How to Record Surround Sounds on Your Spouse Android Phone?

Want to catch your cheating spouse using Android Spy app or best Spy app for android devices? Here’s how to record surround sound on your spouse Android phone.

Are you skeptical of your spouse having an affair?

There might be numerous factors triggering your doubt such as sudden change in your partner’s behavior, and engagements or physical contact. All these are red flags that your partner is having second thoughts in his/her mind or he/she is taking interest somewhere else.

On the other, your partner might be going through the blues and these changes are due to stress or work pressure. There are always two sides of the story, look for both aspects and detect truths before reaching to any conclusion.

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Your partner’s mobile phone can help you discover the truth. You can check out his/her messages, see call logs and view the phone photos and videos to make a guess about his/her recent activities and interests.

But there is a problem, your partner would never hand over of his/her phone to you or allow you to invade his/her privacy. If you succeeded in grabbing his/her phone when he/she is busy somewhere, you’ll have to unlock the phone to check out the stuff in it.

Suppose, you rightly guess the password but are you sure your husband or wife would not have deleted his/her private messages?

The manufacturers are more focused on making their mobile phones more secure and the Apple and Samsung phones are the best example of it. The mobile phone security can prevent you from sneaking into the mobile phone of your cheating partner.

Fortunately, there are a few mobile apps that let you monitor your cheating partner and catch him/her red-handed. Once you install the mobile phone spy app on your spouse’s phone, you could monitor all of his/her activities without accessing his/her phone.

The mobile phone spy app provides you with all the data stored on your partner’s phone including messages, phone call history, contacts, media files and more. As well as the phone data, the spy app lets you monitor the surroundings of the phone.

You can see what is happening on the phone and can listen to the conversations hearable near the device. This helps you detect what your partner is doing or saying even when he or she is away from you. All you need to do is to send a command to your partner’s phone, installed with Android spy app, to turn on the microphone and record surrounding voices.

If your partner is having work pressure, you can remotely turn on his phone mic when he is on job and can listen to the surrounding sounds. This will help you know whether his employer is burdening him or he is busy with his female colleague planning to have a dinner together.

In short, you can listen to him no matter where he is, what is he doing or with whom is he. You can use his mobile phone to keep tabs on him without letting him know.

Apart from getting the infidelity evidence, the Android spy app lets you ensure the security of your spouse. If he has not come back home on time, his phone’s surrounding sound will let you know if he has got caught in the traffic jam or something.

How to Record Surround Sounds with Android Spy App

Only a few mobile phone spy apps let their users monitor the surroundings of the targeted device and each app has a different procedure to perform this. We have explained here the process of recording surround sounds using TheOneSpy Android Spy app.

  • Get yourself registered to the spy app and download and install the app on your spouse’s phone.
  • Log into the spy app account providing the username and password provided to you at the time of registration.
  • Open the control panel and find Bugging on the main menu and then Mic Bug.
  • Click the red button in the top right corner. Select the duration for surround sound recording from the newly opened window and Send.

Your partner’s phone, preinstalled with the spy app, will receive your command and turn on the microphone to let you record and listen surrounding voices and sounds. If the target device fails to receive your command due to unavailability of the internet, you will be notified. You can check the status of the MIC bug to see if your command has delivered, finished or failed.

Moreover, you can download the voice recording file from the control panel in multiple formats and shift it to other devices.

There are numerous ways the mobile phone spy app helps you monitor the activities of your significant other. You can track the GPS location and spy on his social media accounts. The social media monitoring lets you secretly and remotely read the chats of your partner, see his/her social media posts and his/her friends list.

Meanwhile, you can read all of his incoming and outgoing emails and get the keystrokes. The spy software for android is complete monitoring solution for spouses to catch the cheating partner red-handed.

Do you have any better way of how to catch a cheating spouse without getting caught? Let us know using the comment section below.

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