Top 6 Ways Technology has changed the Mattress Industry

Searching for the latest top rated mattresses and best mattress reviews or buying guides online? Here’s how technology has changed the mattress industry.

The mattress industry is constantly growing, but just like most technologies out there, it reached a point to where it can’t go any further.

We have everything we need when it comes to comfort and adding an extra layer of foam to make a pillow top more comfortable is just redundant.

However, in the last decade, plenty of specialists started to put the accent on the good quality sleep and most of us know very well why is quality sleep so important for the body and brain.

Everything started as a scientific study on how to help people sleep better, but right now, the new technology allows mattress producers to shine a new light on their industry.

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We see a new side of the industry where mattresses are created to offer the ultimate level of comfort. And it’s not just about materials and builds, it’s also about technology. After all, we can already talk about a smart mattress!

So how did the focus on good quality sleep change the mattress industry worldwide?

By combining new technology and traditional mattresses and creating a whole new product. But let’s see how this is actually translated in today’s market.

Sensors & Sleep Tracking

In order to make sure your sleep is 100% up to standards, you need to know how you sleep. And this is why sleep tracking devices were invented. However, your fitness bracelet can only do so much as it doesn’t offer an accurate reading of our sleeping pattern.

According to Try Mattress, there are already mattresses with sensors integrated into the body. These sensors connect to an external device (like your phone) and send the data they collect during the night. Because these sensors are more advanced and cover a wider area of your bed, they can read information such as movement, breathing, heart rate, and more.

Now, the cool thing is that you don’t need to buy a new mattress! There are devices specially designed to be placed under the mattress (for those of you who are happy with the current bed). They do the same job and have the same level of accuracy.

Adjustable Mattresses

There was a time when only hospital beds and the stupidly rich could afford a bed that moved based on a modular structure. Thanks to new technologies and materials, now we have mattresses that can bend with the bed without losing back support.

So, if you want, you can have a remote controlled bed that allows you a series of new sleeping positions! Honestly, it’s a pretty cool development that wouldn’t have been possible without technology!

New Materials

There is an entire branch of technology dedicated to creating new materials. That’s how we got memory and latex foam, but nowadays specialists work on something more impressive.

Right now, specialists are focused on creating a better mattress cover, one that will allow materials inside to breathe without disrupting your comfort.

For this, there are two new technologies: Celliant-infused covers and Silver-infused covers. Celliant is a special material that can absorb your body heat and transform it into infrared light.

This type of light is known to have healing properties and there are many health experts who recommend it. This is why bed covers infused with Ceillant can be extremely useful for people who are recovering from an injury are suffer from an illness.

The silver is known for its antimicrobial properties and a bed cover infused with silver will help in keeping the mattress healthier for a longer time. This means that you won’t have to worry about bedbugs or other nasty things living in your mattress.

Packing & Delivery

While delivery is pretty much the same everywhere, new technologies in the mattress industry gave us the famous bed in a box. This type of mattress can be delivered to your door by bike and you can move it around the house as you like.

The technology behind this reduced the transportation and storage costs and offered people a better way to deal with mattresses.

We hope, now you know almost everything about new mattress technology (highest rated bed mattress, most comfortable mattress, best mattress reviews or buying guides and deals) and how technology has changed the mattress industry.

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