Top 19 Best Apps for General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Are you looking for some of the best apps for general knowledge and current affairs? Try out these best general knowledge app for Android to improve your GK.

Knowledge is power and labour never goes in vain – All of us believe it but very few of us actually try to stay updated with all kinds of general knowledge and current affairs in the world to increase our general awareness.

Are you watching your age passing by at the crest of the hill, just by looking to the horizon of your life? Well, it’s high time to buckle up and get out of the autopilot mode. School and college days are gone, now you have to kick start your career. Talking about career, what can be better than cracking UPSC or any Government job? But the competition is too high, so you have to have that spark and expertise to get your name written on your desired post.

best general knowledge apps for android

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You may know the key thing to excel in the competitive field is to have impeccable general knowledge (GK) and knowledge of current affairs. Reading GK books won’t only help you because staying updated is equally important. Since all of us own Android devices these days, you can install a few good general knowledge apps on your Android phones or tablets to get the day to day updates.

Here in this guide, we have prepared a list of 19 best apps for general knowledge and current affairs. So, just scroll down and have a glimpse of all these best general knowledge apps free download, best Android apps for current affairs and news.

Top 19 Best General Knowledge Apps for Android

Nowadays, there are countless people who use these essential apps for GK and best free current affairs apps for Android just to stay updated or increase knowledge. It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing for any competitive exams or doing it just for your own knowledge, the below explained list of some of the most popular and best general knowledge apps for Android devices is going to help you in all circumstances.

So now without further ado, let’s dive dip and check out which is the best app for GK and current affairs. Here we go:

Wikipedia (Free)

When you are looking for some information, nothing can beat Wikipedia. That’s why it topped our list. Wikipedia is the depot of any type of data you might be searching for. You just have to type the topic in the search box to get exact results. This platform has launched its application for Android users. You will get it in the Google Play Store. Download and install it to enrich your general knowledge. 

Why you’ll love Wikipedia as the best app for general knowledge and current affairs:

  • Information is available in 300 different languages
  • More than 40 million articles are included on several topics
  • Offline access of My List option is provided
  • Get important, reliable and free information regarding anything and everything
  • The open-source platform includes no charge
  • Great platform for students and learners

Dailyhunt (Free)

The next popular app on our list is Dailyhunt. Most of the Indian students preparing for a Government job, use this app for current affairs and of course, GK. A variety of language is there to provide you with plenty of options and make sure language doesn’t become a barrier for you. You will also get a number of e-books, daily news, and different styles to choose your wished one. To use this application, you have to have Android 2.0 or higher versions.

What kind of features make Dailyhunt a must-have app for current affairs and news:

  • Article saving option is provided for offline reading
  • Data saver mode is there to turn off images and enhance the performance in slow network
  • The User Interface is really great to handle
  • The wide-tile option is there to provide you with instant updates

Daily Current Affairs and GK (Free)

Daily Current Affairs and GK app for Android is not only one of the best apps for general knowledge and current affairs but one of the most essential apps for competitive exam preparation too. It gives you two options for choosing the language: Hindi, and English. You can avail there multiple choice question papers to track your day to day progress. Along with that, you can have an eye on your strong and weak areas to cover it up. This app has got almost 1 million users.

What are the key features of this valuable and best current affairs app for all competitive exams:

  • GK and current affairs are available offline
  • Daily GK card is there to make you aware of all the ins and outs of what’s happening and where happening
  • General knowledge quiz is also there to test your skills 
  • Once you permit notifications, you will get an instant update for each news just after publishing
  • Practice test sets are also available inside the application

Aptitude Test and Preparation, Tricks and Practice (Free)

Aptitude Test and Preparation is the next one in our list of best apps for general knowledge and current affairs. This educational app stands outs because of it can easily suffice all your needs of getting prepared for any competitive examination. You can choose the test pattern that suits you best as you will get quite a handful of options to make a decision.

No matter whether you are preparing for IBPO, UPSC or CGL, almost all the competition-based examinations, and job preparations are completely covered in this one pack. Moreover, it features help you to make your approach easier than ever!

