How to Find and Remove Duplicate Music Files in Windows

Removing Duplicate Music files can clear very large drive space on your Windows PC because these duplicate files consume lots of space.

Finding unwanted software (duplicate program) or empty folders are very simple task but finding duplicate Music files isn’t an easy task. If you start finding and deleting duplicate music files manually then you will have to spend several hours, because you will have to check all music files by playing them one by one.

But if you want to save your time by doing this task within seconds then DeepGuru Music Edition is an appropriate solution for you.

DeepGuru Music Edition (also called DeepGuru ME) is a very powerful tool which helps you to find duplicate Music files in your music collection. It can easily identify the duplicity of music files by file names, tags or contents. Even, it has the ability to find the songs are in different MP3 files and encoded at different bitrates. The tool works very smoothly on Mac, Ubuntu, Linux, and Windows PC.

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How to Find and Remove Duplicate Music Files

First of all, download DeepGuru Music Edition from the below given link and install it on your PC. When the installation completed, a new dialog-box will appear as shown below.

how to find and remove duplicate music files in windows

Now, click on + button to select folders in which you wish to scan for find duplicate music files. You can freely add multiple folders to scan. After selecting the folders, click on the Scan button to begin searching for duplicate music files.

remove duplicate music files

Just after the click, scanning process will start. Scanning time depends on the folder size you have selected.

duplicate music files

When the scanning process will be completed, it will show you the complete list of duplicate music files. The music files next to the check box are duplicate music files which you have to select in order to remove them from your computer.

find duplicate songs

Select (check) music files from the list and then take the action according to your wish by clicking on Actions option which is located at the top menu bar. It offers you the options to delete or move selected duplicate music files, so do whatever you want to do.

deepguru music edition

Sometimes filtering and sorting the results are highly needed, because the tool also lists all those songs which have same song name but they are not the same. So, before taking the action make the search better by setting up search preferences.

To do this, go to View menu and then select the option of “Preferences“. From the preferences, you can choose scan type to ‘Audio Contents’ for better search according to your wish.

download deepguru music edition

DeepGuru Music Edition tool fairly support the music files format such as: MP3, WMA, AAC (iTunes format), OGG, FLAC, loss-less AAC and loss-less WMA.

Thus, you can imagine – how much useful is the use of DeepGuru Music Edition tool to find and remove duplicate music files from your PCs. This is one of the most appropriate programs to scan Audio Contents correctly.

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  1. its really cool that we can remove duplicate music files from the PC. It help to clear duplicate files and save disk space too. really great can you tell me that its only free or we need to buy it

    • Hii Ethan,

      Welcome to and thank you so much for sharing your valuable comment with us. I happy to know that DeepGuru Music Edition tool helped you to find and remove Duplicate Music Files from Windows computers.

      Ethan, DeepGuru Music Edition tool is absolutely free to use. Only you have to download and start enjoying !!

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