Glary Tracks Eraser: Free Privacy Protection Software For Windows

If you are a smart computer user then obviously your first priority should be privacy protection.

Whether it’s the matter of online privacy protection or offline privacy protection, you should always be active to protect your privacy.

Even, most of the Windows users are still not familiar with the truth that Windows PC monitors all user’s internet activities. Yes, it’s true. The tracking process is quite easy for them because some specific log files are available for all the apps and software (online or offline) we use.

If you are using Windows computer the you need to know that your PC tracks all our internet activities such as – the websites or web pages you visit, videos you watch, files or documents you read, software you download and use on your computer, and many other activities too.

Generally, you clear the internet browser history to protect your privacy, makes your computer faster and more secure. But if you want to secure your privacy completely from the data theft and online identity theft (prying eyes over the Internet) then you need to clear all the track history from your computer.

Although, there are lots of privacy protection tool and free software for windows are available on web that can help you to remove all the history tracks very easily. But I would like to suggest you to use Glary Tracks Eraser freeware for Windows.

Let’s know in details – What is Glary Tracks Eraser? and How to use Glary Tracks Eraser for erasing history tracks and freeing up hard drive space in Windows?

Glary Tracks Eraser for Windows

Glary Tracks Eraser is a safe and easy-to-use privacy protection software developed by the Glary Utilities (a professional software developing company) that allows you to erase all the history tracks safely and completely.

glary tracks eraser

The basic purpose of Glary Tracks Eraser software is to maintain your personal privacy. It is a handy piece of software and specially designed to protect you privacy with only one click.

With the help of Glary Tracks Eraser freeware, you can easily free up wasted hard drive space and get rid of your past activity records (cookies, history of clicks, run menu, internet browsing history, and many more things) from the PC without any extra setup.

Main Features of Glary Tracks Eraser

Addition to freeing up wasted hard drive space and erasing the history tracks safely, Glary Tracks Eraser freeware comes with several other helpful features. Here are some important Main Features of Glary Tracks Eraser:
– Protect your privacy
– Keep your surfing private
– Secure Erase
– Further Protection
– Clean Up History at A Glance
– Fast Scan Speed
– Free up wasted hard drive space
– Multiple browser compatibility
– Fully protected

How to use Glary Tracks Eraser

Step (1): First of all, Download Glary Tracks Eraser freeware from its official website and install it on your PC.

Step (2): After the installation, Glary Tracks Eraser window will appear as shown in below screenshot.

privacy protection

Step (3): Now, select (check mark) the Tracks which you want to erase and then press “Erase checked tracks” green button.

glary tracks eraser for windows

Step (4): Next, it will ask you to confirm that you want to erase track settings. So, click on “Yes” to start erasing history tracks.

Free privacy protection software for Windows

Step (4): Just after pressing the Yes button, history tracks cleaning will be started immediately. You will be able to see what’s currently being cleaned.

free software to protect your privacy

Step (5): Once the history tracks are cleaned, you will see the notification like “No Privacy Problems”. For example, a screenshot is given below.

glary tracks eraser free download

That’s it. Thus, you can easily protect your privacy and free up hard drive space using Glary Tracks Eraser freeware for Windows.

Glary Tracks Eraser Free Download

According to my experience, the regular use of Glary Tracks Eraser will secure the protection of your personal information from prying eyes and strangers. So, I would suggest you to use the Tracks Eraser software daily before you shut down your computer.

Get from here: Download Glary Tracks Eraser for Windows

Feel free to share your view with us through comments. What do you think about Glary Tracks Eraser free software for Windows? Share with us – if you have any other best free privacy protection software for Windows.

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  1. As a Security Consultant, I highly recomend daily use of this fast and effective sofware. Privacy is like Air: you don’t notice or realize its importance till it gone.


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