Why this is the best aptitude app for Android and why you should use it for learning general knowledge, staying updated with  current affairs:

  • Best for enhancing skills and getting more competence at different levels
  • You can train your brain in the best possible way since different test examples are there with exact solutions
  • A variety of tips and tricks are available to make the candidate confident enough for sitting on any competitive examination
  • A number of technical grounds are covered like- GRE, MAT, GMAT, SAT, etc.
  • The friendly user interface will smoothen your experience
  • You can operate the application in both offline and online mode

Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge Quiz (Free)

One of the most talked-about educational apps is “Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge Quiz“. You will get a handful of materials to compact your preparation. This popular current affairs app will send you day to day updates to make sure you never miss out on anything. Starting from different practice sets to mock tests, all are there to continually support you throughout your journey towards getting a Government job. This app incorporates some exciting features. Know it below. 

What are the key features of this valuable general knowledge and current affairs app:

  • Questions and answers for competitive exams like IBPS, SBI Clerk, Bank, PO, LIC, Railway RRB NTPC, SSC CGL, CHSL, BSNL TTA are available
  • You are permitted to save news, exam answers, latest notifications to read offline
  • There is an option to switch between quizzes and capsules, along with the revision of weekly and monthly quizzes
  • You don’t have to go through 1000 or more words to get full information on any news instead; you will get the gist form of the news
  • Both Hindi and English languages are supported
  • There is no hidden charge; it’s absolutely free of cost

Curiosity (Free)

Do you believe in continuous self-growth? Then Curiosity is the one you must opt for when it comes to the best apps for current affairs and news. This app will help you in learning literally everything, even more than your expectations. If you want to get over all those old school tricks and want to absorb the knowledge in a new way, the comprehensive digital sources are going to aid you provided by the Curiosity. The simple and easy to access user interface fits perfectly with users of all age groups. Take a look at the features now. 

Why the Curiosity app is the best source to learn everything about the world:

  • Easy to explore, renders instant result for any type of query
  • High-quality essays, articles, and short notes are really helpful for the candidates going to sit on competitive examinations
  • Video lessons are also available to make it easier for you to learn about a particular stuff
  • More than 5000+ articles are there along with millions of educational videos 
  • You can customize it according to your preferences; everything information is available in English

General Knowledge – World GK (Free)

General Knowledge – World GK is the one-stop hub for those who want to keep a tap on current affairs and at the same time want to enrich themselves with essential general knowledge. With a presentable and user-friendly interface, the application is power-packed with valuable information. Not only the job seekers but also if you are someone who likes to follow up with world news, then the General Knowledge World GK app can be a great help for you.

Along with providing a complete mix of topics from all across the world, what are the top features on this best GK app for Android:

  • With value-adding information, the application is highly feasible for various eligibility exams.
  • Comes with multiple choice question feature, allowing you to judge your general knowledge competency
  • Covers a handful of topics and subjects under one roof
  • The timely update ensures you get enriched with the right information at the right time 

General Knowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz App (Free)

Are you preparing yourself for competitive exams? Then the General Knowledge Quiz app is a must-have for you. The application is available for Android users on Google Play Store. The app allows you to practice your general knowledge skills in the offline mode as well. Covering broad niches like India’s static current affairs, general knowledge on World, and India. The General Knowledge Quiz app can surely help you with your competitive studies. Rated highly on Google Play Store, the application comes with an easy to use interface.

Some of the most valuable features of the General Knowledge Quiz app are:

  • This app has a huge amount of information to suffice your different queries
  • Also, get details of several professional level examinations
  • Specific exam-oriented questions are available
  • Daily news get published which you can read offline as well
  • You can easily track your graph of improvement by participating in different quiz tests
  • Not only news or quiz but also articles on various topics, audios and videos are provided

Crazy GK Trick (Free)

Another best app for current affairs and the news is Crazy GK Trick. You can consider it as a knowledge bank that is going to help you with a plethora of well-referenced information regarding different topics. From a daily dose of current affairs to news, government exam-related discussions- you just name it, and you get it. This app has quite a handful of amazing features. Have a glimpse below. 

Why the Crazy Gk Trick app for Android is one of the best apps for improving general knowledge and current affairs:

  • A dedicated study material section is provided that offers you important notes over different topics, current affairs, and general knowledge 
  • There is a separate section of Quiz to help you in testing your skills and ability to absorb things 
  • Not only written information but also you will get numerous educational videos to watch. These videos are generally based on subject explanatory genres, GK and current affairs 
  • Contents are available in Hindi and English both 
  • You will get to give Math tests for improvising your preparation 
  • These questions are updated on a daily basis so that you can know about the variable exam pattern 

Daily Current Affairs 2019 and General Knowledge App (Free)

The next app on our list is one of the most trusted for getting timely updates of daily news or current affairs among all the best GK apps for android. Precisely, Daily Current Affairs 2019 and General Knowledge App covers all segments of whatever is required for making your preparation compact. Starting from GK questions to news, tests or videos make your exam ready.

