Infolinks Review – The Leading Ad Network for Publishers and Advertisers

Want to monetize with top ad network or best Google Adsense alternatives? Check this Infolinks Review – The leading ad network for publishers and advertisers.

The ultimate aim of a webmaster is to make money online and earn money from their blog.

Isn’t it true?

But more than 90 percent of them fail to achieve the success. There are various reasons for the same.

Either their blog lacks quality content or they fail to socialize their website or they choose an improper Ad Network. Out these reasons, choosing the wrong ad network is one of the major reasons why most of the bloggers quit blogging. It is important for a webmaster and even for a marketing professional to choose the right ad network.

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If you have tried hard to find a good ad network but failed consistently in choosing the best one then no problem. We have bought up one of the leading ad networks for you. Infolinks is a world renowned ad network that can help the webmasters to monetize their blog efficiently and earn decent revenue through it. Not only the webmasters, the online marketers and small businesses can benefit from it.

If you were wondering how to monetize your website without Google Adsense or how to make money online by monetizing a website using the best ad networks for advertisers then this Infolinks review guide is just perfect for you. Let us learn more about it in the post below.

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is a powerful advertising network for bloggers as well as the advertisers. It helps the publishers to earn decent revenue by just placing the ads on their website(s) while the advertisers can promote their products on the websites of the publishers. It offers different ad formats to allow the publishers to monetize their website content strategically.

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Infolinks has also launched a new advertising platform for the advertisers. AdShop by Infolinks is the solely dedicated self-serving platform for the advertisers that can help them manage their ad campaigns smartly.

AdShop by Infolinks – All You Need to Know

We all know that Infolinks is the leader in the online advertising industry. It was initially launched for the publishers, but recently, Infolinks launched AdShop for the advertisers who are looking for effective marketing solutions. The advertisers can use AdShop and run their campaigns within minutes.

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In no time, AdShop has become the leading self-serving platform for the advertisers. The user-friendly interface with minimal starting budget, it has sparked everyone’s eyes.

Who is Using AdShop?

The people looking to increase the website traffic or promote a specific company product are the users of this amazing advertising platform. This platform is designed for just everyone. From a newbie blogger to the highly-rated advertising agencies, AdShop has everything for everyone.

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At present, its users are basically the website owners, affiliate marketers and small businesses who can easily create a campaign in less than a minute. These campaigns can be tracked and managed without any personal experience.

How is Infolinks Different from Competitors?

Infolinks has been leading the industry from several years now and has made every possible effort to optimize the user experience. It is very much different from other players in this industry.

  • It offers flexible payment modes for the publishers and follows NET30 payment system.
  • It offers 6 different ad formats to the users that are mobile friendly and help both publishers and advertisers to monetize website’s content and ad campaign respectively.
  • An advertiser can start with an ad campaign at a nominal starting balance of $25.
  • The advertiser is given total control over the campaign along with the targeting tools.
  • A reporting dashboard is provided to both the advertisers and publishers to keep a track on all the activities.

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Different Ad Formats Available on Infolinks

Infolinks offers different ad formats to both publishers and advertisers. These are as follows:

InFold: InFold ads add an extra level of SEO to your website as your website delivers the ads that your audience is exactly searching for. It displays the ads that are oriented to your niche and search of your audience so that you get more conversion rates.

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InText: These ads are displayed inside your content’s text on the major keywords with double underline. Whenever your website user hovers over those keywords, an ad matching to the keyword is opened in a bubble.

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InTag: This type of ads are very similar to InText ads, but are displayed on those keywords that are most important in the context of your site. You can choose double underline or single underline on the keywords on which the ad is to be displayed.

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InFrame: The websites having extra margins on the sidebar can utilize the spaces by displaying the InFrame ads and maximize the conversion rates. You can even customize the size of these ads.

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InScreen: The InScreen ads are basically the ads displayed on the screen by fading away from the background. They can bring higher conversion rates.

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InArticle: The InArticle ads are designed in such a manner that as a publisher you can get higher conversation rates. These ads appear in between the article of your site.

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Addition to all these different ad formats for publishers and advertisers, Infolinks has also launched its iOS app and Android app to help the users manage everything through smartphones.

What’s There for Publishers?

Infolinks initially began its monetization program for the publishers. Now, as the company has expanded it has brought forward a new product for its advertisers – AdShop. As the product is getting popular, the publishers are getting the chance to expand their horizons and display some rich ads campaigned by the advertisers. Some of the major benefits offered to the publishers are as follow:

  • The publisher websites with low traffic following the Infolinks guidelines can get the approval easily.
  • It offers 6 different ad formats to help the publisher monetize the blog in most efficient manner.
  • A publisher can get payments through ACH, PayPal, eCheck, and Wire transfer as well.
  • You require earning minimum $50 to get the payment into your account. For wire transfers, you need to earn $100.
  • Infolinks also provides eCheck and local bank transfer facility for the Indian publishers.
  • A publisher can track the clicks, impressions, and other details in real time using its intuitive dashboard.

What’s There for Advertisers?

AdShop is the platform solely created for the advertisers by Infolinks. It can be used by the website owners, small businesses, advertising agencies, and affiliate marketers as well to promote a product vigorously. Here are some of the ultimate benefits AdShop provides to the advertisers:

  • A user can easily sign-up for an advertiser account at AdShop and get the account within seconds.
  • An advertiser can start a campaign with a minimal balance of $25 that is much lower than that in many other ad networks.
  • The money from the advertiser account is deducted on the basis of CPC (Cost per Click). The money is not deducted from the advertiser account based on views.
  • You can create a campaign within few minutes. The campaign can be targeted on the going by keywords, devices, categories, country, and more.
  • It has added the image banner ads for the advertisers. They can choose from other ad formats as well.
  • You can improve the keyword targeting in your campaign by getting fast keyword approval.
  • The fraud clicks can be monitored and the amount deducted for these fraud clicks is refunded to the advertiser’s account.
  • Post back URL is the new tracking option added to its interface. It allows the affiliate marketers to track their affiliates using affiliate software.
  • The campaigns can be monitored in real time with correct data. The advertiser can easily analyze the campaigns through the reports.
  • The new users can get discount coupons as well.

What is Planned for Next Year?

A lot of planning has been done to enhance the user experience. Infolinks is continuously trying to improve its interface and you may see different improvement in future.

  • More customization options will be available.
  • It will add more dimensions for targeting the campaigns.
  • Special deals will be offered to the devoted customers.
  • The reports will have more data for better understanding.


Referral Program

Any user can take part in its referral program. You can invite your friends to join Infolinks and get rewarded for whatever they spent or earn here. Ensure that they join Infolinks using your referral link that you will get after joining its referral program.

If your invitee joins Infolinks as a publisher, you will get 10 percent of his/her earnings for 12 months. The more people you refer, the more you earn. If your friend joins as an advertiser then also you will get 10 percent of the money spent on his/her ad campaigns for 12 months.

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You must join the Infolinks referral program and get a chance to earn extra money. The data can be easily tracked through its dashboard.

The Bottom Line

Infolinks has emerged to be the leading alternative to Google Adsense. As Google Adsense is becoming strict day by day, publishers are moving towards Infolinks. Even the advertisers looking for branding their product can sign-up with Infolinks’ AdShop and start campaigning at minimal rates. If you haven’t tried Infolinks so far, it’s the high time to do so.

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