12 Best Ticket Resale Sites for Buyers and Sellers in 2020

Are you looking for the best ticket resale site to get cheap concert tickets online? If yes then here’s the list of 12 best ticket resale sites for you in 2020.

What are the best ticket resale sites for buying event tickets online? How to get cheap concert tickets last minute? Where is the best place to buy concert tickets? What is the most reliable ticket resale site? Nowadays, these are the most frequently asked questions on the Internet by the people who want to see their favorite musician or band live and in person at any cost.

It happens many times with many of us where we somehow missed the notification of our favorite sports event or music concert and thus, ended up with no prior booking for the tickets. Right?

If it’s a most-awaited show or an important sports event, it is nearly impossible for us to collect the ticket and watch that event live. And, people who are keen to attend the shows can understand how disappointed it can be to miss an event or show which they have waited for long.

In such situations, we have to find other ways to get those tickets last minute and the ticket reselling sites are quite useful in that case. And the good news is nowadays plenty of reliable platforms (concert ticket resale sites, sports ticket resale sites, and event ticket resale sites) are coming forward to make the process of ticket buying and reselling more accessible.

best ticket resale sites
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If you use some of the best ticket resale sites or best ticket reseller sites to buy event tickets online, in that case, you don’t have to go here and there for spare tickets and ask people for favor as there are authentic ways of dealing with the same.

This is not only applicable to the event tickets but also for sports and concert tickets. You can always look for the best ticket reseller sites as a way out. On the other hand, you can be the one where you have been in trouble to attend the event and you want to resale the ticket rather than wasting it. For you also, the best ticket resale sites can be useful.

The truth is, online ticket resale has become a big industry now because the majority of concert lovers and sports fans prefer buying last-minute tickets at low cost using different cheapest ticket resale sites.

What is Ticket Resale and How Do Resale Tickets Work?

Keeping it simple it can be said that ticket reselling (also known as ticket scalping or ticket touting) is about someone who already has the ticket and wants to sell it. In that case, under the supervision of the best ticket-selling sites or portal, they can submit the ticket and anyone who is interested can buy the same at a lower or higher price than the actual price of the ticket.

12 Best Ticket Resale Sites for Buyers and Sellers in 2020

The price is decided based on the demand of the event. The person who is interested has to register to the site and search for the event which he is looking to go to as an audience and thus with the coordination of the site interface the available tickets, price list, and the payment gateway is opened.

With a simple choice making and payment method, the selling of the ticket can be processed. Mostly, the best ticket resale website takes responsibility for delivering the ticket to your address where you can get the guarantee of authentic tickets.

If you are one the other side of the river, you can enlist yourself as a seller and submit your ticket for sale. The site will coordinate and through account transfer, you can get your money. The payment process varies from site to site where it is to be decided if you will get the money beforehand or after selling your ticket. Both ways, the process is easy and trustworthy.

The sellers and the buyers don’t need to interact with each other for the price. The best ticket resale site coordinates the same to make the process smooth and hassle-free for both. The portals are generally brokers for tickets but with the intervention of the virtuality, the process is a lot easier and smoother than a conventional brokerage system.

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Is It Safe to Buy Resale Tickets from Ticket Resale Sites?

When you are on the verge of getting tickets from the best ticket-selling sites sometimes, you wonder whether it is safe to invest your money over there or not. You may think – Is it safe to buy resale tickets? Well, there are many more questions that may whirl in your mind, but we will discuss them later. For now, just focus on the safety of getting tickets from reselling sites.

You have to understand the tickets for a great show get sold too quickly and if you want to attend the event you must go for pre-booking. However, if you miss that anyway, you should find reliable ticket reselling sites to get the best tickets at the best price. Also, it should be the place where you can sell the tickets and get the money back if you are no longer going to attend the event.

Talking about legitimacy, the same thing goes for you. You shouldn’t leap into the decision of investing your money to any site which is reselling tickets at a much lower price than the regular. It can be a scam. Make sure the site is reputable enough to deal with ticket reselling so that you can trust it fully for your ticket and money.

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Types of Ticket Resale Sites:

In this context, it can come up in your mind that from what types of ticket reselling sites you will be able to buy or resell tickets for a particular type of event. There are many ticket-selling websites that take care of a single type of tickets and there are also those which trades in different types.

So, the question is obvious as to appear how many types of ticket reselling sites there are. To answer that, we are here with the most popular types of ticket resale sites that you would like to know before investing your time and money. Let’s have a quick look at them:

Sports Ticket Resale Sites

These types of sports ticket resale sites are specialized in trading in reselling sports tickets, such as soccer games, baseball games, cricket, track meetings, and more. Through these websites, you can find the desired seats for the home or away matches in your budget.

