16 Best Voice Over Software for Windows 10 to Use in 2021

Are you looking for the best free voice over software for YouTube Videos? These top-rated and best voice over software for Windows 10 might help you with it.

Starting from commercials to documentary, voice over technology is trending these days to create compelling videos. For making a video more engaging, along with music, graphics animation, or writing, if a video is encompassed with voice over it creates a different and long-lasting impact on the viewers’ minds.

Do you remember the jingles of commercials in your childhood? Of course, you remember some of those. And, the reason behind this is the voice over. Earlier there used to be voice-over studios which are still followed by many companies.

However, arranging studios and performing the voice-over is not always possible for all businesses. There can be budget restraint, lack of voice-over artists, and many more which may construct their way to set up a studio for the voice-over input.

voice over software for windows 10
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Don’t worry. Technology is way more advanced than you think, and it is to make your life easy in all possible ways. Are you wondering how technology can help in substituting voice-over studios? Well, we are talking about voice over recording software.

What is voice over software? How to use voice over software for YouTube videos or other projects? How much does voice over software cost? If these questions are whirling in your mind, we have answers to all of them. Continue reading this guide for knowing everything in details related to the best voice over software for Windows 10 laptops and desktop computers.

What is Voice Over Software?

Setting up a studio can be strenuous and expensive. To address these problems blocking your way, you can always get an alternative by installing voice over software for pc. You will be enabled to create podcasts with this software. Also, you can perform the editing part efficiently with this software.

Professional voice over recording software is designed in a way that you can polish the piece of creation before you finally publish it. You can modify the music and add sound effects to walk towards betterment.

To answer your questions regarding what is the best voice over software for Windows 10 and their advantages, we listed some benefits of the same that you really can’t ignore. Here you go:

Cost-Effectiveness: You must set a budget and a checklist of the materials you need for voice over. Eliminate those areas which are not required. You don’t need to get the most expensive professional voice-over software on the market; there are many free apps in the market. Make sure you get the app to record the voice and do the editing properly.

User-Friendliness: You can prefer voice over software free download if it is user-friendly. There will be no need of using the manual or reading instructions thoroughly if the software is user-friendly. User-friendly software can optimize your experience.

Grade: Know that if you need a professional voice recording software with free download. Study the pros and cons of each software and select one that can boost the quality of your voice, get rid of background noise, and enhance the quality of your voice with special sound effects.

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16 Best Voice Over Software for Windows 10 on the Market Right Now

It can be overwhelming for you to choose the best software for recording voice-overs from the numerous options in the market. If you search on the internet “voice over software for Windows” or “free voice over recording software”, you will find a lot of programs available in the market that are compatible with various operating systems.

To help you choose the best software to record voice over, we are here presenting a comprehensive list of 16 top-rated and best voice over software for Windows 10 operating systems. We have a huge variety of options in this list. This list contains various high-quality free voice over software, professional voice over software, voice over dubbing software, and free voice over music software as well.

Now in order to find out about the best free voice over software for YouTube videos and best software for recording voice overs on Windows 10 laptop or desktop computers, scroll down and learn in details about the amazing features of each of these programs. Here we go:

WavePad Audio Editing Software

This is a free voice over software for Windows operating systems and not meant for commercial uses. People who love editing music with effects, tone changes, echoes, amplification, noise cancellation, and much more, love this software. WavePad Audio Editing Software is one of the most popular audio editing software for voice over that is rigorously used by millions of users.

Many key features make this software immensely popular. The key features include cut, copy, paste, auto-trim, insert, delete, silence, pitch shifting, and many more which you feel to be necessary for voice-over file editing.

best voice over software for windows 10

The audio effects that you can include in the file through this software are amplification, normalization, use of equalizer, enveloping, reverse effect, echoing, and more. You can save the file in various formats that incorporate MP3, WAV, VOX, FLAC, real audio, OGG, GSM, WMA, AAC, M4A, AU, AIF, MIDI, AMR, and more.

The advanced tool that is incorporated in the software is speech synthesis (text-to-speech), spectral analysis (FFT), voice changer, and many others. Echo, reverb, normalize, and various other additional effects like these will impress you instantly.

