9 Best Apps to Find the Nearest Public Restroom to Me in 2020

Looking for the best way to find public restroom near me now? These are 9 best apps to find the nearest public restroom to me on Android and iOS devices.

Many of us are under the influence of anxiety when we go out for a long time. The anxiety is about what if we need to go to the washroom when we are on the road, in the middle of a journey?This anxiety makes us visit the washroom before we start our journey.

Often, people minimize the water intake so that they don’t have to search for the washroom when they are outside. Well, this can create a problem in your body, and you may feel dehydrated. Degradation is a terrible thing, and it can harm your body in many ways. Hence, don’t do that ever.

What is the solution then? We are living in a smart age where technology has a solution for almost everything. At least, it can reduce your suffering for the problem and pave the way for a solution.

find the nearest public restroom
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For this problem as well, technology has a solution. You already know that there are public toilets on the road which you can use when in need. However, it is not possible for you to memorize the entire map of your city or some other city which you are visiting. In that case, finding a public toilet can be a hassle. What is the best way to find the nearest public restroom to me? If you are wondering about it, we have a solution for you.

To alleviate this process and help you with the finding, technology can be your reliable pal. Believe it or not, there are personalized toilet finder apps for people to help them find public toilets in any location! Isn’t it great? Using the GPS technology and listing of toilets, these apps work.

9 Best Apps to Find the Nearest Public Restroom to Me in 2020

The best apps to find the nearest public restroom to me are available both on the Play Store and App Store. No matter if you are an Android or iOS user, you can install and use these apps. However, if you search on the market, you will find numerous apps offering the same service.

This is a unique idea to build an app on, but the research team of many companies have already thought about it. So, how will you get the best bathroom finder app among so many options?

Don’t get confused. We are here with the 9 best apps to find the nearest public restroom to me so that you can choose any one of these and install it on your phone for any emergency.

SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder

SitOrSquat is one of the best apps to find public restrooms near me on Android and iOS. This app was developed by Charmin, which is also a developer of toilet papers, to help people find the best result with the search “nearest public restroom to me”, regardless of the location.

Even if you are searching outside the United States, you will be able to get the perfect location. SitOrSquat has more than 100,000 listings so that search result is quite impressive here. You can check the bathrooms in a list or the map, and from there you can add filters like handicap-convenient, baby changing table enabled, pay-per-use etc.

To modify the condition, the app asks you to rate the bathrooms based on the cleanliness, seat, amenities available etc. The user interface is very convenient for anyone, and no complication is involved there.

  • Download SitOrSquat for Android or iOS

Flush – Find Public Toilets/Restrooms

If you are looking for a bathroom finder app with an advanced UI, Flush Toilet Finder is for you. This application is compatible with both Android and iOS. This is developed by Sam Ruston, who has created the neat Weather Timeline available in the market. Post to installation, you have to enable location detection if it is not by default.

The location sensor is used by the Flush app to find the nearest bathroom near you from the listing of more than 200,000 public and paid toilets across the world. The nearest one will be shown in your map with vital information like pay-per-use, free or not, key, and other additional information like handicapped convenience or baby changing table availability.

The best part of the application is that you can operate the same even when you are offline. It can fetch data from the Google map and provide you with all necessary data to find it.

Google Maps

We all know how efficient Google Maps is. The days when we need to ask people about some addresses is past now because of this invention. Well, other than different apps to find public restrooms near your current location, you can use Google Maps directly.

It will automatically turn on the location detection with your permission. Then by searching the nearest public restroom to my location you will be able to find all restrooms near your location. Google Maps is an all-in-one solution for any location-related requirements.

Though this application doesn’t specify in finding toilets only, so it might not be able to give you as many options as the other apps can give you. However, with this app, you will be able to get assistance for many other searches, including restaurants, hotels, bus stands and anything possible.

The listing of Google is way broader, and this is why the options might be lesser for public toilets than other specialized apps.

Where is Public Toilet

This is another powerful application which is very effective to find what you are looking for. It is a more specific application where you can categorize your needs and get search results accordingly. There are categories like women toilet, unisex toilets, handicapped facility enabled ones and many more.

Where is Public Toilet application will also tell you whether the toilets are enabled with a disposal unit fitted with it or not. You can also get information like baby changing tables, showers, cost, keys, nearby parking areas, drinking water etc.

Sort your search with categories, amenities and location, and this app will find you what you need in no time. There are more than 280,000 listings available in the app, and from that, it will search for you.