Arts and Event Ticket Resale Sites

Via event ticket websites, you can buy event tickets online and also get to know about theatre events, informative lectures by famous personalities, stand-up comedy shows, and art exhibitions. You can search and discover events locally, regionally, and nationally from these event ticket resale sites.

Concert Ticket Resale Sites

On these concert ticket resale sites, you are allowed to search by your favorite music genre, artist, or location and help yourself to find an event or concert that is of interest.

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12 Best Ticket Resale Sites for Buyers and sellers in 2020

The internet with numerous choices can make you confused about the right and reliable ticket resale site you should visit for buying or selling tickets for a show, event, match, or concert. If you are completely baffled with what are the best ticket resale sites for selling event tickets online or where is the best place to buy concert tickets online then we can help you out.

Here are some of the top picks by us that will alleviate you in making your mind. These are some of the best ticket resale sites and best ticket reseller sites that consumers trust. Now take a look and find the best of the best according to your needs and preferences. Here we go:


Ticketmaster is one of the best ticket resale sites for selling event tickets online. One of the reasons behind more people choosing online ticket reselling sites is Ticketmaster which is an extremely effective one also for its strategic marketing via radio and television.

The platform also offers tickets for live sporting events as well as musical performances. The ticket rate depends on the venue and the artist. Generally speaking, rates on this site tend to be lower than on other platforms.

best ticket reseller sites
Ticketmaster: Buy Verified Tickets for Concerts, Sports, Theater and Events

This should be remembered that it is a primary broker where every ticket is arranged with the venue. More distribution options are available either electronically or physically. But the physical solution is more expensive than the other.

You can find the best tickets through the official website as well as the app and. Of course, the app is more convenient for you because you can access the same any time on the go.

In three days, you can move tickets, resell them, or even return them and get a refund. However, there are some limitations to that offer. The website and the app are both easy to use and it takes a minute to buy tickets from there. The average service fee is just below 20%.

The key benefits of surfing this site include excellent prices, return policy, plenty of events, the possibility to shift tickets to friends.


StubHub is the world’s largest ticket marketplace and best place to buy concert tickets because it is the place you can find tickets for top events from around the world. Most people choose this sports and concert ticket resale site for live performances including national and international events. But fans also get tickets for small local gigs, skits, and venues.

Tickets on StubHub tend never to sell out therefore, you can always get a chance to buy available tickets from there. This popular ticket marketplace is quite user-friendly and intuitive to use.

It’s one of the few places that bring together all the fees of around 28%. Some other websites offer two to five different fees for various events and concerts which may cause confusion for the consumers.

best ticket selling sites
World’s largest ticket marketplace | Buy sports, concert and theater tickets on StubHub

Sellers will have to pay 10% out of the price when it comes to the selling fee. Buyers simply love the feature of always finding the best tickets available over here. However, there is a catch and that is – it has no return policy.

StubHub has an application of its own. The app offers suggestions based on your position when you browse. There is StubHub’s FanProtect guarantee that ensures you get tickets before the event. When you don’t, you can earn a complete refund or even better tickets, according to your choice.

This is one of the best sports ticket sites also that allows you to follow your favorite games or clubs so that you can get updates whenever a match takes place in your location.

The beneficial areas of the site incorporate Fan protect guarantee, good local suggestions, search for the best available tickets, easy to interact, and more. In simple words, StubHub is one of the best ticket resale sites for buying event tickets online and also the best place to buy concert tickets last minute.


SeatGeek was founded in 2009 and is the best concert ticket resale site that brings together users and events. People can purchase tickets for all sorts of activities here and the list of activities include plays in the theatre, live performances of famous people, music concerts, and sporting events.

Also, there are plenty of categories available for shopping, such as interactive seating charts, the option of using electronic tickets or browsing the case. And since SeatGeek primarily targets smartphone users, it has its own app which is simple and intuitive to use.

You’ll get to understand that all deals are designated for unique scores where a low score implies that the seat is behind a pole somewhere or is too far from the stage. You can also get information from other third-party sites, which provides even more opportunities.

best ticket resale website
SeatGeek | Your Ticket to Sports, Concerts & More

Talking about the downside we can say that you won’t find the best deal you won to make, so you’ll need to check yourself. It depends on how you will find the best bet for it. Buying and selling is a matter of a few minutes.

