Top 7 Best Content Proofreading Tools to Use in 2019

Want the best online proofreader, free grammar checker‎ and plagiarism checker for error-free writing? Here are top 7 best content proofreading tools of 2019.

What you write, both privately and professionally will often become irrelevant if you don’t proofread the text. Proofreading tools are mandatory for marketers who publish content online and students who write research papers.

Spelling and grammar check is also extremely necessary for most of the business presentations, cover letters, and other written documents.

As a matter of fact, more than half of employers would think twice about hiring you if you make spelling or grammar mistakes on social networks. This fact clearly shows that you need to be careful about the things you write.

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In this article, we will show you the best content proofreading tools to use in 2019 for error-free writing and making your writing bold and clear.

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Top 7 Best Content Proofreading Tools You Should Use in 2019

There are numerous online proofreading tools that can help you to proofread textual content. If you don’t enjoy doing it yourself, you can always hire experts from professional writing services such as AussieWritings.

But if you want to keep everything under control, you can use some of the proofreading apps. Here are the 7 most effective choices (free grammar checker‎, plagiarism detector, and online proofreading tools) in that regard.

Grammarly – Free Grammar Checker

Grammarly is definitely not the latest sensation in the proofreading industry but it still deserves attention due to its pragmatic approach and simple user interface. You can copy and paste text in Grammarly or write directly within it cost free.

It will find all mistakes and suggest appropriate solutions to enhance content. If you upgrade to the premium, Grammarly will open up dozens of bonus possibilities and will make your writing a much simpler business.

Ginger Page – Write Better and Faster

Ginger Page is a comprehensive desktop and mobile proofreading app. It will help you to find even the smallest flaws within texts and suggest the alternatives. Besides that, it can rephrase sentences that don’t really fit the context, making content highly readable.

Ginger Page can translate more than 60 languages, which is another outstanding feature. It even analyzes the style of writing to design customized practice sessions for each user individually.

LanguageTool Style and Grammar Check

LanguageTool is a perfect pick for multinational teams with members from all over the world. Namely, this app provides a proofreading service for more than 20 languages, making it unique among dozens of similar apps.

You can try it free of charge but its best performance comes in the premium or enterprise versions.

Hemingway App – Make Your Writing Bold and Clear

Hemingway App is simple but extremely efficient grammar and spelling tool. This app dives deeply into the text to explore everything from statistics to possible alternatives.

First of all, it will tell you how many words are there and which ones could be replaced with a simpler expression. After that, it will highlight the use of passive voice, abundant words, and complex sentences.

Hemingway App will also assess the general readability of the text, which shows how understandable your piece of writing really is. According to app developers, the average American reads at a tenth-grade level, so you should not go above this threshold – unless you are writing for a highly-educated audience.

ProWritingAid – Grammar Checking & Manuscript Editing Software

ProWritingAid is an all-around proofreading player with hundreds of valuable spelling and grammar corrections. College students love Pro Writing Aid because it helps them to complete error-free papers and improve style simultaneously. It finds the phrases you repeat often, vague wording, and sentence length variations.

Additionally, this tool checks documents for plagiarism against millions of websites, including some of the most renowned scholarly sources. The price is reasonable as well because you get a one-year license for $50. And in case you buy multiple licenses, you can get up to 25% of discount.

WhiteSmoke – English Grammar Checker Software

If you need a genuinely superb proofreading platform, you should try WhiteSmoke. The developers upgraded this software so as to match the latest standards in the field and cover all aspects of grammar and spelling inspection.

From miswritten words and unorthodox phrases to style and writing patterns, you can find it all in the White Smoke app.

Scribens – Free, Powerful English Grammar Checker

Scribens is professional proofreading software that recognizes more than 200 mistakes. It analyzes all word types and most common phrases. Scribens is very intuitive as it can detect relations between nouns, verbs, and pronouns to determine the meaning of the text.

At the same time, it highlights the shortcomings and provides explanations so that you can understand the meaning of each correction. This way, you don’t only proofread but also improve your English writing abilities in general.


Proofreading tools can help you to create more professional content. There are many apps you can use in that regard and we tried to help you narrow down the choice. In this article, we presented you the best online proofreading tools to use in 2019.

Give them a try and see which one fits your style the most – it will make you a better writer and your text will be error free.

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