Useful Android Apps for Those Who are Bad at Math

Looking for the best Android math apps and math solving apps for Android devices? Here are some most useful Android apps for those who are bad at math.

In this digital era, every student wants to use good math solving apps and advanced Android math apps to get help while doing their mathematics homework?

If you are a student, I am sure, you must have searched for the best math apps for Android devices. Right?

Nowadays, most of the students struggle with Math today like never before. And it is understandable. Math is a broad subject that requires your undivided attention if you want to get good grades.

android math apps

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It is a subject made up of concepts that build upon each other. Without understanding the core principles, most students progress to more complex principles and this ultimately leads to collapse.

If you don’t understand a particular concept in Math, you should not hesitate to seek help. While most students struggle with Math, you’ve probably seen others who perform remarkably well. These students understand Math concepts easily by using apps.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the best math homework solver apps for Android phones and tablets and good Android math apps for students. So, just keep reading and check out the best math solver apps for Android devices.


Brainly is a networking app for students that allows them to ask difficult assignment questions. The members answer the questions posted with clear explanations. This app only supports math questions. Brainly is a free app that can be used in different education levels. You can download it from the Google Play Store now to improve your grades.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a traditional math app that allows you to review and understand math concepts and other subjects. Think of it as an online school. The app has more than ten thousand videos and forty thousand math questions.

The videos and questions cover several different subjects such as calculus, arithmetic, trigonometry, and algebra to name a few. You can take or retake as many courses as you’d like depending on what you want to learn. Khan Academy does not cost a dime to use.


LectureNotes is a popular note-taking app that enables students to take notes, write and draw anything using their hands. You can use it to record a lecture that you would like to listen to in the future.

The drawing feature is important for math students especially when it’s not possible to type equations or use a calculator. The app supports Evernote, OneNote and video recording. LectureNotes is among the best Math apps today.


Photomath is a decent math app with a camera feature that allows taking pictures of a math problem on paper. It then provides a series of steps on how to solve the problem and the tools you’ll need. The app can also solve graph problems.

However, you should not replace your graphic calculator with this app. If this app doesn’t help you, you can always find someone who can do my math hw online to get good grades. High school and college students will greatly benefit from the clear explanations. This app is free to use.


Socratic is a new math app that will help you solve a variety of math problems. If you like Photomath, then you’ll definitely like this one too. All you have to do is take a picture of the math problem.

The app will display explanations and results in a series of steps to help you understand how to solve such problems. You’ll also find video examples in a few cases. Like other photo apps, this app has a ceiling to the level of complexity of a problem. However, it should help you solve most problems. The app is free.

Wolfram Math Apps

Wolfram has several amazing math apps. You should check out WolframAlpha. It contains lots of math explanations, results and other information that will help you understand math concepts clearly.

Wolfram Alpha covers everything you can think of including statistics, chemistry, and theoretical math. It also features a variety of math courses including linear algebra and discrete math to name a few. This app is free. You can download it anytime from the Google Play Store.


Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, math problems have become easier to understand and solve like never before. Math does not need to be a scary or hard subject. As we said earlier, math is a subject with concepts that build on each other. You have to have a solid foundation before making any progress. This means that you should understand the core principles clearly.

You can understand these concepts easily and quickly by using the math homework help app we’ve discussed above. If you don’t perform well in math, you can always find someone who has math homework answers. Download them today from the Google Play Store.

Also, please feel free to let us know via the comments below – Which are your favorite Android math apps and advanced math learning apps for Android devices?

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