Amazon 101: Top 4 Consulting Services Each Business Should Have

Are you trying to make your amazon products reach a wider audience? Learn about top 4 types of consulting services each business should have.

So you have decided to make your very first Amazon product site and getting business set up to make money. While you can do this on your own, you’re only making it more difficult for yourself.

To help your business grow faster and increase your reach to sell more products, we suggest you turn to the Amazon marketing company.

And in this tutorial, we’ll talk about the four main consulting services that are commonly used throughout Amazon’s platform. Look at each of them and use them to your advantage.

types of consulting services

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Let’s check out the types of consulting services each business should have in order to increase Amazon sales and stay ahead of the game.

Table of Contents:

Suspension Consultants

Has your account been suspended by an unexpected event? Or are you trying to find a way to get your business back in good standing with Amazon? It can be difficult breaking through the suspension on your own, so it’s best to get a suspension consultant.

Suspension consultants specialize in getting your account back after you’ve received a suspension notice. And, they’ll help you by creating a Plan of Action and help you handle escalations if they’re needed.

Even, some of them help you with account protection and can check your seller accounts to view your metrics and give you advice on how to protect your account.


Some businesses fail because they are unable to optimize their page correctly. That’s why you should look into Amazon consulting services. Optimization consultants are skilled in SEO (Search engine optimization), product placement, and marketing and are able to help your products reach your target audience.

For instance, they can do this by increasing your user conversion rate, managing your product ad campaigns or improving your page’s search rankings.

You should use them if you’re trying to grow your brand and increase traffic to your products and services.

International Sales

International sales Amazon consulting services help you expand your products into different countries. They provide services such as translation and giving product sellers advice on areas such as VAT, shipping, and order fulfillment.

You should seek out this service if you’ve already established a product in one targeted location.

With these consultants, they’ll help your business expand worldwide and receive more long-term profits and regular customers for your products.

Existing Brands

Every existing brand needs help getting ahead of the competition. No matter how well established, you’re going to need a consultant to help keep your existing brand relevant and appealing to your customers.

Seller consultants help existing manufacturers and brand sell their products on Amazon. Usually, this is through managed service, where the consultants operate your Amazon account.

Alternatively, they can help you on a consultancy basis where you run your account, and provide advice along the way.


There’s no doubt that Amazon consulting services can help you in selling your products easier. But also, they can help your business grow faster. This is because they can provide the expertise that you don’t have, handle time-consuming tasks, and increase your overall sales.

Additionally, most of these tools are standalone offerings that can specialize in 1-2 areas. If you’re using an order management or a multi-channel system, you might find an equivalent feature that’s available there.

Analytics, listing management, and repricing are often available in these tools. These features might not be complex like the standalone tools, but you should be aware of what options are available before looking into other tools.

Do you have any questions about types of consulting services for Amazon platform? Tell us in the comments below.

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