How to Open Any Type of File in Windows with Open Freely

Downloading and installing multiple applications to open different Windows programs might be a very difficult and irritating task for you.

But you can get rid from this irritating task if you use powerful software that have ability to open any type of file in Windows without any issues. Open Freely is exact and appropriate software which can be used to do such task.

Basically, Open Freely is a freeware software (universal file opener) that allows you to open any type of file in Windows PC such as: PDF documents, Microsoft office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint files), audio and video files (WMV, AVI, FLV, MPG, MPEG, MOV, MP4, MP3, etc.), and Windows System files – EXE, DLL, BPL, SCR, CPL, OPX, etc.

how to open any type of file in windows with open freely

Open Freely freeware is fairly compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system. In today’s guide, we are going to show you – how you can open any type of file in Windows using Open Freely software. Here’s how:

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How to Open 100 Different File Types Using Just One Software

First of all, download the Open Freely software and install it on your Windows PC. After the installation process, click on Open Freely software icon. The software window will appear as shown in below screenshot:

how to open any type of file in windows

Now, if you want to open a text document then click on Open button and select the text document which you want to open and then click on Open button. The text document will appear according to the actual format.

how to open any type of file in windows

The software offers you numerous of formatting options to open and edit text document from the toolbar located at the bottom of the window. After editing (font family, font style, font weight, and other formatting options) the text document, you can save it according to your wish by clicking on Save icon.

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Open Freely provides several helpful options also for the image files. With the help of it, you can freely Rotate (Clockwise, Counterclockwise), Resize, Crop the image. Even, you can also add the effect of grayscale, Blur, sepia in your images.

open any file

It also supports both video and audio files without any interruption. To make changes in media player options, right-click on the Open Freely window and select Options to open the settings window.

open freely

Even, Open Freely software offers you the option to open and extract the compressed Zip files. By opening the compressed Zip file, you will be able to view – which kind of files are included within the compressed file.

open freely software

To extract the compressed file, firstly select the folder (where you want to keep the extracted file) by clicking the “Select Folder” button and then press the Extract button. Thus, it can be said that Open Freely is also an appropriate compressed file opener application.

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Open Freely software have ability to open more than 100 different file types. Here’s is the list of applications or Windows programs that are perfectly opened and managed by Open Freely freeware:

download open freely

Note: The software doesn’t open databases or spreadsheets.

Overall, Open Freely is highly needed software for all those Windows users who don’t feel free to download and install multiple applications to open and edit different programs/ file types.

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