Protect Your Privacy and Secure Apps with Hexlock App Lock

What is the best Applock for android? What are most reliable app lockers for android? – These are some of the widely searched terms over the internet, and that’s the main reason for us to bringing out this app lock security and protection for Android guide.

Undoubtedly, privacy protection is a major challenge for mobile phones these days. Although, Android smartphones come inbuilt with some basic security options which allow the user to add a passcode to lock the lock screen, yet it lacks a lot of advanced methods.


Hexlock | App Lock Security and Protection for Android

If you’re really getting tired of the lock screen on your android smartphone or tablet, you must try out Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault android app which will help you in protecting your privacy and securing your apps according to your wish.

Let’s learn in details what is Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault? What are the key features of Hexlock app? Why must you use Hexlock app to improve your mobile app security? Here we go.

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Introduction to Hexlock

Hexlock is a free app lock for Android devices which is specifically designed to protect your privacy and secure your apps with maximum smart app locking options (up to 6 profiles for every situation). Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault android app allows you to create personalized app lock profiles for home, workplace, parental control, and much more to protect only the applications you select.

With the help of this customizable app locker for Android, you can easily set up a PIN password, a pattern lock or a unique fingerprint as your Hexlock passcode for the ultimate app protection whenever you share your android device with anyone. Isn’t it super exciting?

hexlock app lock

Addition to all the smart app locking options, it also keeps your personal files (pictures, video clips) safe with Hexlock’s new Media Vault to hide photo and video files securely in a locked gallery vault which only you can open whenever you need.

Important Features of Hexlock:

These are some of the most interesting and important features of Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault android app:

  • Customizable lock screen
  • Lock apps with PIN, pattern, or fingerprint
  • Automatic activation on known Wi-Fi networks
  • Lock your games, gallery, and photos
  • Keep messaging (Whatsapp, Emails, and SMS) safe
  • Lock your Systems and control Wi-Fi, Settings, etc!
  • Hide personal files (pictures and videos) with Media Vault
  • Protect your social network apps (Facebook, Kik etc.)
  • Unique Fingerprint unlocking
  • Prevent others from uninstalling Hexlock
  • Users can set parental controls
  • Create separate profiles for shared device

Special Attractions of Hexlock App Lock and Photo Vault

Are you still confused in the selection of a best free app locker for Android device? Here is some more helpful information regarding Hexlock all-in-one customizable app locker and media vault app for Android devices:

Lock your Apps, Not your Device

If you don’t like to use the screen app lock on your android device then using Hexlock App Lock is the best option for you. Hexlock offers you the option to only lock the apps you want to protect according to your wish. It means, there is no need to lock your device completely. Just lock the apps which you want to protect from other peoples.

hexlock app lock photo vault

Hide Pictures and Videos with the Media Vault

Protecting personal files (photos and videos) with the Media Vault is another interesting thing in the Hexlock app. Simply, you have to lock your private files in the gallery vault and all your photos and videos will be safe from prying eyes.

media vault

Set Parental Control

You can also set parental control in order to protect apps and data from your curious kids. So if sometimes you give your android device to your kids then they will not be able to buy games or delete important files/folders without your knowledge.

parental control

Fingerprint Unlocking

Unique fingerprint unlocking is another helpful feature of the Hexlock app. If you use your unique fingerprint as your Hexlock passcode for the ultimate app protection then unlocking apps using fingerprint will be a super easy task for you in comparison to entering PIN password or dragging pattern lock.

fingerprint unlocking

Important note: Fingerprint unlocking is only available on compatible Samsung Galaxy devices and/or compatible devices running Marshmallow OS.

Automatic Activation:

As we explained above that Hexlock allows you to create the profile to suit your lifestyle. So if you have created separate profiles for the shared device then you can also set Hexlock to auto-active profiles when you change Wi-Fi networks.

automatic activation

Thus, you can see how simple and easy to use is Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault android app. Enjoy smart app locking.


In simple words, if you are looking for a smart privacy protection and ultimate app protection solution then Download Hexlock App Lock and Photo Vault android app right now from the Google Play Store and start using it on your android smartphone or tablet.

Hexlock app locker for Android keeps your Android phone exclusively protected from thieves and prevents them from accessing any app and your personal file without entering the fingerprint, PIN password, or pattern correctly.

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