11 Factors to Look in SEO Reporting Tools

Looking for the best SEO reporting tools? Here are 11 most important factors that you should check for in SEO reporting tools.

Regardless of the size of your digital business, SEO reporting tool is a necessity. Both small and big digital agencies require efficient SEO reporting tools to survive and improve. One could say that today it is a necessary investment for these digital agencies. The days of manually assembling and cross-referencing the data of the agency are nowadays of the past.

Almost every digital agency today has an efficient SEO reporting tool that takes into consideration all the key performance indicators (KPIs) and generates reports based on these KPIs in a scheduled system.

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SEO campaigns are really effective in helping an online marketing company grow. Proficient SEO reporting tools allow you to help boost the SEO campaign, fetch the results of experiments and give us the information necessary for flagging action items.

Reporting gives the clients and the business an overview of the progress that drives them and therefore it is imperative that the SEO reporting is done right. The reports need to focus on the KPIs.

Some Essential Factors that You Should Check for in SEO Reporting Tools

There are many different SEO reporting tools available in the market today. Digital agencies can make use of any of them and help find and fix the loopholes in the website of the company. This will allow the agency to expand and get better with time.

However, there are certain factors that you must look for in the SEO reporting tools before you choose any of them. Some of the most important factors have been listed and explained in detail below:

Regional Data that is Accurate

In the world of online businesses and SEO campaigns, SEO reporting is all about data handling. It is absolutely imperative that the SEO tool or software that you are using has access to the most updated and accurate information and data, specific to the location specialized by the client.

It is useless to search the data of a different location while your client is targeting a different one. Also, the uploading of the data must be done quite reliably so that it is easy to decipher where your client stands among all the competition.

Third-Party Tools Integration

If you are planning on doing on a full-scale marketing campaign and keep it completely digital then it is really important that the SEO reporting tools or the software that you are using have the ability to report about all the different KPIs in just one place.

In fact, the more integration with various third-party SEO reporting tools, the better it is for your website. There are many SEO reporting tools that can allow you to upload custom sets of data.

Scale and reach

There are many websites and digital agencies that shift to other SEO reporting tools and software as the number of clients increase. However, this becomes a really costly affair and proves to be counter-productive.

If you don’t want to spend excessively then you need to make sure that you have the right SEO tool to work effectively, regardless of the number of clients. This way you can refrain from purchasing new software every time your agency reaches a higher level or tier.


There are certain features that every efficient SEO reporting tool should have. Some of the most important features are as follows:

  • Backlink monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Position tracking
  • Competitor data and information

These are some of the must-have features. However, if the software has other features like email marketing strategies, call tracking, features used in reporting for social media and paid ads, and then the software is a full-suite one.

Updates and Improvements

If you want your digital agency to grow and stay relevant, then you need to make sure that the SEO reporting tools evolve and grow as well. SEO (search engine optimization) itself is evolving and therefore, it is important that SEO reporting tools evolve.

Today, website optimization is evolving into web presence optimization. Similarly, SEO reporting tools need to be able to integrate new updates and features.

Customizing the Reports

Client retention can be quite a challenge if your software doesn’t have the ability to customize the reports and the data. Different clients will have different objectives, KPIs and priorities.

Your software must be able to customize the report according to the needs of the client and emphasize the right data.

White Labels

While it is not absolutely essential, white labelling your reports will help keep your brand consistent. White labelling your reports will give them a professional appeal whenever you send them to your client.

Clients do not mind getting reports that are not white labelled but it is always an advantage.

Support Resources

No matter which software you choose for SEO reporting tools, it must have the access to support resources so that if you encounter a roadblock, your software can bring up quality resources and find you an alternative.

Be it a detailed support documentation or a responsive customer on a social media site – your software must be able to resolve the issue.


By investing time and leveraging support resources, you can get results out of a reporting tool that doesn’t cost you anything. It is not necessary to get paid software for your work.

It is really important to keep the entire affair economical since there is no point in breaking the bank with the associated costs of SEO reporting tools and software.

Automatic Report Delivery

An important feature that your software must have is the automatic report delivery. This way, the report gets sent automatically and you do not have to invest time and effort in doing it. You can allocate those resources in some other area.

Easy to Use

SEO reporting tools can be a little tricky to handle. Getting software with a more user-friendly interface can be beneficial. Complex tools can slow down the entire process and make it more difficult for you to figure out the mechanism.

So, these are the 11 most important factors that a marketing company will look for in SEO reporting tools before opting for them.

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