This  full-featured professional audio and music editor for Windows is designed with an easy interface and navigation system so that everyone can use it easily. There is a library that can be used for multiple royalty-free music clips to make the audio file more interesting.


It is also free software to record voice over music compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. As a popular free, open source, and cross-platform audio software, it incorporates a lot of features. The latest version Audacity 2.4.1 is already released, and you can install it for pursuing the voice-over recording and editing.

free voice over software

Audacity maintains high security for its users. And during installation, you will get a code to confirm it. The features are very much similar to Wave software where the package of editing is vast. You will get all the possible features that one requires for the voice-over software. Save it in your computer at ease following any format.

The interface is user-friendly to perform the activities over there. No matter whether you are trying to use the same for business or personal purposes, you can always use this powerful and best audio editing software for voice over and fulfil your dubbing requirements.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is one of the best audio recording software for voice-overs or a package of software that will fulfil all your needs about voice over. The main tools include a multitrack, spectral display, and waveform to create, mix, edit, and restore audio content. This is a powerful workstation for manipulating voice-over files.

Using this audio recording and editing software will certainly accelerate your workflow for video production and audio finishing. With this professional voice over recording software, you can expect the delivery of a polished mix with fantastic sound effects.

best voice over software

This is an advanced tool for recording, editing, and mixing soundtracks or voice. The best free voice-over software enables you to record music, or voice, add effects to it, add music files to make it more appealing, and save it in your computer or cloud.

The sharing option is also enabled in it. You can also have the option to repair, delete, and restore voice files from this application. The cloud storage made it easy to store multiple files without jamming device memory.

MixPad Multitrack Recording Software

A fantastic package of free voice over recording software to help you in voice-over. You can use MixPad Multitrack Recording Software for recording voice over, tuning those, editing those, adding music files and effects to the same, and save it to your device.

There are many features integrated into the software, and these make people like this software so much. You can record multiple voice-overs simultaneously through this software, and this is the best part of this one. Audio effects can improve your voice-over with EQ, compression, reverb, etc.

voice over software for youtube videos

The software is initially free, but for using the advanced features, you need to get the paid version. VST plugin is available with the software to support the effects. Despite having so many advanced features, this best free audio recording software for Windows 10 is not for commercial purposes.

All the popular storage extensions are available with the software to get the storage backup. You can save the file in any format you want and use it for your purposes. If you wanted an easy and intuitive multi-track mixing and recording software, you should try it out

Sound Forge

The prolonged experience of 20 years helped Sound Forge to understand the ever-changing market and evolve according to the same. This is a US-based company with a team of proficient audio engineers to create something phenomenal for the users.

Sound Forge is a professional audio editing software that is compatible with all operating systems. You can install the same in your Windows latest version, Linux, or Mac. Supreme quality audio with all editing features and innovative techniques make this program one of the most popular one among the others in the market.

professional voice over recording software

Featured with all high-end editing techniques, advanced plugins, sharing and saving options, direct connection with the drive storage, live streaming facility, and many more, this voice over dubbing software brings a complete package of voice-over functionalities in one place.

This is not a free audio recording software for voice overs, but the subscription fee is reasonable for the features it includes. In simple words, if you want the complete audio editing solutions at one place, then this professional voice over recording software is quite suitable for you.

Audio Hijack

Recording voice and editing those according to your needs and preferences was never this easy before. With this fantastic application on your laptop, you can utilize VoIP records and effects on anything. The requirements for setting up a voice recording studio is past now.

With Audio Hijack, you can record anything anywhere and get the gist of the same cancelling al noise and adding music tracks or tunes. Post to editing, save the file directly on your laptop, or drive and share on any social media platform easily.

voice over software for pc

This free video editing software with voice over enables you to record anything from the Mac device and its headphones. This is a professional application that you can use for commercial purposes as well as personal.

The interface is easily operable, and anyone can use this application without intense technical knowledge. This is featured with re-routing, live streaming, podcast recording, and many more. You can adjust the volume while recording or before and after to meet your expectations.

