Top 10 Best Cooking Apps for Android Free Download

Have you ever cooked delicious meals using some best cooking apps and recipe apps?

Android is having the biggest collection of applications. You will find different types of applications for android devices like music download apps, photography apps and even cooking apps for android. If you will search for recipe apps for android in Google Play store you will come across a lot of amazing apps. Using these applications you can learn how to cook any recipe just by using your android mobile phone or tablet and that too for free.

best cooking apps for android

These cooking apps for android also come with a timer which will help you in keeping track of the time for which the recipe is being cooked. As we already mentioned that there are a lot of best recipe apps for android it might confuse one in deciding which app to use. To make it easier for you, today we are going to share some best cooking apps for android free download.

10 Best Cooking Apps and Recipe Apps for Android

Cooking can be a very complicated task for you if you’re new to cooking but want to cook some tasty vegetarian or non-vegetarian recipes. Use these ten best cooking apps and recipe apps for android smartphone or tablet to cook very delicious and healthy homemade food:

(1) Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is available in the Google Play store from quite some long time. This is one of the most reliable best cooking apps which you can use on your android smartphones and tablets. Using this application you can specify the ingredients which you are willing to use for preparing your dinner and the app will display all the recipes which you can make using those ingredients.

If you are a newbie you can take help of the instructional videos and the seasonal recipes for preparing your meals. One can create a shopping list in the app and add all the ingredients which are needed for the next meal.

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(2) ChefTap Recipe App

ChefTap can be considered as a platform which can be used to search recipes from different platforms like Allrecepies, Pinterest, and many others. Creating own personal catalogue is one of the attractions of this cooking apps for android as you can import the recipes from the internet.

The offline mode will allow you to save the recipes which you can read when you are not having internet access. ChefTap Recipe App allows you to edit the recipes which are imported by you. Using this android application you will be able to save up to 50 recipes in your account.

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(3) Cookbook: Free Recipes

As the name of this app suggests, you will find free recipes in this best recipe apps. All the recipes which are present in Cookbook android application are categorized properly which will allow you to search the one which you are planning to prepare for meal easily.

There are a limited number of cooking apps which are compatible with android wear and this is one of the best recipe apps for android which you can use with your android smart watches. The preparation times of different meals is displayed on the recipe page which will help you in cooking a perfect meal.

[appbox googleplay com.riatech.cookbook]

(4) Cookpad Recipes

Cookpad Recipes was earlier known as Allthecooks. This android cooking apps allows one to create their own cookbook where they can add their own recipes. Using the search option you can search the recipes which other users have prepared. If you liked any particular recipe on the app you can write a review for it and also check the reviews which are posted by other people.

The app comes with a simple yet user-friendly interface. The features which you get in this android application are little basic, but it really serves its purpose. Cookpad Recipes can be downloaded for free from Google Play store.

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(5) BigOven: 350,000+ Recipes

Just like Allrecipes, Big Oven is available in Google Play store from quite a long time. BigOven is one of the best cooking apps android and it comes with more than 350,000 recipe apps. You can prepare your breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and pretty much anything by browsing the respective sections in this application. If you want to try a recipe later you can save it as one of your favorites and also plan the meals in advance.

The shopping list will allow you to keep track of the ingredients which you need in order to prepare the next meal. The both free and premium versions of this app are available on the web. However, you will get all the basic features in free version.

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(6) Food Network in the Kitchen

If you want to learn the recipes directly from celebrity chefs then you should try Food Network in the Kitchen. This app is having a huge collection of recipes which are shared by the celebrity chefs. The app is having a simple yet cool interface and is having a huge collection of recipes. Check the seasonal recipe section to find the recipes for the upcoming festivals and cook any recipe very tasty.

Never forget the ingredient you want to purchase by adding it in your shopping list. You can bookmark all the recipes and even save them so that you can read them later. With the latest update of this android recipe app, instructional videos of some recipes have also been uploaded in the app.

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(7) Pepperplate

Managing recipes have never been easy with Pepperplate. You can convert your android tablet into a mini kitchen TV using Pepperplate. There are different sections in this application. You can read the recipes and also watch the instructional videos in order to understand them better. There are many sharing options like Facebook, Twitter and email using which you can share recipes with your family and friends.

If you have migrated from different android recipe apps, you can use the import feature for importing all the recipes from your old website. You can easily organize the meals on the weekly and monthly basis by adding all the recipes and menus to schedule.

[appbox googleplay com.pepperplate&hl=en]

(8) What’s for dinner? Recipes

What’s for dinner focusses on recipes only for dinner. This application is a cross-platform application as you can use it both on your Android and iOS devices. The features which you get in this android cooking app is same as the ones which are available in other apps however you get all the dinner recipes in it. The app also has some recipes from

There is only one downside of this application and that is its interface is a bit outdated. We hope that the developers do a little makeover to this app with the next update.

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(9) Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular social networking website where you also can get tons of amazing recipes. You will find a lot of amazing things in Pinterest which include some amazing recipes too. Users can create their account and upload recipes on the website. You can follow the famous chefs on this app and get updated with the latest recipes which they upload on their accounts. If you liked any recipe you can pin it which will save it in your account.

You won’t find many features which are available in other recipe apps, but you will get a ton of recipes to prepare a perfect meal. You can also use your Facebook account in order to connect with the app and share your favorite recipes with your friends and family members on Facebook and Twitter.

[appbox googleplay com.pinterest&hl=en]

(10) WTFSIMFD (Warning: NSFW)

WTFSIMFD is another android cooking app which come with a weird name. This app is a somewhat like a joke app, but it is helpful in many ways. If you are not sure what you want to make this app will find out your current mood and will hit you with some cool suggestions. As we have already warned you that it is not safe for work so we suggest you not to open this app while you are in office, school or near your kids.

Along with some cooking, we are sure you will spend some time giggling with this app too. The suggestions which this app will show you are linked to the recipe. Click on them and you will be redirected to the recipe page.

Note: Unfortunately, WTFSIMFD cooking app for android free download is now no longer available in the Google Play Store.


To use these cooking apps and recipe apps, you just need an android mobile phone or a tablet. You can search all these cooking apps for android free download in Google Play store and download them for free. We are sure that cooking is going to become very easy for you with these cooking apps.

So what did you prepared in your dinner using the above mentioned best cooking apps for android free download? Feel free to share with us using the comments section below – Which is your favorite android cooking apps? How your meal was which you cooked using cooking apps and recipe apps?

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