When it comes to selling tickets though, it’s not among the best ticket reselling sites because it demands 20% which is quite reasonable. Tickets are delivered electronically but you can also be printed on your own.

The advantages of this best concert ticket resale site include ease of use, intuitive interface, display of the third party website results, interactive seating map, mobile, and desktop availability.

Vivid Seats

VividSeats is one of the best sports ticket sites and best concert ticket resale sites to check for a ticket, largely due to its rewards system which is quite lucrative for the buyers and sellers. For example, seven tickets can be purchased throughout the year, and the eighth ticket will be free. If this is the second time you are going to a concert by the same artist, you will get a 5% discount with the price. With the purchase of more tickets, you will also get more discounts.

On Vivid Seats, Fees are slightly higher than on other websites, about 27%, but the best part is that ticket prices are pretty low, so in a way, it is a win. You can purchase tickets for music concerts, sports matches or events, shows, etc.

best ticket resale site
Buy and Sell Tickets: Concerts, Sports & Theater | Vivid Seats

This well-known ticket resale website is straightforward to access and has a good search function, but you can also use the smartphone app to find events in your area-easier to and the location access makes your search well-filtered. It will take a few minutes to check for an event and purchase a ticket if you know what you want.

Vivid Seats also has an expert customer service to assist you with your queries. There is a live chat feature which is the best ticket emergency alternative. There’s no return policy but finding the best ticket available (you have to find it out), with great discounts can compensate for this area.


If you are confused about how to get last-minute concert tickets and where is the best place to buy concert tickets then you can look here. TicketNetwork is one of the undervalued sites in this field. Over here, you will get plenty of opportunities to get the best tickets available. It sells live tickets for concerts, music performances, sports events, theatre shows, plays, and conferences, etc.

In fact, almost all types of tickets are available here. Tickets come from a number of outlets which include companies, sponsors, venues, and many others.

best ticket resale sites for buyers
TicketNetwork – Concert, Sports, Theater and Music Festival Tickets

TicketNetwork app can be used on desktop platforms, as well as on mobile phones because. Having a mobile app is always an advantage because it enables accessibility anywhere on the go. No matter what you’re using, you can find a cheap ticket list on this ticket resale site without too much trouble.

The app is easy to use, while the process of checking out is super fast. People can buy and sell tickets at the same time but for now, unfortunately, only those in the USA can sell over TicketNetwork.

There are no refunds unless the show has been canceled which you might find a little odd. Tickets are delivered electronically but for your convenience, you can print them. To sell a ticket, you’ll have to pay 20% off the price.


TicketCity is in the industry for successful 30 years and the days are still counting. So you can consider it as an answer to what are the best ticket resale sites for buying sports tickets and last-minute concert tickets online. TicketCity may not be the leading name in this industry but finding a ticket easily and if you compare the ticket fares with the others, this ticket reseller site will win the battle.

It’s one of the popular sports ticket resale sites and quite better than any of the competition, as it provides a money-back guarantee if your tickets are not valid or are not delivered before the event. It specializes mainly in sports, music festivals, and live performances.

best ticket resale sites for sellers
Tickets For Sports, Concerts & Theater | Buy All Events at TicketCity

The website is user friendly and intuitive, for both buyers and sellers where you can sell concert tickets instantly and buy your desired one. It comes with a simple search feature without not too many search criteria. This offers an interactive seating map with other ticket pages. You can also opt for a car park pass when you purchase a ticket.

Not all tickets are electronic ones; some are sent physically. Whether you can buy an emergency electronic ticket or wait for your ticket to be shipped over you will know upfront. Seller fees here are more affordable than on other websites, however, it depends on the location of the concert or the artist.

The checkout process is quite fast. TicketCity has its own program, and it is worth considering too. In fact, the app may seem more user-friendly than the website, since access to the location is more efficient when looking for events.

The advantages of getting tickets from this site include a money-back guarantee, both buying and reselling options, an extremely user-friendly interface, comparatively low fees, and many more.

Live Nation

Live Nation is a prime choice among the best ticket resale sites when it comes to finding a concert ticket or selling event tickets online. It specializes in live concerts, yet you can also find tickets for other events here. Like other websites, Live Nation has a comparatively small inventory, so, tickets get sold out very quickly. To get your ticket, you need to keep an eye on these pages as soon as your favorite artists announce a tour or show.

