Top 5 Best Programming Languages for Mobile Apps Development

Looking for the most commonly used programming languages for mobile applications? Here are top 5 best programming languages for mobile app development.

As you are reading the guide “best programming language for mobile apps development“, we can assume that you are interested in knowing how to develop an app for Android or iOS.

Is that right?

Well, the mobile app development landscape has undergone a revolutionary change over the last few years.

The industry is said to have multiplied rapidly and has completely transformed the way companies function worldwide. Organizations have been aligning mobile applications to their increased productivity and there have been innovative developments in mobile devices and across diverse platforms.

programming languages for mobile app development

All these developments necessitate writing down many versions of a mobile application suitable for various platforms utilizing only one single language and numerous pieces of what we call the reusable code.

If you are thinking of translating your mobile app idea into reality, go ahead and validate it. You need to comprehend the market and try narrowing down the platforms for developing your mobile application.

The moment that is determined, it is time for choosing the right programming language and platform, depending on your business strategy to develop cross-platform, hybrid or native apps.

Top 5 Best Programming Language for Mobile Apps Development

What language are iOS apps written in or what language are Android apps written in and what is the best programming language for mobile apps development? These are some of the most common questions that every newbie mobile app developer asks.

Even while searching mobile application development tools, iOS and Android developers usually look for most commonly used programming languages for mobile applications.

So in this article, we are focusing majorly on some of the most popular mobile programming languages that are being used by developers today. Let’s dive in.


HTML5 is the best programming language provided you are thinking of building a Web-fronted application for mobile devices. HTML5 helps in making diverse data types really simple and easy to insert, moreover, it would be accounting for diverse screen sizes and would be rationalizing input parameters.

Furthermore, HTML5 would even be leveling the browser playing field. Despite all these advantages of using HTML5, there is one drawback of HTML5 that cannot be overlooked. It still happens to be a proposed standard.

HTML5 is very cost-efficient and it is presently supported by a host of diverse browsers and in a number of different ways. HTML5 is cost-effective and instead of being an entirely new platform, it builds on the programmer’s prior knowledge of HTML. This incremental learning allows users to learn it with less time and effort.


Objective-C is the primary programming language meant for iOS applications. It was selected by Apple for building scalable and robust apps. It boasts of multiple functions which specifically deal with I/O, graphics, and display functions.

As an integral part of Apple development framework, this programming language is very well-integrated into all MacOS and iOS frameworks. Today, it is gradually being substituted by a more robust and powerful language known as Swift.


Swift is the most recently launched programming language that became a part of the Apple ecosystem. Apple’s entire suite of software can now be easily designed using Swift. It is used for writing code for Cocoa Touch, Cocoa, and Apple’s latest APIs.

iOS developers are gradually turning to Swift for full programming. It has been effectively designed to get rid of all security vulnerabilities and gaps associated with Objective-C.

Mobile application developers are choosing Swift as several organizations are thinking of employing the services of Swift developers with proficiency in building state-of-the-art mobile applications using the Swift language. Choose a professional company for Mobile app development in Mumbai.


C++ is a robust and most appropriate programming language for building mobile applications for Windows and Android. As a powerful and robust programming language C++ would be allowing mobile applications to be built for all purposes across all possible platforms.


Java is the most popular programming language for Android application development. This is supposed to be clearly an objective-based programming language that was built at Sun Microsystems (and now it is owned by Oracle).

Java could be run in a couple of ways: in chiefly a browser window, or maybe in any virtual machine which could be doing without a browser. This flexibility is great in terms of updating software and re-using code. For more info check out this resource on java performance & monitoring tools by AppOptics.


All these programming languages for mobile apps development are very much in vogue and used as per preference and platform. There are several other programming languages that would be redefining the future of app development and programming.

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