Top 5 Best Laptop Computer for Gaming 2016

Want to know – which are the best laptop computer for gaming and school? Here’s the list of top 5 Best gaming laptops of 2016 to buy a powerful gaming laptop.

Everyone loves to use good gaming laptop to entertain themselves in spare time. This year the most chartbuster games have been released for the gaming freaks, and gaming is something that everybody loves to do in their spare time especially teenagers. But do you know which laptops will meet your expectations and give a mind-boggling gaming experience? Most of the common laptops doesn’t have enough facts to take on big games and lag too much in the end.

Here the dazzling gaming laptops come to play. You don’t need to buy lots of big monitors or something else because their laptops are packed with all the features you might require while playing mass games.

top 5 best gaming laptops 2015

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These laptops price rates around 1400 USD, which are quite reasonable after looking at their supreme elements. And for gaming purposes, gaming laptops are always the most preferred stuff because it very easy to carry. As we all know already that notebook is a device of simplicity. So let’s explore the best gaming laptops for enhancing your gaming fantasy.

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Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops 2016

All these laptops are most popular gaming laptops of 2016 and quite a preferential among video game lovers. If you are really looking for an affordable gaming laptop then you must check out the list of top 5 best laptop computer for gaming 2016:

MSI GS70 Stealth

It is one of the best gaming laptops that provides mechanical keyboard, which gives you extreme whether you are gaming or typing. Most of the fighting games have several beat downs situations. So in such cases, you need a num pad the digital trackpad rapidly altered num pad with a single touch. MSI GS70 Stealth has a very eye-catching design for attracting everyone. And it’s one of the finest looking laptops I’ve seen in quite some for a while.

best laptop computer for gaming

MSI GS70 Stealth packed with Intel Haswell processor and new generation Nvidia graphics card and two SSD’s. It has A grade design structure and high-quality requirement. So overall it’s totally worth for money and surely MSI GS70 Stealth not dissatisfy you.

Origin EON17-S

Origin EON17-S was launched in the global market for outclassing his competitors in every category. The price of Origin EON17-S gaming laptop is little high but not so much while looking at its exclusive aspects. It will be more money-making to assemble a gaming PC, but the service and supports that Origin EON17-S provides are unfeasible to reproduce going that route.

best gaming laptops

Also, some extra fine points included with this price is its bundled mouse that could leave you positioned with this gaming laptop for a while.

Alienware 17

The name is quite interesting, isn’t it? Alienware 17 is all-in-one gaming package for every person. It offers glitz and attraction gaming PC in the laptop form. This new version of Alienware 17 holds world’s one of the powerful graphics card which is Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPU.

best laptops for gaming and school

Alienware 17 provides a full HD display for the gaming lovers and price starts from 1,499 USD. The price tag is affordable for everyone without breaking their banks. Its razor-sharp body and smooth touch allow everyone to play gigantic games without lagging or any other issue. So in the end we cay Alienware 17 is a brilliant gaming platform for outshining others.

Gigabyte P34G

Gigabyte P34G isn’t look like very attractive but when we talk about the gaming power, it provides excellent stuff. And for checking its capability you can play Titanfall with his highest setting without any glitches. Gigabyte P34G holds the Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M GPU and core i7 processor which are perfect to take on big games.

best laptops for gaming

The P34G will run any high-end games smooth like butter and the seven-hour long lasting battery will boost up your web surfing and gaming desire. Overall Gigabyte P34G is a worth of buying and a convenient beast of gaming platform.

Razer Blade

We are finishing this list with Razer Blade. This gaming laptop contains Intel Core i7-3632QM CPU and Nvidia fast GeForce GTX 970M graphics card which is very powerful and the sound and display is very extraordinary. The price tag starts from 2,199 USD which too expensive.

best laptop to buy 2015

One of the leading features of Razer Blade is its switchable interface. It is an exclusive feature that turns the Blade’s touchpad into an effusive implementation small second screen that helps to accomplish your gaming experience and also for other important works. So Razer Blade is a must-buy option for every gamer who were looking for the extreme thin-and-light gaming laptop.

I hope, you found some really powerful and the best gaming laptops from the above-explained list of top 5 best laptop computer for gaming 2016. Feel free to share your view with us by writing your valuable suggestions or questions in comment section.

We would love to know – according to you, which are the best laptops to buy for gaming? Which gaming laptops you would prefer to buy from the above list of five best laptop gaming computers?

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  1. I’m looking for a new laptop for school, so it won’t be exclusively for games. That being said, the Razor Blade laptop you shared sounds like it would be very powerful not only for games but for other work as well. I have several programs for school that I will be running when doing my computer science homework, so I need a laptop with quite a lot of power. Do you think this one would be a good option for that, or should I browse more at a computer store?

  2. My brother is into gaming and so I have been thinking about getting him a new computer. I really like the idea of getting him the Origin EON17-S, but you say that it is expensive. However, you didn’t list a price and so how much do you think that buying one of those would cost?

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