10 Best Free Luxury Home Automation Android Apps for Geeks

Want to control home’s electrical appliances from your Android smartphone or tablet? Try out these 10 best free luxury home automation Android apps on your devices.

As you are reading this smart home automation post, we can assume that you are interested in setting up an Android-based home automation system for controlling an electric appliance with a WiFi network or internet network.

Is that right?

Well, home automation or smart home is an excellent way to enjoy a smart lifestyle.

We’ve moved on from smartphones to smart homes – Home Automation is the big thing these days and it seems like everyone is doing it.

home automation android app

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So, what if you really want to save your pennies while enjoying all the benefits of home automation and smart home technology systems?

You can take a look at these 10 most amazing luxury home automation Android apps – they are free!


If you have an Android compatible smart TV, then you need to download Harmony on your phone or another device. The app allows you to control your TV – turning it on and off and switching between channels and viewing preferences.

What’s more is that you can even connect it with other smart home products, such as connected lights, locks, and thermostats.

Gideon Smart Home

The Gideon Smart Home app was previously called Alfred Smart Home but the change name hasn’t made any changes to the quality functionality of the app. The app is great for those with different types of smart home products, becoming the central command center for all your products.

You can manage all the products with the app and even provide permission to your family and friends.

SmartThings Mobile

Manufacturer specific apps are of course available and they require you to have plenty of brand products. These are naturally rather obvious to recommend, but the Smart Things Mobile are worthy of a mention. It is a very good app that helps you make the most of the Samsung smart home system.

For those using the products, this makes controlling and managing things like TV, lighting, and heating.

Home Security Camera – Alfred

You should also utilize the use of home security products. For this, the Home Security Camera – Alfred app is a great pick. You can connect it to your camera and gain access to real-time playback of what has been going on.

The app is super easy to use and you won’t need to worry about pairing it with your products – it works super easy, just install the app, pair and connect.

Hue Vibes

If you’ve found a good deal on Philips Hue lights, you should consider controlling them with this third-party app. Hue Vibes allows you to set up the lights, add timers, control the colors and so on.

The UI is better than with the native Hue app and you will find it much nicer to control your lights with this free app. The color chart is especially good!

Control4 MyHome

The free app is great for controlling multiple smart home products at once, similar to Gideon Smart Home. You can use a secure connection to access your lights, security, energy and entertainment systems. Control4 MyHome app makes these complex programs much easier and intuitive to use.


The DirecTV is great for those using a smart TV and wanting a bit more out of it. The coolest feature of the product? You can use voice commands to manage your entertainment.

For example, you just need to open the app and say “Find Comedies”, with the app finding a selection of comedies for you to enjoy. You can even use the app as a remote entertainment device – if you have a tablet, you can watch your shows on the go.

Yonomi – Smart Home Automation

Another good central command app to use comes from Yonomi. The app is super intuitive to use and it connects most smart home devices together – the compatible product list is impressive.

You can use it remotely to control your devices, automate systems and make sure things are running smoothly.

Smart Home Surveillance Picket

Another surveillance and security app worth getting is the Smart Home Surveillance Picket. The app connects to your cameras and allows you to watch what is happening inside your home – or, indeed, near the front door.

An extra feature of the product is how it connects with Google Drive. It also comes with tons of motion detection options, such as alerts, UHD compatibility and so on.

Loxone Smart Home

Finally, you should consider the Loxone Smart Home. The UI is easy to use and the app makes it easy to connect it with different smart home products. You can add many brands with lights, thermostats and other such devices.

You can allow push notifications to ensure you always know what’s happening and even schedule actions based on weather data!


Now, all the above apps are free to use. However, you will need some smart home devices to connect with these luxury apps. You don’t need to worry about it too much – smart home products are becoming much cheaper and you can find tons of deals from different retailers at OZCodes. For example, retailers like AliExpress and Appliance Warehouse have a number of deals running right now.

So, if you want to take your smart home to the next level, consider adding these home automation Android apps to your smartphone.

Do you know any better home automation app for Android or easy to use home automation solutions? Let us know using the comment section below.

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