Why Your Company Needs a User Activity Monitoring Software?

Security is one of the main aspects of helping your company survive in the long-term. Scroll down to learn how to keep your company safe with the help of user activity monitoring software.

Monitoring is super essential to every business. It doesn’t matter whether your employees are all on the same network in a single office or working remotely from different places.

It’s quite important to have clarity on what your onsite and remote employees are doing while working.

There are times when your company data is at risk. This can be due to an ex-employee or an outside attack. Whatever the scenario, you’re going to need a user activity monitoring software or computer monitoring software for employees.

user activity monitoring software

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Identify suspicious activity and protect sensitive or proprietary information using activity monitoring software.

In our earlier post, we have already discussed some useful Computer monitoring software and Internet monitoring software for parents, which will be a good place for you to get started.

And in this short guide, we’ll show you the power behind the user activity monitoring software to monitor employee’s PC behavior. So, let’s dive in!

What is User Activity Monitoring Software?

Its technical name is called User Activity Monitoring Solutions. These are tools which track and monitor user behavior on networks, devices, and other IT resources. Organizations like to apply monitoring tools in order to gauge employee activity. By doing so, they can find and prevent threats, whether if they were of malicious intent or unintentional.

With the monitoring software for employees, enterprises can easily identify user behavior and stop risks before it turns into data breaches. User activity monitoring acts as a surveillance system but it’s used to determine illegal user activity and data protection issues and stop help minimize risk.

How Does the User Activity Monitoring Software Work?

User activity monitoring software such as Ekrans Systems is used for one goal: protection. They are made to protect important information and to make sure that each user is following the company’s security regulations and data privacy rules.

UAM does more than monitor network activity. In fact, it’s used to monitor all forms of user behavior, such as application, network, data, and system actions each user creates – such as browsing the internet, whether users are using sensitive or unauthorized files, and much more.

Here are some of the most common methods each user activity monitoring program uses:

  • Log analysis and collection
  • Screenshot/file capture
  • Network Inspection

Each and every information, that’s found, must fit with the company’s policies and the user’s role to determine if any illegal activity has occurred. What makes the “illegal activity” is based on the company’s guidelines – it can include shopping online or browsing personal sites, to more severe cases such as stealing company data like financial information and intellectual property.

User Activity Monitoring Software Benefits

Any form of monitoring gathers a lot of data. Also, these programs can be used to search and filter information could lead to data breaches. With effective software in place, you’re able to detect, search, and investigate illegal activity.

Also, you can see if your employees are uploading your company’s sensitive information to their personal cloud networks, using unauthorized services, or engaging in risky activity when using your company’s resources.

As a result, UAM software helps ensure that your employees don’t steal any confidential data when they leave the company. In order to protect the data, it analyses the following facts:

  • Defined policies
  • Identity Context
  • Associated risk
  • Time and Dates

It helps to provide realistic user identification and detailed reporting of user behavior. And, it helps decrease the total cost of compliance, while providing intelligence to help enhance security measures.

What’s Next?

As a business owner, you need to protect your data from negligent employees and for unexpected risks. We suggest that you try Ekrans Systems or any other form of user activity monitoring software to keep your company data and information safe.

We hope this company data protection guide helped you in knowing why a company should have a powerful employee activity monitoring software or computer monitoring software for employees.

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