Amazon Cloud Drive Review 2019 – A Secure Cloud Storage

Looking for the best cloud storage service for your photos, files, videos, and more? This Amazon Cloud Drive review 2019 guide will make your search easier.

Online cloud storage services are taking over the technology market.

More and more companies are creating their own cloud storage solutions with unlimited cloud storage free.

Since there are so many online cloud storage providers and unlimited cloud storage services to choose from, so it can be really difficult to select the one best cloud storage service for your needs.

Before choosing a cloud storage solution, you should look into its main and additional features, as well as the cloud storage prices and plans.

amazon drive review

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In this Amazon Cloud Drive review guide, you will find almost all important information about Amazon drive and its amazing features and the paid plans for this service. However, you should check out a comprehensive review, in order to decide if this secure cloud storage solution is the right option for you. There you will find anything there is to know about Amazon cloud storage.

Now without doing any delay, let’s check out this Amazon Drive review 2019 guide which includes overview, features, additional features, pros and cons, Amazon drive pricing and plans, and much more.

Amazon Cloud Drive Overview

Amazon Drive is a secure cloud storage solution which is better for photographs and music files. While most of the online cloud storage services focus on documents, Amazon cloud storage stands out because it offers more storage space for music, photos, and videos etc. For the example: With Amazon cloud drive, you will get 5 GB of free storage space as well as unlimited storage space for photos.

Taking into consideration the unlimited cloud storage space for photos, this is a great service for professional or amateur photographers. Unfortunately, for businesses, this is not an option because it revolves more around videos and photos than on document storage space.

Amazon Drive Pricing and Features

If 5 GB of free storage space is not enough for all of your important files then you can choose one of the paid Amazon storage plans.

The first Amazon storage plan is a basic one which offers 100 GB of storage space for $11.99/ year. If you choose this plan you will benefit from the main features which include backup, upload, and high-level security.

Amazon Drive also has a 1 TB storage plan for which you need to pay $59.99/ year. For this plan, you receive the same features as for the basic plan. The only difference is the storage space. As you can see, these plans are affordable considering the storage space.

Amazon Drive’s Additional Features

When you choose a cloud storage solution, you should also focus on the additional features. These are the ones that make a good service stand out of the crowd.

When it comes to the additional features, Amazon cloud drive doesn’t excel because this service likes to keep it simple. However, Amazon supports file syncing.

Despite the fact that it has this feature, Amazon drive doesn’t have a versioning feature which makes it hard to use. When it comes to file syncing, this feature applies to videos, Kindle docs, and images. This is a great addition to Amazon cloud.

Integration is another great feature of Amazon cloud storage. For instance, if you purchase music from Amazon, the file is going to be stored automatically on Amazon Drive. This can be pretty helpful if you don’t want to waste time and move the files by yourself.

Amazon Drive Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve established the main features and Amazon storage plans, we should sum them up and see what are the pros and cons of using Amazon cloud drive. Here we go:


The main pro of Amazon Drive is that it is very easy to use, even by people who are not passionate about technology. Also, it has good cross-platform compatibility.

As we mentioned earlier, this cloud storage option is great for photographers because it has unlimited storage space for photos.

When it comes to upload and download speed, this service moves fast so you don’t have to waste time when storing your files.

It is a secure cloud storage service and it works really well with Amazon Prime. It has also added a syncing option.


Like any other online cloud storage services, Amazon cloud storage has its cons. One of its main problems is that it doesn’t have a lot of additional features. Also, it doesn’t have any collaborative tools.

While it added the syncing option, there is no file versioning. Many users also complained about the prohibitive desktop application.


All in all, Amazon cloud storage service is a great option for photographer and people passionate about music and videos. However, it doesn’t offer a lot of additional features and it is a basic service compared to other online cloud storage options. On the other hand, it comes with affordable prices and great cross-platform compatibility.

Before you decide if Amazon Drive is the perfect online cloud service providers for you and your needs, take into consideration all of the features, the paid plans, and its security level.

Also, make sure to read an in-depth Amazon Drive review and see how this cloud storage service works. If Amazon Cloud Drive is not the perfect or more secure cloud storage service for you, there are a lot of other online file storage options including Dropbox and OneDrive.

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