Top 10 Best Taboola Alternatives to Monetize Your Site

Learn what are the best taboola alternatives for monetizing blog? Or, what are the best blog monetization methods like taboola? Top 10 best taboola alternatives to monetize your site

Money, money, money!!

Everyone wants money. I know why you are blogging too (Shh, secret). So today, I am here with a list of top ten best Taboola alternatives to monetize your blog.

Oh, you want to know what’s Taboola? Basically, Taboola is a blog monetizing network that never gives you a headache. What Taboola does is giving article recommendations from other sites at the end of your content. When people click on that links on your website, you get paid.

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So, without wasting time let’s have a look at the list of top 10 best taboola alternatives to monetize your site and make money online effectively.

Top 10 Best Taboola Alternatives for Monetizing Blog

Tons of blog monetization methods are available on the Internet. I think using Taboola like networks is the safer. Here come the 10 best Taboola alternatives for monetizing your blog.

(1) Outbrain

To be frank, Outbrain outperforms every other content referring monetization networks including Taboola by every mean. Unlike Taboola, Outbrain focuses on quality than on quantity.

You will never get higher CPC than what this network gives. If you dig a bit, you can find that most of the reputed sites that use this type of network use Outbrain.

Outbrain choose publishers themselves, and when the publishers do something that violates the terms and conditions, they ban them. The real-time reporting is ice on the cake.

(2) Disqus

Are you wondering why I put Disqus on the list of Alternatives to Taboola? I am not wrong by the way.

Apart from the popular commenting system, they provide a content suggestion monetization network also. It can be used to monetize your site. You can also reach out to targeted audience by advertising with them.

The content will be targeted, so no compromise on your earnings. But the fact is, the ads may look like spammy links.

(3) Adblade

Here comes one of the best Taboola alternatives. Though they are in the industry for a long time, they never got that much popularity. There are thousands of reputed websites using this specific content ad network (take the example of Fox News).

If you are a small publisher, it will be a bit difficult for you to get the approval of Adblade. The biggest benefit is the large ad inventory.

(4) Shareaholic

Are you a WordPress blogger? If you are, most probably you may know this tool. Shareaholic is popular among WordPress bloggers as a social share plugin.

If you access the settings of the plugin, you can find the monetization options there. They can show related content at the end of your content, using which monetization can be done. Shareaholic is the best Taboola alternative for bloggers, especially for WordPress users.

(5) Rev Content

Rev Content is the new player in this field. You can’t find many reputed sites with Rev Content as a monetizing option. But they are growing at an impressive rate of 500% per year.

As one of the leading Taboola alternatives, they are serving more than 100 billion recommendations per month and thereby monetizing blog after blog.

They welcome big publishers. The ad inventory is large as well. If you are a small publisher, I think the first one (Out Brain) will be the perfect choice for you.

(6) Yahoo Stream Ads

Wow, Yahoo was everyone’s go to place before Google conquered the country of the web. They started as a web directory.

Yahoo (Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle) has their traditional ad network that’s It’s tough to get approval there. Softonic and Cnet use the native advertising platform. If you are a small website owner with small traffic figures, never think about that. Instead, look out for Yahoo Stream Ads.

It provides complete customization over ad units. Look and feel of the ads are far better than every other network.

(7) Gravity

Gravity is a trusted native advertising platform that can act as a Taboola alternative. It is used by many people, and Gravity has a track record of years. Click Through Rate is high and you can customize the Ad units also. It now serves 25 million recommendations per day.

(8) Content. Ad

Nowadays, bloggers are more inclined towards Content.Ad than toward Taboola. You can find a plugin of this advertising platform. That makes things easy for WP bloggers. The approval process is comparatively easy. It may be because of the crowded nature that Content.Ad provides low CPC.

(9) MGID

MGID is a smaller websites with only 20000 publishers and 30 million page views per month. MGID suits the best for niche entertainment blogs. The downside is that it often displays adult ads. So use it with caution.

(10) VidInterest

This Taboola alternative is very much useful for video bloggers. VidInterest is very much similar to Taboola but only shows recommended videos. You can also use it if you are in entertainment niche. The approval process is probably easy. But you may be kicked out forever if you violate the policies.


That’s all. I have given you 10 best Taboola alternatives. It’s your turn to choose from. Personally, I recommend you to use Outbrain blog monetization method because Outbrain is one of the most trusted content discovery platforms which offer higher CPC and more relevant result.

Let us know using the comment section below – According to you, what are the best taboola alternatives for monetizing blog? Or which taboola alternative you are using to monetize your site? You might also like: Top 10 High Paying Part Time Jobs for College Students

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