Top 10 Best Educational Websites for Preschoolers

Looking for some most popular and best educational websites for preschoolers? Check out the list of top 10 preschool educational websites

Childhood is the best time you can nourish your child. The habits, manners which you are going to teach your child during his childhood are going to help him in leading a better life in future. Along with good habits and manners, you should also educate your child so that he can stand on his own.

You can observe that in this modern era, everything has gone online. To educate your child, you can try different educational websites for preschoolers. These websites will help in developing skills and will also help in making your child smart.

best educational websites for preschoolers

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We did a little research and found some of the best educational websites for children. Have a look at the list of top 10 best educations websites for preschoolers.

Top 10 Preschool Educational Websites

Previously, we have already discussed what is the importance of early childhood education? And what are the best blogs & websites for early childhood education? If you haven’t checked yet then read it right now. Below mentioned preschool educational websites not only helps your kids to build knowledge and critical thinking but also motivates to improve the imagination power and curiosity to know different things.

If you understand your responsibilities as a parent or teacher for their kids then you must check these best educational websites for preschoolers and suggest your kids to access them regularly. Let’s check the list of top 10 best educations websites for preschoolers or kids educational websites for free E-learning:

1. PBS Kids

The first website which makes our list of best educational websites is PBS Kids. Children will be able to learn something new each day in a smart way. There are shows uploaded on the website with the help of which children will be able to learn something new each day. Some very interesting activities offered by this educational website are counting and sorting games, sing-a-longs, educational videos and a lot more.

2. Sesame Street

Sesame Street makes it to number 2 of our list of educational websites for preschoolers. There are two ways with which you child will be able to learn something new and these are by watching shows or by playing games. These both activities will help in learning new letters, identifying colors and lot more.

3. Starfall

If you are looking for a reliable preschool education website which has been there for over a decade, Starfall is the website for your child. The letter recognition feature is what makes this website special. It helps in reading comics, notification, and even plays.

4. CoolMath

CoolMath will help you in sharpening the mathematics skills of your child. Coolmath is one of the best educational websites for preschoolers. The website has interesting math games which will help in learning addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction.

5. Make Me Genius

Make Me genius is one of the few preschool educational websites which covers a wide range of subjects. Some of the topics which will help in free e-learning for kids are like solar system, photosynthesis, physics and even electricity. The kid-friendly videos will definitely help in making your child genius.

6. Time for Kids

Time for Kids has proved as one of the best preschool education websites. Interesting articles, videos, and photos are some of the contents which one will find in this website for their kids. The interesting feature of this website is that the topics which are covered in this website are popular ones, which are in the news. These topics are specifically written for children so that they can learn something new.

7. National Geographic Kids

The seventh site which makes our list of best educational websites for kids is National Geographic Kids. With the help of this website, your child will learn something about animals, nature, and different science experiments. Your young one can also try experimenting by visiting the experiment section of the website.

8. How Stuff Works

You might have come across a lot of tricky questions from your child like, how does a tornado form? Why do earthquakes happen? To put all these questions at rest, How Stuff Works is here to your rescue. To get the best preschool education regarding nature and how things work, how stuff works is the best website. Articles and videos are regularly updated on the website which help in free e-learning for kids.

9. The KIDZ Page

The Kidz Page is also a well popular educational websites for kids. This website contains 5,000 different and interesting articles of learning games and activities. If you want to grab the free printable and online kids games, activities, puzzles, clip art, colouring pages and online coloring things for your kids then The KIDZ Page is a perfect place for your kids. Get free e-learning for kids and learn always something new.

10. Fun Brain

We have reached the end of our list and the last education website which will help in the education of your preschooler is Fun Brain. There are many attractions which you will find in this website for your child. Reading, learning games, online books, and math are some of the interesting things which your child will definitely enjoy.

These are the top 10 educational websites for preschoolers. We hope your child is learning something new from these websites each day, but make sure that you are keeping an eye on your child while he is learning something new as there is a dark side of internet too.

Please, Let us know by using the comments section below – Which educational websites for preschoolers was liked by your child the most? And, according to you – what’s your most favourite preschool educational websites?