You can access and buy live events and concert tickets through its official website, as well as the app. The website has funny yet professional standards. It is easy to use and check and it will take you less than a few minutes to purchase a ticket and check out.

what are the best ticket resale sites
Live Nation – Live Events, Concert Tickets, Tour News, Venues

You will find the best tickets for various competitions organized near your location. Although, consumers can’t sell a ticket on this platform of Live Nation, but they can purchase the best tickets and compare the price with other websites.

It has digital seating charts as well as position charts, parking passes, and a full list of all potential entrances. Deliveries are done electronically, but if you purchase from another website that is advertised on Live Location, you can get physical deliveries.

Fees differ according to the source of tickets. Highly professional website, interactive seating map, user-friendliness, and multiple sources for a list of tickets – these are the notable advantages of the site.


eBay is the parent company of StubHub. It is renowned as one of the first major internet auction houses and general e-commerce marketplaces. Along with the other products, eBay also deals in tickets reselling.

Though it is an auction site, still, you don’t have to participate in an auction to win the tickets, however, there is an option for that for people who are interested. Most of the tickets available on eBay can be purchased immediately and some are to be won by the best bid in the auction.

what is the best ticket resale site
Tickets and Experiences products for sale | eBay

It is completely legal where millions of people make their purchases from. The best part of eBay and the reason behind its popularity is the price of the tickets here. It is mostly a lot more economic than the other options available in the market.

If you are looking for the cheapest ticket resale site, eBay should be your choice. This is one of the best ticket resale sites which can help you if you are confused about how to get cheap concert tickets last minute.


Viagogo is one of the best concert ticket resale websites in the market. Expanded in 2006, it was among the first online brokerage players to achieve international Internet success. It has grown to more than 160 countries and has formed partnerships with top vendors worldwide.

This is no longer a mere website, but a network that brings together more than 60 pages, targeted to different areas of the world. You can find music, sports, live shows and conferences and more.

In case, if you were concern about researching and finding out where is the best place to buy concert tickets then no need to worry anymore. Viagogo offers the option to buy concert tickets, sports tickets, theatre tickets, and festival tickets all in one place.

concert ticket resale sites
Tickets – Concert, Sport & Theatre Tickets | Viagogo the Ticket Marketplace

Viagogo is one of the best-stored websites out there whether you wish to get tickets for the final of the Champions League or a Taylor Swift concert. Finding and purchasing tickets is a hassle-free process here where it takes a few minutes to complete the checkout. The checkout is quite straightforward as well.

What makes Viagogo different from its contemporaries is the search function. With amazing filtration, you can change the region or currency to get the right thing quickly. There are many options available in the search results, while there are others at the bottom of the website.

While registration is optional, you can make the purchase without logging in. There is the opportunity to pay the price by PayPal. Fees are relatively small compared to other websites but it is designed primarily for buyers, rather than sellers. Moreover, there is a guarantee for money back if anything goes wrong.


Craigslist is basically a free community where people post advertisements for any service or product. If you are searching for how to get concert tickets cheap, visit Craigslist. It can range between millions of things. Therefore, Craigslist is preferred by many people to resell their tickets with advertisements. It has numerous categories and one can choose the same to look for a particular type of product and services.

best concert ticket resale sites
Craigslist – Concert, Sports and Theater Tickets for sale

There is a section for tickets with the available preview. You can check the list of availability and decide on the basis of that. The categories make it easy for you to understand the particular product or service you are looking for.

The payment gateway is also very easy to understand and user-friendly so that any person with very little technical knowledge can use the same for their purposes. And the best part of Craigslist is the free service which is perfect for those who are bewildered about how to get cheap concert tickets last minute.

Tickets at Razorgator

Although choosing the best concert ticket resale sites are a little difficult to choose from so many options, yet Tickets at Razorgator has survived the competition with its reasonable price, efficient service, ease of use and best availability of seats for various events.

People simply love this ticket resale website because it liberates people from getting any seats available. It is also famous for the grading system which is helpful for people who are willing to compromise on price when it comes to seat value, and it is found that the savings are to be accurate on average 15-20%.

concert ticket resale website
Tickets at Razorgator | Buy Sports, Concert, and Theater Tickets

The customer warranty is quite standardized and it incorporates good customer service options. It is to build up a loyal customer base. Sellers can put their tickets open for bidding if they want and sell them outright for a price they want. Razorgator charges a fair commission of 10%, which is pretty impressive too.

The best parts of using Razorgator as a ticket reselling website are one of the lowest prices in comparison with many others, great website and user-friendly app, Zero loyalty schemes or coupon codes, ticket-grading feature for best deals and more.

