Adcash Review – Monetize with One of the Best Adsense Alternatives

Looking for the best Google Adsense alternatives for your Blog or Website? Here’s the Adcash Review – Monetize with one of the best Adsense alternatives

Generally, most of the bloggers and webmasters start a website or blog to make money online. Though there are few whose aim is to provide just valuable information to the reader, but there are many who wish to earn some decent amount of money online while providing the valuable content to the user.

There are plenty of blog monetization methods, but monetizing a blog with advertisements is one of the best practices adopted by the webmasters. Google Adsense being the leader in this industry dominates it making strict policies. This is the reason why many bloggers have started shifting towards the newer sources for monetizing their blogs with advertisements.

adcash ad network

Adcash is a powerful ad network and global ad partner (worldwide advertising platform) that has emerged in no time and has generated a buzz among the webmasters. Many of them are earning a handsome amount of money through this advertising network and recommending it to their fellow mates. Let us know more about this popular ad network and maximize your revenue. Here we go.

AdCash Ad Network: A Brief Introduction

AdCash Advertising Network has come up as a well-known CPM ad Network over the world of internet. The start of the company is about to mark a decade as it was started in the year 2007 with a motive to help the publishers in monetizing the blog and at the same time bringing leads for the advertisers. It has now reached 196 countries of the world having a network of 150k publishers and is running approx 3500 ad campaigns. It targets around 200 million users each day serving more than a billion ads each month.

It is an Estonia-based ad network which is working on the improvement of its algorithms for maximizing the earning opportunities for its publishers and helping the advertisers reach newer audience each day. Its dynamic CPM optimization technology keeps the ad inventory pertinent to search traffic. The publishers and the advertisers can also control the ad serving on site(s) manually. It also has 100 employees working for the growth of the company and providing impactful support to its users.

Becoming AdCash Ad Network Publisher

If you want to monetize your blog with CPM ads of Adcash then you can apply for its Publisher program. There are no minimum traffic needs. Also, your website can be in any language to serve the ads. The most important thing to remember is that the site must not have any pornography of illegal content. Before you sign up for Adcash’s publisher program, you must go through the terms carefully.

Becoming AdCash Ad Network Advertiser

Any person/company looking to advertise his/her product can join as an Advertiser with Adcash Ad Network‎. All you need is sign up as an advertiser with your first campaign starting at as low as $100. You will be given a dedicated account manager and can choose to display different types of ads including CPM, CPL, CPA, CPV, and CPC ads. Adcash has a network of more than 150k publishers.

Ad Formats Supported by AdCash

The advertisers can choose to serve different ad formats on publisher’s websites and the publishers can also choose the ad format for his/her website. Here are some of the most helpful ad formats supported by Adcash advertising network:

  • Banner Ads: The publisher can choose from various sizes to display banner ads on their site. The banner ad sizes available here are – 728×90, 468×60, 336×280, 250×250, 300×250, & 160×600.
  • Footer Ads: The footer ads can only be implemented having the size of 728×90. These footer ads stick to the screen’s bottom and provide awesome results to the publishers. The ad moves continuously as the visitor scrolls down through the blog. This further results in improved CTR.
  • Interstitials Ads: These ads are of size 800×600 and overlap your site. It helps the publisher to generate more income as compared with other ad formats because these ads are displayed as the reader opens the site.
  • Background Ads: These ads are striking and easily adapt to any website’s layout. These ads also improve the overall CTR. You can display background ads on blank spaces on the sidebar or the header. The size of header ads is 2000×150 while for the sidebar ads is 340×770.
  • Site-Under Ads: These are the top-performing ad for both mobile and desktop websites. These ads are similar to a landing page. As the user opens your site, a new tab opens in which the ad opens. Definitely, the earnings are higher.
  • Slide-In Ads: These ads generally slide in from the sides of the site and grab the user’s attention. These ads are more prone to get a click.

The ad formats for a mobile based website are also offered by Adcash. They are:

  • In-App Interstitial Ads: A full-screen ad is displayed either vertically or horizontally. It works to generate a good CTR.
  • In-App Footer Ads: These ads are similar to the footer ads for the desktop site. They are displayed on the bottom of the mobile site and float down the screen as the visitor scrolls down.

Adcash also offers the advertisements on the video. It is one of the few ad networks that provide this service on the videos there on your mobile or desktop site. The publisher can make use of this feature to maximum and monetize the videos too to enhance the earnings.

adcash ad formats

Ultimate Features of AdCash Ad Network

Apart from the amazing and top-performing ad formats, Adcash ad network has some of the best features to offer to all its users. Few are listed below:

  • Dashboard: A publisher/advertiser can easily track the crucial details about the ad views and payments information through this dashboard. Adcash offers its dashboard in 8 different languages.
  • Multilingual Site: You can translate the AdCash website to 8 internationally spoken languages including English, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, French, and Chinese.
  • Reporting: You can find the ‘Reports’ section of the dashboard which allows you to check the real-time data. These stats can also be emailed directly to your mail on request.
  • Customer Support: As soon as your account gets approved on Adcash, you get a dedicated account manager to help you out at times of query. All your queries are well handled and are answered within 12 hours.
  • Payments: You can withdraw the payments through different means. Adcash also follows NET-30 terms. The payment can be withdrawn through WebMoney, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Wire Transfer. The minimum threshold amount has been kept 100 Euros.


Adcash Ad Network‎ has grown really popular among the webmasters around the world in no time. A range of top-performing Ad formats with different types of ad available, Adcash is surely the best alternative to Google Adsense and one of the best blog monetization methods. In short, Adcash is the best CPM ad network for low traffic websites and blogs too.

Moreover, the publisher gets complete opportunities to generate maximum income by displaying the most relevant ads for the appropriate audience while the advertisers can serve their ads in the desired format to reach audiences on different sites.

What more can be asked from a profitable ad network like Adcash Advertising Network? Register today and monetize your traffic right now!!