It supports Google Street View and Google map to help you find the exact location. The app works well according to the users with a very user-friendly interface and simple UI design. It is a free application, but it contains ads and comes with in-app purchases.

  • Download Where is Public Toilet for Android

Toilet Finder

If you are looking for a free application to find the nearest public restroom then Toilet Finder app is quite suitable for you. It is one of the most popular apps which enables you to find a toilet near you searching in more than 150,000 entries.

Along with the location of the toilet, you may also find information related to it, including whether the toilet is free to use or not, and if it is convenient for the disabled people or not. Toilet Finder is a cross-platform app which helps you to get assistance for both Android and iOS. Once you install the app, you will be able to use it from your smartwatch as well.

The interface of the app is nice and simple, and the UI is not complicated at all. Anyone with a little bit of idea regarding handling apps and the internet will be able to use it. Also, it doesn’t take much space in your device.

Refuge Restrooms

Post to installation, Refuge Restrooms app will ask you to enable the location setting so that it can detect your location automatically. After detecting this location, whenever you open this app to search for public toilets near me now, it will automatically detect the nearest toilet based on your location.

There are various categories enabled in this app to get search results more specifically. The categories are women-only, unisex, handicapped convenient, baby changing table features and many more. Refuge Restrooms app designs a new system to make you aware of the type of toilet, whether it is usable for handicapped or not.

The red map pin says that there is no such amenities in that toilet and green amp pins suggest vice versa. To search for a specific address, you have to zoom in a search in the search bar. There is already a huge number of listings available on the app, but you can add a new location too by clicking the add new address icon.

The app trusts its users to upgrade them with their inputs. With a 4+ rating, this is quite a favourite app for the users.

Bathroom Scout (Android | iOS)

You can be assured of the specific search type with this app that has more than 1,800,000 listings. You can use Bathroom Scout app anywhere in the world because it operates throughout the world. Not only the nearest public restroom, but you can also get all the closest places to use the bathroom.

You can also check the restrooms, restaurants and many other facilities based on your location. Bathroom Scout is useful to get you what you need within your preferred or current location in a few clicks. It uses Google Street View to help you understand the location better.

The application is not entirely free. There is a free version which you can use, but you can’t get images of Google Street View until you get the paid version. The condition of the bathroom, the available amenities and many more can be found in the app. The free version of the app contains ads. If you want a restroom with a noise cover, you can enable that too.

  • Download Bathroom Scout for Android or iOS

San Bidet

This is an application majorly operated in the Philippines. San Bidet is a public bathroom locator app which is there to alleviate your experience of finding the right restroom near your location. The database of this app is quite impressive, with a growing number of listings.

San Bidet cross-platform app is supported in both Android and iOS devices so you can get it in both Play Store and App Store. Integrated with a convenient UI design, it makes people control this app and find the public toilet whenever needed. The search can be filtered based on your need so that you can get the exact thing you are looking for.

There are ratings on the toilets, so you can decide which one to rely on for the emergency without compromising the safety. This app is enabled with Google Street view to help you find the exact location easily.

  • Download San Bidet for Android or iOS

Toilet Rush

This is another useful bathroom locator app that is specifically made for Hong Kong. Like the other apps, Toilet Rush also helps people to find toilets with the search “public toilet near my location”. The app is capable of notifying people with the nearest toilet and much-associated information about it.

Toilet Rush includes the safety condition of the toilet, the facilities and amenities available, the cost and everything else. The users are allowed to rate their experience so that people can choose toilets with best facilities and cleanliness. This is initially a free app and supported in both iOS and Android.

Post to installation, the app needs the data collection to get your location and every other detail required. After that, you can use the app even without the data connection. This is the best part, according to most of the users. The simplicity of the app and nice design is also the reason behind its popularity.

What is the Best App to Find Public Restroom Near Me Now?

This a moderately long list of the best apps to find public restrooms near me on Android and iOS both. However, you may find a list with nine apps a little overwhelming too. It is better to visit the Play Store or App Store on your own to know the details of the app. You can check the feedback from there and make your mind accordingly.

Everyone’s preferences and needs are different from each other so you should decide any application from the list. However, if you are asking about our preference, we may vote for Where Is Public Toilet. However, SitOrSquat and Flush Toilet finder are the two most popular apps installed by most people.

You may go through the features and UI design, interface and the free and paid version to decide which one you should install. These apps will need your location and other details, so be sure that you don’t get any application where your security can be compromised.

We prepared this list of best apps to find public restrooms near me on iOS and Android to filter your choice. Hope this guide has helped you. Please share your thoughts with us.

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