Benefits Offered by Investing in a Third Party Telecom Spend Management Service

Did you know that simplex mobility expense management services can help to significantly improve overall profitability?

The value of this is impressive; however, can vary from one organization and industry to another.

Some of the most relevant ways that a typical business can expect to see significant value are highlighted here.

Some of the most well-known benefits offered by investing in a third party telecom spend management service are:

telecom spend management

Handling of Invoices

You can reduce the total number of income invoices when you invest in these services. In fact, these services will collect all of the cost data from the mobile operator and then automate the import into a single invoice.

Optimize Your Subscriptions

The tool will provide an optimal subscription for every employee based on their actual usage. You can find the most cost efficient and suitable agreements with various operators based on your specific call pattern, the services that are used, and overall data traffic, which will subsequently result in the assurance that you are billed properly.

Invoice Dispute Handling

With access to logged data, you will be able to easily validate any incoming invoices. This will reduce overall discrepancies and help ensure that everything coming into the business is accurate.

Asset Management

Who is using what assets in your organization? With this type of service in place, you can easily keep track of each of your devices, which includes iPads, mobiles, IT devices and desktop phones. It will help you in identifying any unused equipment as well, which can result in reduced costs for the business.

Internal Billing Services

You can easily allocate the cost for each center. With full functionality for charge-back services for management, ensures an accurate cost distribution on the business unit, individual and cost center. You can handle all different types of costs, recurring fees, traffic changes and charges for IT costs and telephony.

Response Quality

With these services, you can improve the ways in which employees handle all their voice mail and telephony functions. You will be able to easily follow up on individual extensions, attendants or groups of extensions, how well you have been answering your incoming calls and the number of abandoned calls that you experience.

Network Quality

Do you know if your network has been designed to handle the volumes of VoIP traffic and if your outgoing and incoming trunks are properly dimensioned? If not, then this is a service that you could definitely benefit from.

Taking the time to learn more about the services that are offered will help you determine if this is a service that could benefit your business. In the long run, it may save you quite a bit in terms of money and efficiency, regardless of the type of size of business you run.

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