like PayPal. Use any of these PayPal alternatives and experience hassle-free online payments. Stay connected with us to get more helpful guides related to PayPal such as: how to transfer money through PayPal, how to receive money through PayPal, how to use PayPal account for online shopping and much more.

Feel free to share your view with us via comment section and let us know – Which PayPal alternative or online payment services are working extremely well for you in making online payments?