Essential Tips for Improving Your Social Media Security

Are you looking for some of the most effective ways to improve your Social Media security or social media privacy?

There are many ways you can suffer a security breach if you use the internet. Online banking, cyber-shopping, and applying for a credit card online are all ways your personal information can be stolen, but one area you may have never considered as a security danger is your social media presence.

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Identity theft via Social Media is becoming more common because many people do not know how to guard themselves against it. However, there are several measures you can take to protect yourself and your personal information.

In this guide, we are going to explain top three most advantageous tips for improving your Social Media security. Here we go.

Do Not Rely on Site Settings

When you set up your Facebook account, chances are you set your Security Settings to the default option because you assumed there was little chance of anyone wanting to hack into your personal account.

However, this happens more often than you think, and if someone were to get in, they could gain access to your address, phone number, and date of birth, all of which could allow a thief to steal your identity.

To keep your Facebook safe, go into the setting options and chose the security tab. There, you can choose individual settings for your security options. This will allow you to impose stricter security on settings that may leave you vulnerable to cyber-crime.

Change Your Password Often

MVU Online reports that the United States government suffers security breaches for several reasons, but the most common are related to the internal and human error.

When it comes to keeping your social media accounts locked down, one of the simplest mistakes you can make is to use the same password for months on end.

Even if you think your password would be difficult to guess, your personal devices may remember them. A lost phone or a laptop left open at a coffee house while you ordered a frappe might be all it takes for someone to steal your password.

One way to keep your passwords safe is to get into the habit of changing them at least once a month. Do not re-use old passwords. Add at least one symbol to each one you create.

If you worry about forgetting them, write them down in a small notebook that you can keep in your home’s firebox or safe to ensure they cannot be accessed.

Get Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft services can lend protection to your social media activities by monitoring your accounts for unusual activity or suspicious events. They can also provide alerts when your personal information is being shared or accessed without your permission.

Additionally, as many users have trusted Identity Guard’s threat and dark web monitoring, you can also benefit from privacy and security tools offered by these services.

Update Your Apps

There are many ways to become tech savvy, such as enrolling in UAB’s mis degree online, but you do not have to earn a diploma to protect yourself when you use social media. One way you can guard your personal information is to update your apps and any plug-ins you use on the site.

Most of these add-ons will prompt you to update when they require it, but you should not depend on them to do so and check at least once a month if any security updates have been added. Some effective security features include fingerprint sign-in and security questions that must be answered before a purchase is made.

Fast-paced advances in technology have allowed cyber-thieves to snag personal information from millions of people who use social media. While this is troubling, taking the time to set your privacy and security settings and protect your passwords can help you avoid becoming a statistic.

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    Social media has become very insecure these days & I have faced many problems as I have seen people getting into my Facebook account numerous times, but I believe if we can take care of normal security factors, then no one can get into our important social accounts.

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