Ticket Liquidator

Ticket Liquidator doesn’t fall in the category of the best ticket resale sites for sellers, but some of its offers will definitely suit the leading online brokers. The broker specializes in concert and sells event tickets online, but you can also find sporting events or live performances and most of them are at reputable venues. It is also pretty helpful to recommend shows in your city and for that, you’ll need the location on.

With the updates available, Ticket Liquidator focuses on to compete with leading ticket pages. The website has also launched its own app recently. Although the website is simple and clear to navigate, the software is a little complicated and can waste a bit of time. In other ways, you can get your tickets distributed, both electronically and physically.

best place to buy concert tickets
Ticket Liquidator – Concert, Sports and Theater Tickets

There is a money-back guarantee in case if anything wrong happens to the delivery; it can be for the cancellation of the show or for any technical issue.

It is possible to resell tickets for a price of 10% if it gets sold. Compared to a better-rated ticket reselling site, it is a bit high, but it is not dependent on the artist or the concert or the location. Apart from this, there is an interactive seating chart is that you can decide whether the price is worth investing or not.

The best parts of best ticket resale sites for buyers like this one are that it has an interactive seating map, multiple delivery modes, specialized in music concerts and more.

What are the Best Ticket Resale Sites for Buyers and Sellers?

Now let’s come to the point about what are the best ticket resale sites to sell event tickets online. The list consists of the best ticket reselling sites indeed, however, even the 12 ticket reseller sites from the numerous ones can make you confused. So that you can understand what is the most reliable ticket resale site and why we are here to tell you about the best ticket resale site according to us.

It is possible that your needs and preferences are different from us and so, there can be differences between the viewpoint as well as picking the right site for your use. Therefore, rather than concluding this with one or two names, we are here picking up one name for each category.

If you are thinking about where is the best place to buy concert tickets, it is best to opt for Vivid Seats. It is also a good site in terms of security. We prefer StubHub to be the best for sports tickets. If you are running out of cash, you can always refer to Craigslist or eBay, a pocket-friendly solution for many for a long time.

After all, it is your decision and preference, based on which you must make your mind. We have created this list based on popularity and effectiveness. Most of the users have given positive feedback on these sites. You can check it by yourself and find out whether it is good to invest in the same or not.

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Best Ticket Resale Sites FAQ:

Why is Reselling Tickets Legal?

Under anti-hooliganism legislation, the resale of football tickets is illegal unless they are sold through the club’s approved service. Often this service is supported through a partner such as viagogo or StubHub.

Currently, there are no rules prohibiting the resale of tickets for other sports, concerts, and theatre from the best ticket resale sites for cheap event tickets.

The government declined to change the ticket resale law but claimed that it could enact legislation to resell tickets to events of national significance.

However, some events’ terms and conditions now clearly state that tickets can’t be resold. Organizers will cancel any tickets they notice having been passed on by touts.

Do Resale Ticket Prices Go Down?

In most cases, the costs of reselling tickets drop the closer they get to showtime. When the date of an event approaches, usually ticket holders lower their prices to get rid of inventory.

Online retailers are also subject to cut-off times and distribution methods available, making the days leading up to a show perfect buying times. Now, an unused ticket after the display is useless.

Are Verified Resale Tickets More Expensive?

Not only do checked tickets still run the risk of being refused entry at the venue, but they can also be more costly than tickets providing a 100 percent buyer guarantee. Check the price comparisons below, on the left with “verified resale tickets” and on the right with Vivid Seats.

When you buy tickets for a live event from the best event ticket selling sites you want to be assured that the tickets you buy are 100 % valid. At Vivid Seats, they partner with reliable dealers who have not only valid tickets but also some of the finest seat selection anywhere.

Is It Illegal to Sell Tickets You Got for Free?

The law of anti-scalping focuses on the vendor, and free scalped tickets can be bought without fear of prosecution or fines. However, you should do so at your own risk, since fraud is rampant.

Ticket brokers and registered best event ticket selling sites provide protections in the form of guarantees; however, a scam may be run by individual sellers.

What Happens If My Resale Tickets Don’t Sell?

Delete the listing and use your own tickets if you can, or send them to a friend and then click on the My Tickets button in My Account to see if there is a Transfer option. Unfortunately, unsold tickets are not refunded.

That’s it! After going through this comprehensive list of 12 best ticket resale sites for buyers and sellers in 2020, we hope now you know exactly what is the best ticket resale site and where is the best place to buy concert tickets online last minute.

If you like going to live events then please feel free to let us know about your favorite and best concert ticket resale sites, sports ticket resale sites, or event ticket resale sites.

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