Top 100 Best Answers on Quora Of 2014

Learn what are some of the best answers on Quora? List of top 100 best answers on Quora of 2014

As we all know, Quora is one of most renowned question and answer website where users can ask questions and answer the questions relevant to their interest. Basically, it’s a question and answer site that is edited and organized by the community of users (like you and me).

In my spare time, i always love to read geeky, life hacking, relationship, social, funny questions and answers on Quora. Because, i believe that Quora is the most appropriate place to grab the best answer to any question. Whether it’s the matter of technology (Software, Computer, Smartphone), fashion and latest trends, politics, history or any kind of topics, Quora always comes first to offer you quick questions and answers from the expert users.

what are quora's best answers of 2014

During browsing question and answer on Quora, i have noticed that many people excited to know about the the list of top Quora Content year by year and that’s why they ask questions like – What are some of the best answers on Quora?, What answers on Quora have the most upvotes?, What are Quora’s best answers of 2014?, What were Quora’s best questions and answers of 2014?, What are some of the best answers written in 2014?, List of best questions and answers of Quora 2010 – 2014 etc.

So in today’s Quora guide, I am going to mentioned some of the most hilarious & popular questions and answers written on Quora in year 2014. Let’s check the list of top 100 best answers on Quora of 2014:

What are Quora’s Best Answers of 2014?

Below listed all question and answers on Quora of 2014 are based on the usefulness of content and users views & satisfactory answers. All credit goes to the Quora’s user who very impressively summarized the huge list of Quora’s best answers of 2014.

Let’s have a look at the list of top 100 best answers on Quora you might have missed last year (2014):

  • Why are movies such a prominent component of the American and Indian cultures? Why did these countries spawn large scale movie industries, namely Hollywood and Bollywood? – by Advait Kamat
  • What are the best study methods? – by Ahmad Ali
  • What does DNA taste like? – by Brian Farley
  • Is Android doomed? – by Glyn Williams

I hope you got an awesome list of some amazing and the best answers on Quora of 2014. If you found this article useful for you then feel free to share your view with through comments, your valuable comments will be always appreciated here.

If you are also an active user of and you answered some amazing questions on quora that get popular then please share with us. We will include your quora’s answer in our upcoming guide.

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