Online Voice Recorder

This is another excellent and popular voice over software for YouTube videos that your operating system will allow you to use. Online Voice Recorder a free application that doesn’t need installation and registration. There are no hidden charges, in-app purchases, or premium versions for which you need to pay.

voice over recording software

This is entirely free to use. There are various features in the application that can help you record any sound, voice-over, and edit it in the best possible way. This application is integrated with the technology that automatically detects silent fragments within the music file and eliminates that quickly, without any hassle.

Post to recording, you can trim the music and keep the part that you need. This is a completely safe tool where your data is secured. The app’s server doesn’t want and saves any of your information. Including Adobe Flash, you can adjust the volume of the microphone and use it conveniently.

Windows Voice Recorder

If you are searching for something that is solely dedicated to the Windows Operating Systems, then this best audio recording software for Windows 10 is for you. Windows Voice Recorder was previously named as Sound recorder.

Easy control to record audios is the main objective of this application development. Post to the record, the app enables you to edit the piece and add new music files to it. This audio recording software have all the basic features that help you perform these activities.

free voice over recording software

A awesome feature of this tool is that you can add a bookmark to some areas of the recording for its importance. There is an auto-save option integrated into the tool which saves your work immediately, and you can also resume the work later from where you left it.

You just need to click on the “stop recording” button and you can save and share the file instantly on various social platforms and other applications. This comes with Windows operating system as default so you can understand that it is a free app.

Wondershare Filmora

Looking for something designated for Windows 10 only? Here is Wondershare Filmora for you. This is one of the best voice over software for Windows 10 that can make your job more comfortable than ever.

This video editing software with voice over feature will not only enable you to record voice but also edit it in the best and quickest way. You can add tracks and even videos to the recorded file. For adding for audio tracks, you will get a single button called ‘add more tracks’ and browse through your system to pick them.

voice over recording software for windows 10

This software includes an easy interface with the ability of recording and editing voice easily. There are more than 50 formats available to export the file. You can record unlimited audio suiting the space bandwidth of the system.


If you want a easy, fast and powerful audio editor, then this audio recording software for Windows 10 free download is among the most suitable choices for you. ocenaudio  is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows and encompassed with various features.

When you look at the interface and judge it, you may find this a little technical, but while using the same, you can understand that the use is quite convenient. This is an advanced model which is highly intuitive and supports people to handle various voice-over related works in minutes.

voice over software for windows

It is integrated with the Ocen Framework that enhances its capabilities. You can also record the screen if it is required for the project. You can trim the recorded audio easily, and sound spectral can be controlled here, analysis of the quality can be performed too.

For the features and convenience of use, this is one of the highest-rated apps available in the market. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Some may find issues with the saving option here, the rest of all is adequate.

Wavosaur Free Audio Editor

When a free audio recording software for Windows 10 provides similar features to a paid one, it is evident for people to jump for it. This is what happens with this app that supports Windows Operating Systems only.

The qualities and features of the Wavosaur free audio editor are unparalleled. All advanced features are enabled in this application with the high processing speed and export capacity of saving the same in any format.

what is the best voice over software for windows 10

There are a lot of filters that can be added to the files through the app and make it appealing. The key features of the free voice-over music software include document interfaces for several file handling, cut, copy, edit, and paste capacity to be performed on a single screen.

The waveform is highly accurate. Other advanced features included in the app are depth convert, pitch shift, and DC offset removal, etc. The VST effects are there to be added with an entire batch of files. Audio routing and multichannel programs are enabled in the app.


This is a perfect voice over software for those who are looking for a free but efficient voice recording software for Windows 10 PC. No matter whether you are using Windows, Linux, or Mac, you can install this application for your purposes because it is operable on all of them.

Ardour is a flexible application that makes saving and deleting of files easy. You can save the file after recording and editing and also you can delete the same to save some space in your system. This is a powerful application that offers numerous multichannel tracks to be added to the files.

free video editing software with voice over

You can record any voice-over on various channels. Using this high quality and professional voice over recording software, you can extract music files from a video. With the monitoring feature, you can track all activities performed in the app and control those in your way.

