13 Best Open Source Exam Software for Online Assessment

Looking for the best online assessment platform to make your online assessment easy? Use these 13 best open source exam software for online assessment.

Are you familiar with any best free open source exam software or online assessment platforms? If your answer is “no” then you are way way behind from others in this advanced online educational generation. Because these days, almost all teachers, professors, higher education leaders, and academic institutes use free and open-source online exam software to enhance e-learning, distance learning, and group studies.

The ramifications of the internet taking over the world reflect every industry. Education and training industries are not exclusions. Thanks to new technologies, exams and assessments have moved online, making the entire process more convenient for both examiners and examinees. 

The tool that makes this possible is popularly known as the exam maker or exam creator software. It is developed to streamline test management, facilitate test making, and automated grading. Some online exam software solutions even have features to prevent cheating in tests.

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More importantly, many of these online assessment tools and online exam software are open source meaning that clients can access and use them completely free. We have taken a closer look at dozens of open source exam software solutions and tested them.

13 Best Open Source Exam Software for Online Assessment

In this digital era, all teachers and educators prefer creating multiple-choice tests or exams and inspire learning in a fun and engaging way. Isn’t it? And if you also are one of those peoples who want to make their online assessment effortless then you must use a free open source exam software or any powerful online assessment platform for this purpose.

To help you narrow down your search, we compiled a list of the 13 best open source exam software solutions for online assessment. So, let’s go through them one by one:

ProProfs Online Exam Software

Online Exam Software by ProProfs is an enterprise-grade online assessment software that you can use for free. It’s effortless to use. 

The exam maker comes with different themes so you can brand your tests. You can even give certificates to examinees who pass the tests. 

The in-depth analytics and reports can help you make your tests even better. This tool has quite a handy feature to share tests across multiple channels.


VirtualX comes from Pit Solutions’ kitchen. This is a completely automated and free exam tool. 

The test editor is straightforward to use, and it supports over 10 different types of questions. VirtualX is a PHP-based solution. 

It works very fast and can generate very informative reports. If you plan on adding descriptive questions to your tests, don’t worry, this tool comes with an on/off switch for manual evaluation.


TAO is an open-source exam maker that colleges, schools, businesses, and e-learning organizations can seamlessly adapt. 

It has a very intuitive interface and comes with support for collaborative test development. Examinees can be pout in different subject modules, and you can assign various tests for each subject module. 

Grading is automatic, and the results can be exported to MS Excel.


TCExam is at the very top of our list for several reasons. Apart from being open source and free, it comes with a surprising number of modules. 

Each module encompasses numerous topics while every topic comes with ready to use questions. That translates into quick test making and deployment. 

TCExam allows customization, data import/export, and comes with support for multimedia files so you can enrich your tests.


Moodle is a prevalent learning management system that can also be used as an exam maker. The important thing is that it’s free and open source. 

It’s PHP-based and distributed under GNU GPL (General Public License). Its intuitive design and fast onboarding helped it become a top-rated exam software. 

Moodle perfectly scales, so that you can use it even when you need to assess hundreds of people. 


Edbase is an open-source exam maker definitely worth checking into. It’s a new player in the field. Since it is based on the latest technologies, Edbase allows users to create and deploy beautiful tests. 

What’s interesting is that it also supports paper tests. 

Edbase works both offline and online. It comes with questions that you can use immediately in your tests. Users have the option to send the reports to students directly from Edbase. 


Once you create a free account on the Kaldin platform, you will see why we included this open-source exam software on our list. The dashboard gives you all the tools you need to make and deploy tests. 

You can add/import questions, manage users individually or by groups, and ensure that everyone gets a certificate. 

Whether you need to do an online assessment now or schedule it in advance, Kaldin will deliver. 


FlexiQuiz is an open-source online assessment tool suited explicitly for education institutions. It can meet the demands and needs of schools and colleges. 

FlexiQuiz comes with all the tools you need to build quizzes and tests efficiently. 

In education, it is commonly used for creating and deploying entrance exam tests, scholarship tests, semester exams, and more. 

Thanks to performance analysis tools, you can always see how each one of the examinees performed.

Mercer Mettl Online Assessment

Mercer Mettl Online Exam Maker is a completely free tool you can use to manage your online examination process. 

The platform comes with a handy feature that streamlines student registration. In center management, you can easily create questions, build different tests, and review reports. 

This tool also enables remote online proctoring. All the data is stored in a secure cloud, so users don’t have to worry about tests or personal data leaks. 


Papershala is a versatile online assessment tool. It is open-source and free to use. Papershala is most commonly used in the education sector for student analysis and examination. 

It is developed to be used across platforms, which makes test deployment quite convenient. Your students can complete quests on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. 

Automatic grading and real-time reporting allow students and test makers to see the results in an instant. It also has a pool of questions you can use in your tests. 

Think Exam

Think Exam is a free complete test maker suite that allows teachers and professors to make tests and invite students to take them quickly. 

The test design tool comes with many features that you can use to create functional and beautiful tests. 

Question bank and candidate management will help you manage the entire cycle of test creation and assignment effortlessly. 

The built-in reporting system is quite robust, which is an excellent thing as you can identify trends in data, improve your tests, and discover student’s gaps in knowledge. 


Eklavvya is an award-winning online assessment tool. You can sign up for free and access all its features. It supports both online and offline assessment. 

AI-based student proctoring will help you conduct exams in a secure environment. 

The developers of Eklavvya put some exciting features in it, including negative marking, subjective answers, reports of student performance topic wise. 

The performance analysis capabilities of Eklavvya are quite powerful. You can use it to analyze the performance of all students at once. 


R-Exams is an open-source exam software that comes with all the industry-standard features. The test editor in R-Exams will help you create personalized exams. 

There are ready-to-use templates so that you can reduce the time needed for exam creation. 

With R-Exams, you don’t have to worry about scalability as the platform is built to sustain hundreds, if not thousands of students. 

What is the Best Open Source Exam Software for Online Assessment?

Online assessment tools are easy to use, and they come with a variety of features. It doesn’t surprise us to see their adoption rates growing year after year. The only problem is that the exam solutions market is quite huge today. Hopefully, our list of 13 best tools in this niche will help choose a solution that reflects your needs and goals.

 In case, you are curious to know our recommendation among these popular and best open source exam software for online assessment then we would suggest you try out Online Exam Software by ProProfs, Mercer Mettl’s online assessment platform, or Moodle open-source learning platform.

These open-source online examination software and online assessment platforms offer the simplest way to create effective online courses and online exams within just a few minutes.

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