5 Best Windows 8 Apps for Teachers and Students

5 best Windows 8 Apps for teachers and students, Best free Windows 8 Apps for students who wish to improve their skills → If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating system on your computer then it’s a plus point (best way) for you to teach your kids or students something very interesting by using Windows 8 apps.

The speciality of these Windows 8 Apps are – First, all these apps are specially designed for the students who are interested to learn from computer and second, all these apps are free. So you can easily download these free Windows 8 apps from Windows store without spending money.

Previously I’ve discussed on 6 Ultimate Educational Apps for Students that’s why I thought why not share about 5 Best Windows 8 Apps for Teachers and Students. Thus students can capitalize and also improve their performance on the study.

5 Best Windows 8 Apps for Teachers and Students

Don’t waste your spare time by listening and downloading music, videos or social media only whether you can learn so many things. Plus it can make you addicted which isn’t good at all for students. I know this personally because I’ve seen many students whose waste so much time with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and downloading music etc. So without any fuss let’s head towards the features of the apps:

5 Best Free Windows 8 Apps for Teachers and Students

Below listed all Windows 8 Apps for Teachers and Students are absolutely free and easily receivable from windows app store. Check out all these free Windows 8 Apps one by one and download your desired one:

(1) SketchBook Express

SketchBook express is very beautiful innate fun and sketching Windows 8 Apps for students from Autodesk® SketchBook® for everybody. It comes with new right click and initial screen also lagoon UI ability. With this app you can import picture, puck opacity and gallery feature.

Get it from here: Download SketchBook Express Windows 8 app

(2) Yuzu eTextbooks and Digital Education Content

Yuzu is an educational window 8.1 app for reading, organizing and explaining from Barnes & Noble that craft learning more pleasing. Access and download your digital content from Yuzu store or Barnes & Noble campus bookstore.

You can also download through internet using Mac or PC. So you can read the desired chapter where you left exactly. Hence you will be able to replace a lot of textbooks, organize your lesson through term and course and point out several studies with reminder notes with smooth edge.

Get it from here: Download Yuzu eTextbooks Windows 8 app

(3) The Social Express

It’s an easy to use social skills learning animated online program “Episodes” for K-6 children with social learning challenges. This app helps to learn better social relation for development and each episode consists vital emotional social skills for successful navigation of the society.

It also useful for understanding the social behaviour which is extremely good for impressive interactions. Presently the app provides the following features like Conversations, Figurative Language, Following Rules, Listening Non-Verbal (Language) Signals, Conflict Resolution, Group Participation, Relationship Management, Attention, Critical Thinking, Sequencing, Emotion Management, Life Skills and Self-Management.

Get it from here: Download The Social Express Windows 8 app

(4) HowStuffWorks

It’s both educational and entertainment app from Discovery News because with this app you can discover the whole new facts in the meantime you’ve enjoy. Containing thousands of topics from engines to lock-picking to ESP. Don’t worry You’ve never got problem with video tutorials. Plus 40,000 articles and podcasts in the app from HowStuffWorks

 Get it from here: Download HowStuffWorks Windows 8 app

(5) Flash Point

Fresh Paint is must be the ultimate Windows 8.1 educational app for you. Doesn’t matter how you use as hobby, artist or kid. But one thing for sure it’s here where you should set your creativity fly through oil, pencils and other tools. Let the best come out or turn your pictures into wonderful masterpiece.

Get it from here: Download Flash Point Windows 8 app

I’ve shared my pickings on 5 best Windows 8 Apps for Teachers and Students to mix the learning with full of fun. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed guys but if you find any mistakes please point it out by dropping a comment below.

You can also write your demand through comments – if you wish to know more about any particular Windows 8 app. I will provide you detailed information about that app in upcoming article and you will be notified when article is published on ZeroDollarTips. That’s it for now. Have a nice weekend.

If you are looking for more interesting Windows 8 tutorials, tips and tricks, step by step guides then check  out our Windows 8 section.

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