Top 10 Things to Take Care While Buying Mobile Phones

Mobile phone buying guide – Learn what are the things to take care while buying a new mobile phone? See top 10 things to take care while buying mobile phones online or offline

Selecting the right mobile phone might be a very tough task for you if you don’t have much knowledge about the latest trends in mobile phones and their specifications. Because these days the price of mobile phones varies too much due to the slight changes in particular features and specifications.

If you are planning to buy a new mobile phone, you need to keep a few things in mind. There are some important things which one must consider before selecting the right mobile phone and investing huge amount of money to buy a new mobile phone for you.

things to take care while buying mobile phones

So, if you are wondering how to buy a new phone, have a look at our mobile phone buying guide where we have shared top 10 essential things to take care while buying mobile phones.

Things to Take Care While Buying Mobile Phones

Whether you are going to buy a new smartphone or second-hand smartphone (used smartphone), it’s your responsibility to check and find out all the needed features and specifications that really matter for you.

So, let’s have a look at the list of top 10 things to take care while buying mobile phones and choose right mobile phones for you:

(1) Internal Storage

The first thing which you need to check before buying mobile phones is finding how much internal memory is present in it. The device which you are planning to buy should come with at least 8 GB of internal memory. All the applications, games which you are going to install will be installed in internal memory.

Never go for smartphones which come with less than 8 GB internal storage as it will become difficult for you to install apps and games on your device at a later stage.

(2) Micro SD Card Slot

Many smartphones offer the option to add external Micro SD card slot. Using micro SD card you can increase the storage of your smartphone. Memory cards offer extra storage which will allow you to store more data on your device. There is no need to carry an OTG cable and a pen drive with data if your smartphone is having a micro SD card slot.

(3) Camera

Camera is one of the most important factors which you need to consider while buying mobile phone online. The smartphones which are getting launched these days come with high quality cameras. You can buy mobile phones which come with 21 megapixel primary camera which delivers the great quality. To choose right mobile phone, see if it is having at least 8 megapixel primary camera and a 5 Mega pixel front facing camera.

(4) Battery

One of the most important points in mobile phone buying guide is battery life. The smartphone which you are thinking to buy should come with good battery life. Processor, Camera, big screens lead to a lot of battery drain. If the mobile phone which you are planning to buy comes with less battery in it then it will run out of battery in a couple of hours. To select best mobile phone make sure the mobile is having at least 2000 mAh battery in it.

(5) Screen Size

The bigger the screen size is the better the resolution is. To choose right mobile phone, see if it is having a big screen size. If the mobile phone you are planning to buy is having small screen size then you won’t be able to enjoy watching movies, the videos which you will record using the camera and also you won’t enjoy playing games. Ideal screen size which you should consider while buying mobile phones is 4.5-5.0 inches.

(6) Processor

It is very important while buying mobile phone online to check the processor. Processor is responsible for the operations which are performed on a mobile phone. If your mobile phone is not having good processor then you will experience lags on your device while playing games. There should be at least 1.5 GHz processor in the mobile phone.

(7) RAM

The mobile phone you are planning to buy should have decent amount of RAM. 2 GB RAM is fine for performing good operations on a mobile phone. It will help in easy multi-tasking.

(8) Colors

Mobile phones are available in a variety of colors. It totally depends  on you to decide the color in which you want to buy that mobile phone. With the help of Google you can search for the colors in which the mobile phone you are looking for is available.

(9) Size

Size matters a lot when you are buying mobile phones. There are smartphones which come with 6.0-inch display screen like the Nexus 6. The big size of the mobile phone not only makes them bulky but also difficult to hold. The smartphones which come with display size of more than 5.0-inches are actually called Phablet as they fall in between category of a mobile phone and a Phablet. The ideal size of a mobile phone is 5.0-inches. Try to buy the mobile phones with ideal size so that they are not bulky and are also easy to hold.

(10) Screen Type

The last thing which you should consider is the screen type. There are different types of screens available in mobile phones. Some of the screens which you will get in mobile phones are LCD, Retina, AMOLED. If you want HD quality then you can choose from Retina and AMOLED screen type.

So, these are the top 10 thinks to take care while buying mobile phones. Make sure you have checked all these valuable points before you are going to buy your next mobile phone. Do you think there is an extra point which you want to add? Let us know using the comments section.

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