Lander vs GetResponse Review: Landing Page Builder Comparison

Learn how to create beautiful landing pages for online marketing campaigns? Lander vs GetResponse Review: Landing page builder comparison and review

Are you well-familiar with the importance of landing pages for online marketing?


Do you know – why landing pages are an indispensable part of online marketing campaigns?

Landing pages are trending all around to play an important role in the world of email marketing or even in the Internet marketing. That’s why the interest of building landing pages has been increased by so much in the previous few years. Due to this generating interest, many of the tools and services have also been established to help you in this matter.

In this comparison guide, we are going to talk about two of such incredible landing page builder tools which are going to rock the work of building beautiful landing pages for anyone. We are going to compare the Lander Landing Page Builder and GetResponse Landing Page Creator.

To have complete transparency in this comparison review of the both of the tools, we will talk about the features of these tools separately one by one and then followed the pricing offered to make each of it yours. In the end, we also find the conclusion, that which tool among these suits the best?

GetResponse Landing Page Creator Features:

Creating landing pages with GetResponse is always super easy and fun. You haven’t to do any complex setup in order to create beautiful landing pages for online marketing campaigns. With GetResponse landing page builder, you can easily build landing pages that convert in 3 easy steps: Select a template → Customize your page → Publish with a click.


Here are some of the best and most important features of GetResponse landing page creator:

  • They offer you the subdomains to host your all landing pages or you can also use your very own domain name to publish the landing pages. Addition to this, it also offers free hosting to host the landing pages built using their Landing Page Builder.
  • Coming to the main point, which really makes all of the non-techies to love this email marketing software and landing page builder tool. You do not need to know any types of programming languages and code even a single line to do anything for this. You can set up all the things very effortlessly while making the landing page such as moving, dropping. Resizing, addition, embedding various elements perfectly on the go without any interruptions and there is no need to worry about doing or using any techy things.
  • The best thing, you can also make use of this powerful Landing page builder to implement some awesome social networking features also, such as embedding YouTube videos and adding Facebook like button etc.
  • They provide incredible web forms to capture leads and other information what you will be really needed for your email marketing strategy and the success any of email marketing campaigns.
  • They provide more than a hundred attractive templates that also include some very important pages such as Welcome and Thank You pages to touch the supreme level of your visitor’s engagement.
  • Even, they also offer a special image editor to draw the attention on the work of management of visual looks of the landing page that you would be using to generate great leads for you. The image editor comes with almost all the basic features that any professional Image-editing software or image editor will give you but the twist is in a simple drag and drop way that you will love to use. They provide a huge collection of more than 1000 best free images to add and offers many more things such as filters and stickers also.
  • It provides you the A/B testing features which you can use to judge what works really best for you and your module and can do the timely execution to achieve big targets. Addition to this, they also offer an easy to use Google Analytics Integration option to track the traffic details also for your landing pages.
  • I have never seen the Drag and Drop WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor like they offered to create stunning landing pages that are positively very much eye candy. This Drag and Drop feature allows you to easily customize each and everything visible on your Landing page up to great extent.

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Lander Landing Page Builder Features:

Lander is a well-known landing page builder that offers really very simple options to create landing page, publish and optimize for free. If you are willing to create your own landing pages then you must try out Lander landing page builder to empower your landing page perfectly.


Here are some of the best and most important features of Lander landing page builder:

  • Easy to Use Editor: It offers a simple but a beautifully designed editor to build beautiful landing pages. You do not need to have any coding knowledge such as the CSS and HTML. It is an on the go drag and drop editor in which you can simply drag the elements into the landing page and can view it live in front of you so that you can judge what seems to be the best for you.
  • A/B Testing: It offers an ultimate feature of A/B Testing using which you can simply judge what type of email marketing plan for the landing pages seems to be work the best way as your wish.
  • You can simply integrate your Landing Pages created using Lander with Facebook.
  • Landing pages created using Lander has the ability to auto-fill the forms using the previous relevant information filled by the visitor and it helps a lot of growth in the conversion rates.
  • Email Integration: Offers an easy for all way email integration.
  • Analytics: Get all the required data of your working landing page plans to improve more and more.
  • Additional but exciting features: Some of the really cool features of this wonderful landing page builder tool are given below:

Send your subscribers a warm welcome email or something like a free gift.

You can create any type of landing page for any kind of project or campaign whether it is for short or long term unlimited times.

Moreover, you can create Confirmation pages too using Lander.

You can build the mobile friendly version of your Landing pages helps to improve the conversions a lot as more than half of the visitors use mobile to visit your project, website or blog.

Offers a simple but impressive conversion chart to track your growth.

Offers ultimate and beautiful layouts and templates to build any kind of landing pages on the go and thus saves your lot of time too.

You can implement a lot of other elements such as Google Fonts, Countdown, Google Maps, and Paypal etc.

  • It offers 14-day free trial also. No credit card required.


Follow the links given below along with the screenshots to visit the official pricing pages of both of these landing page builders:

GetResponse Landing Page Creator Pricing:

landing page builder

GetResponse Pricing

Lander Landing Page Builder Pricing:

landing page

Lander Pricing


Both landing page builders are wonderful to create beautiful and impressive landing pages. Anyhow, we found GetResponse as the best tool to create landing pages as the price of their plan it not just offers you the ultimate features to build the landing pages but also gives the full features to do all stuff included in any kind of email marketing.

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  2. Get response is simply an awesome tool which is helping me to build the email list from last 1 year. It is very attractive in terms of user interface and also have many useful features. I will definitely recommend to all the internet marketers to use Get response if they are serious about their business.

  3. Hi Amit!

    Great review!

    I would suggest Landing Page Builder as an alternative.

    This is a super-easy builder, with customizable themes and blocks that will save your time, without any coding skills. also propose a very simple and valuable A/B testing tool to help you to optimize and increase your sales and leads!

    Try it free, for 30 days and you will be surprised how easily you can build your landing page.

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