The advanced features of a top-rated and best voice-over software for Windows 10 operating systems like Strip Silence, Rhythm Ferret, Push-Pull Trimming, etc. are all available in the app to add some professionalism to the result. Export the audio in whatever format you like and save it accordingly.

GoldWave Digital Audio Editor

This is an extremely popular voice over recording software for Windows 10 OS that is generally used for professional use. GoldWave Digital Audio Editor will make your computer capable of recording voice in the easiest possible way. Simple in design, this app provides the most advanced audio editing features, including audio processing, conversions, restoration, enhancements, and more.

voice over software free download

The tool has more than millions of downloads in 25 years. In this long period, the tool evolved more and more, and now it is one of the most popular voice-over tools available in the market. This app liberates you to operate it in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, Chinese, French and more.

Unfortunately, this is not free software but includes the licensed version where you wouldn’t see any ads coming. It focuses on music production for professional uses and creates masterpieces without any hassle.

Mixcraft 9

This voice over software for Windows 10 laptop and desktop is famous for the easy interface it provides. Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio multitrack recording software may look simple, but it is integrated with a lot of technologies. It is equivalent to a digital audio workstation which is enabled with all advanced features.

This application doesn’t only allow you to record the voice, but it also allows you to edit it in the best way possible. The editing features include burning as well. It is a versatile program integrated with audio engineering technologies that enable you to create appealing music files.

voice recording software for windows 10

This professional voice over software is available with 7,800 loops, special effects, filters, digital instruments, and samplers. It also boosts submix nesting, which is pretty efficient to tweak each track accurately.

You can get all the standard editing and effect options here that include the elimination of background noise, clicks and silence gap, etc. You can set a timer to make it more convenient.

Spek – Acoustic Spectrum Analyser

One of the best free voice over software is Spek – Acoustic Spectrum Analyser. Overall requirements that the users generally have are all fulfilled well by this app. It is noticed that many problems that are detected in other applications can be overcome with this app. The interface is user-friendly, and people without a thorough knowledge of technology can also use the same easily.

The app supports the FFMPEG library as well as the others. If you are agitated with the speed of other apps, get this one without hesitation. This is super fast and uses multiple threads to complete one audio process.

free voice over software for windows

This one enables the “drag and drop” feature that is exceptionally efficient and is compatible with various audio formats to be exported with the best lies in the multi-language process. You can operate the app in 19 different languages.

One of the features that make this software quite popular among the others is the spectral density ruler for the auto-tracking of time and the flexibility of adjusting the same. Install it in your Mac, Windows, or Linux; it will perform equally well in all of them.

Podium Free

Again, your search for the free audio recording software for Windows 10 should end here. The Podium Free is the last but not the least tool in our list, which offers free features and installation. This is designed for the Windows operating system only.

This is the software that enables you to customize the interface as per your needs and preferences. It makes the tool easy to use for everyone. There is an audio bouncing feature available in the tool that allows you to record audio on all existing tracks and merge them to create more free space.

best software to record voice over

There are other fascinating features, including mixer busses, object-based projects, multichannel audio, and many more. You will have access and full control over these audios.

The hierarchical engine makes it easy to organize the tracks in the best order. These features are all available for free; however, there is a commercial version of the tool that needs a one-time payment.

What is the Best Voice Over Software for Windows 10?

After this long discussion about the best audio editing software for voice over available in the market right now, you can be confused about what is the best voice over software for Windows 10 PC. We believe that every individual’s requirements are different, and based on that, one should choose something, be it software or something else.

Here, in this guide, we have presented some best voice over dubbing software, free voice over recording software, and professional voice over software for you. These are the top-rated and best voice over software for Windows 10 to use in 2021 and fulfil your requirements of voice-over.

Yet, if you ask our viewpoint, we think that if you are searching for a free but effective voice over software for PC, you can go for Audacity. Otherwise, Adobe Audition is an excellent audio recording and editing software that requires subscriptions. If you are getting it for professional purposes, Podium Free can be useful for you. However, WavePad audio editing software is the most popular one.

We will recommend understanding your requirements first and then make your mind. Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand the best options, and you got the right software for recording voice overs according to your needs and preferences.

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