Windows Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 7

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7 PC !!

Most of us are well familiar with Windows 7 General Keyboard Shortcuts because we have been habituated to use these Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows 7 PC.

In case, you spend your lots of time in browsing internet or your work is related to using several web pages and you want to do your work quickly then you will have to use Windows explorer keyboard shortcuts.

windows explorer keyboard shortcuts windows 7

With the use of Windows explorer keyboard shortcuts, you may complete your task in half time and your work productivity will be just double. Here, we are mentioning some best and most useful internet explorer keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7 operating system and hope it will help you so much.

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Windows Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

We have included almost all the needed windows explorer keyboard shortcuts to use on Windows 7 PC. All these keyboard shortcuts will work with Windows Explorer windows or folders:

Ctrl+N → To open a new window

Ctrl+W → To close the current window

Ctrl+Shift+N → To create a new folder

End → To display the bottom of the active window

Home → To display the top of the active window

F11 → To maximize or minimize the active window

Ctrl+Period (.) → To rotate a picture clockwise

Ctrl+Comma (,) → To rotate a picture counter-clockwise

Num Lock+Asterisk (*) on numeric keypad → To display all subfolders under the selected folder

Num Lock+Plus Sign (+) on numeric keypad → To display the contents of the selected folder

Num Lock+Minus Sign (-) on numeric keypad → To collapse the selected folder

Left Arrow → To collapse the current selection (if it’s expanded), or select the parent folder

Alt+Enter → To open the Properties dialog box for the selected item

Alt+P → To display the preview pane

Alt+Left Arrow → To view the previous folder

Backspace → To view the previous folder

Right Arrow → To display the current selection (if it’s collapsed), or select the first subfolder

Alt+Right Arrow → To view the next folder

Alt+Up Arrow → To view the parent folder

Ctrl+Shift+E → To display all folders above the selected folder

Ctrl+Mouse scroll wheel → To change the size and appearance of file and folder icons

Alt+D → To select the address bar

Ctrl+E → To select the search box

Ctrl+F → To select the search box

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