5 Best Free Project Management Software for Windows PC

Learn what is the best free Project Management Software for Windows PC to task and time management, team collaboration and reporting. Check the list of top 5 best free Project Management Software for Windows operating system.

Are you finding a substitute of Microsoft Project Professional?

If you are insisting for an efficient project management software that will make easier to categorize, track and diagram your projects with spending a single penny, then you will be delighted to know that there are several free project management software available for your Windows PC.


In today’s Windows tutorial, we have picked up 5 free project management tools for Windows computer that will surely give you top class project management features and vigorous project scheduling to full fill your needs.

Top 5 Best Free Project Management Software

All these free project management tools are well popular for project planning, managing resource pools, developing resource estimates, and time tracking etc. In simple words, if you are looking for a multitasking project management software that provides you the full visibility and control over your tasks then below listed free project management software is the most appropriate selection for you.

Let’s know in details about these best free project management software and its features:

Open Workbench

No need to explain why Open Workbench stands top of the list. It’s a high-class project management software voted by thousands of pleased customers. Open workbench not launched as a just substandard or the rookie for a freeware software. It has the outstanding attribute.


One of the vital and main features of open workbench tool is to Microsoft project files, which is not an ordinary feature to even for the paid project management programs. This program was made for the high level of works with excellent features like project planning, resource management, project scheduling and project review.

Download Open Workbench Project Management Software


Openproj is another weighty freeware program for windows based project management. It’s a finest replacement for Microsoft project. The Openproj project management tool is totally packed with valuable features for better task handling.


It carries all the key features like resource management, task handling, project scheduling, and work bench approach. Openproj has a quite similar looking interface like Microsoft project.

Download Openproj Project Management Software


Yet another freeware tool that provides gives an excess of task structure, project graphing and milestone implementation. Ganttproject has the ability to import and export utility to Microsoft project, which makes it a multitalented program. It was best for the medium sized projects.


Download Ganttproject Project Management Software


Dotproject is open freeware project management software that offers plenty of grants like: allotting, preparing and serving projects. The Dotproject system’s essentials are: organizations, projects, tasks and its users. It has a wide range of roles especially when you use it for task management.


Download Dotproject Project Management Software


Reqman is an effective and highly configured project management tool at no cost. It contains several striking features like the module, planning, time management and reporting system. It’s a tremendous tool for business and organization fields while running numerous projects.


Download Reqman Project Management Software


If you are into online business or any organization, I would recommend you to select a powerful project management software from the above explained top 5 free project management tools. Are you running project? Well tell us which kind of project information management software or marketing project management software are you using? If you aren’t satisfied with previous project management tool then pick one from above list.

I hope this article helped you to find the right project management software for you. Feel free to share if you have another best free project management software for Windows PC.