Useful Tools That Are Very Helpful When Working with Contextual Advertising

To start the article, we should point out that the Americans think differently. They use completely different words and phrases especially when it comes to commercials and advertisements. It is very difficult to do advertising aimed at Americans. Thankfully, our team of AdWords consultants is amidst them and our professionals know what to do. It is difficult to imagine how I would have to place a contextual advertising if we have not asked a million of questions every day from our American partners.

Foreign SEO professionals should spend days watching advertisements on TV and studying all the sales in the stores, read books and articles, watch webinars, and, of course, engage in competition monitoring services.

contextual advertising

The monitoring services have helped us the most. It is very hard for an individual to pick a number of synonyms and variations of keywords that Americans use when searching for something. And with the beginning of work in Convert2Media, we also had an access to all sorts of paid services.

In this post, we are willing to share with you the tools without which it is impossible to deliver high quality SEO related website promotion work. So, let’s have a look at the list of some most useful tools that are very helpful when working with contextual advertising:

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(1), we used only the free version and it was enough. Let’s look at the possibilities of this tool on store as they sell everything: appliances, furniture, jewellery, toys, etc.

In order to understand how they use the words, we need to enter the domain of the site and go to the tab “PPC research”. The system will show the keywords, for which the site is advertised. It will group all these words, and even show the rate at which the website is advertised.

keyword research tools

I always start with a keyword search from this particular service. You can also see the ad text. But in this case, the paid version gives you much more options. With paid option, you can view all of the text ads that have been used in advertising for several years, see the % for each ad and whether it appears in the top-3. If it was “taken in” the top-3, we can assume that he had a fairly high CTR. Accordingly, keywords that received a higher Quality Score are able to achieve high rankings on the Internet. A small overview of the ads can be found under “Ad History”.

profitable keywords

This is enough to create an ad. You can change some of the words, but leave the correct order in sentence construction.

(2) Keyword Planner

I always use “Scheduler keywords (Keyword Planner)” from Google AdWords. You can “peep” into SpyFu words that competitors use, and then go to the AdWords and search for synonyms.

keyword planner

To write a great add, use “Preview and Diagnosis ads (Ad Preview and Diagnosis)” in Google AdWords, which is an awesome tool. In the settings, always choose in different US states and see, who writes which ad. You can also change the text a little and get a high-quality, grammatically correct written text for the ad.

(3) Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest. In Europe, SEO professionals use a different set of tools especially the ones that select all words that contain input request. If you would click on one of the keywords, you can see a group of ready-to-use keywords. It is necessary to remove some unnecessary words. Our team have long searched for a similar tool in the United States and finally found it.

When we input “iPhone”, Ubersuggest provides all the query options, containing the word.

ubersuggest keyword tool

For example, if we input the word “iPhone airdrop”, it will open a group of words that contain the phrase “iPhone airdrop”. And if we press the “+”, it is added to a word in the list on the right, which later can be uploaded to your account.

keyword research

(4) SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb. We started to work with tool just recently, but many of our employees confess that it is hard to imagine their professional life without it. This is a paid service is. The minimum Basic version costs $200 USD per month, more advanced (Advanced) costs about $400 per month. But it allows you to maximize the study of the most profound Internet marketing tools to promote your website. If you want to work with the US market, we strongly advise you to use SimilarWeb, especially in the beginning of marketing of your online store. Consider the following points:

  • General Review – You can see which tools are used to advertise the selected website and find out more about them in greater detail.
  • Referrals – In this section, we can see, which websites get the most referral conversions and also to look for ways to place their link on your site.

website traffic

  • Search – It allows you to see which keywords are showing up on the site in search engines, which search engines are used for advertising and some have text ads from this site. You can switch to “Paid” and the system will show the keywords that are used only in the contextual advertising.

mobile app analytics

  • Social -It helps to peep which social network is in use. Moreover, it gives a detailed list with reference to specific positions, which has been received through trafficking.

compare website traffic

  • Display – In this section, you can see, with the help of some system display advertising, which sites get the most traffic, and what kind of “creatives” are used in the ad. In the screenshot, you can see that the Google Display Network – is not the main source of media advertising, and this picture we, as professionals, see very often.

online marketing strategies

In the US, there is a huge amount of advertising systems, and if you would test all in a row, you will end up losing lots of money. That is why SimilarWeb is a great help. When you see that a competitor receives a large percentage of traffic from a specific advertising service, you realize that it is exactly what you wish to test.

Also, using SimilarWeb you can:

  • view a list of all competitors
  • Make an analysis of the industry in the world
  • See the leading mobile applications for various categories and countries
  • See the top keywords in Google Play
  • Know which sites are the leaders in the attendance in different countries and in different categories

The market has a huge number of tools, most of them are paid. Popular American agencies often spend several thousand dollars a month to use those. But even using the first three mentioned above free tools, you can start working with US clients at once. For this purpose, it is necessary to register at or, and start sending out multiple offers to potential customers every single. Yes, it may work out not at once, but gradually and surely you will start getting the results you aimed for.

It is a bit sad to see Americans agree to a lower level of service from professionals from Indian, and our experts are not even particularly trying to get these customers. A huge number of our developers have been successfully working with the US market and I would like to see more marketers do the same for a greater number of companies.

Our SEO professional team is thrilled to help anyone, who is doing their best to promote their business to global web audience. Oftentimes, we get emails from contextual advertising the specialists, designers, SEO marketers, media planners, etc., who are trying to start working with the US market, but just not seem to succeed. We also work closely to a great number of clients, who are already working with US market, and some of them already have good ratings and reviews.