How to Set Up Smart Security for Your Home Network

Are you surrounded by lots of devices connected to the internet at home?

Have you taken the proper measures to keep them safe from viruses and hackers?

Are they prone to vulnerabilities?

Undoubtedly, you are the one who is completely responsible for the security of your home network. You must take proper measures for securing it and ensure that your home wireless network is safe and secure. It might be susceptible to malicious attacks that may harm the peace and harmony of your home network.

protect your home network

Below in this guide, you will find a detailed explanation which will help you in setting up the best internet security for your home network. So, let’s check out how to secure your wireless (wifi) home network and install a smart security for all your connected devices using an award-winning cybersecurity protection system.

How to Secure Your Home Network against all Malicious Threats?

If you have too many devices connected to the internet at your home, then it is always advisable to look for an all-encompassing solution that can be really effective in protecting everything. So finding a reliable antivirus for your home network can be a great one-and-done option to shield your home against hackers and viruses trying to spoil your privacy.

Most of the IoT manufacturers have a great role to play in securing any susceptible devices. It’s not only on the manufacturers, but the consumers should also feel the responsibility of protecting their own devices. Antivirus software should be part of any home to enhance its security, but you can even adopt manual measures to add an extra level of protection.

Bitdefender BOX can turn out to be the one-stop solution for all your needs, as it can add that extra layer of protection to all your IoT devices. It is a petite hardware-based security solution that is designed in such a way that it includes an intrusion prevention system, a firewall, an antivirus solution, and a vulnerability scanner. Setting it up is an easy job.

bitdefender box

This tiny box can be connected to your internet router and all the connected devices and internet traffic can be monitored in real time, which further prevents unauthorized access to your home network. So basically, it can protect your IoT devices in different ways.

Network & Wi-Fi Security

The Bitdefender BOX can automatically scan your network and list just about everything that is connected to it. This helps you in the easy monitoring of your devices and protects them as well. It continuously intercepts and scans the essential parts of the data packets that are transmitted in and out of your network, to detect any known malicious patterns designed to spy on you.

home network security

Moreover, it even alerts you on the phone so that you can kick any unauthorized users out of your network.

Deploys Award-Winning Antivirus Software for all Your Devices

The Bitdefender BOX even provides the best antivirus protection for all your devices through its cloud-based threat intelligence system that alerts you against every malware or intrusion that comes from the internet. Its TSMD (Total Security Multi-Device) is a complete cyber security solution to protect all your standard devices. As such, you get a one-year subscription to the TSMD.

internet security solution

Even if you are not anywhere near your home range, it will secure all your devices remotely using a VPN. It even comes with an in-built ransomware protection and protects the connected devices from MITM (man-in-the-middle) & other types of cyber-attacks.

In-Built Vulnerability Assessment Tool

The Bitdefender BOX comes up with a vulnerability scanner which scans every device connected to your home network and finds any weak spots that may compromise network integrity.

It checks the password strength, the firmware version, and any vulnerability that can be used as a medium for gaining unauthorized or remote access to your connected devices. If any vulnerability is detected, you can click on the “Vulnerable Devices” button on the BOX to keep your network safe.

Behavior Based Threat Detection

This BOX is capable enough to even smell a rat. It can notice the suspicious behavior of any device connected to your network and protect other connected devices as well.

Its behavior threat detection is designed to detect never before seen threats and advanced malware, including different variants of known and unknown threat families, which all happens in real-time using behavior-based analysis and machine learning. Very high-tech sounding stuff, right?


Ensuring the security of home networks is one of the major challenges in protecting the Internet of Things. So far, the Bitdefender BOX – IoT Security Solution For All Connected Devices has emerged as one of the most feasible one-stop solutions with concern to the security and privacy of the users. Installing it with your smart home system can do wonders. Go for it!

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