The user interface is simple and quick enough to let you access the app from anywhere at any time. You can prepare for government and banking exams like SBI, RBI, MBA, IBPS, Railways, UPSC, SSC, etc. with the help of this application. 

Along with the speedy and simplified Android interface, what are the top features on this general knowledge app for Android:

  • Go through GK and current affairs offline 
  • Get daily GK cards to retain all the ins and outs of any news or event
  • General Knowledge Quiz section is also there to track down your progress 
  • Once you turn on the notification, you won’t ever miss out on anything 

India GK Questions and Answers Quiz Test (Free)

Are you preparing for WBCS examination or anything similar to that, which requires extensive knowledge of history, geography, literature, sports, famous people, capital and states the Indian subcontinent? If yes, then India GK Questions and Answers Quiz Test is the app you must opt for downloading. This app has each and everything about the Indian economy, political GK, sports trivia, historical places, epics and more.

Moreover, you will get an opportunity to taste your knowledge through its dedicated quiz test. Undoubtedly, it comprises lots of features. Here we go: 

  • The quiz taste is available as gaming interface just not to make you feel bored
  • Endless Quiz mode is there to let you play for long hours. Whenever you give 3 wrong answers, this game stops instantly 
  • Time Quiz mode is there to make it more interesting. As you give correct answers, time gets added and when you give wrong answers, time gets deducted 
  • Along with that, multiple-choice questions are available that offers you four options for each question 

Indian History 2200 Questions (Free)

This app is quite well-known for compiling 2200 history questions at a place to improve your general knowledge. These questions are organized in chronological order. If you appear for SSC, UPSC, or Bank PO, then the Indian History 2200 Questions app is mandatory to have on your phone. The key feature of this application is, it is divided into 17 parts to make the UI easier and enhance your user experience. Have a look:

  • Early Man and Indus Valley Civilization
  • Jainism and Buddhism
  • Vedic Age
  • Magadha Empire
  • Pre Gupta Period
  • Gupta Empire and Post Gupta Period
  • Delhi Sultanate
  • Vijaynagar, Bahamani Kingdom and Religious Movements
  • Later Mughals, Mughal Art, and Administration and Marathas
  • Ancient South India
  • Early Medieval India
  • Mughal Empire 
  • Revolt of 1857
  • Governor Generals
  • Advent of Europeans
  • Popular Movements
  • Indian National Movement

GKToday – Current Affairs and GK (Free)

The next one of the best apps to improve general knowledge in GKToday. If you only want to emphasize on current affairs and looking for a dedicated application to serve your intention, this app is getting triumph over the rest. You can track day to day news along with choosing the topic of your choice. Yes, you can choose the topic as per your wish as this android application offers a lot. Check out the features of the GKToday app below.

Some of the most valuable features of this current affairs and general knowledge app for Android are:

  • Best for the aspirants going to appear in Banking, SSC, NDA, IBPS, CDS, UPSC, and State PSC
  • Save news beforehand to read offline
  • Different categories are there to select your wished topic
  • Get updates on a monthly and daily basis

Current Affairs 2019 (eBook and Quiz) (Free)

Are you looking for an application with lucid and fastest UI? Current Affairs 2019 (eBook and Quiz) is here to suffice your requirements. Besides making your exam preparation compact, this app helps in interestingly refreshing your GK knowledge. How? Well, the quiz feature is there with more than 1000 questions to evaluate your knowledge. The eBooks are really helpful for the job-seeking candidates. You can download those eBooks and go through from anywhere anytime.

All the features of this current affairs Android app are credible enough to make download and install it now. Take a look:

  • User Interface is really fast to let you quickly scan the page
  • You can personalize the font size, search preferences and more
  • Share your favorite article or any news with your friends who are using this app instantly

ALL GK (Free)

Along with preparing for your examinations, want to stay updated about the new recruitment notices? ALL GK app will do so for you. Besides getting all exam based question papers, you can find the latest Government jobs, news, job papers, sample questions of IAS, UPSC, Bank PO, and other PSC exams, etc. in this app. Also, you will receive daily alerts, more than 200k GK questions, different quizzes, and topics on various categories.

Current affairs on different topics are there as well, i.e., science and technology, daily updates from all over the world, art, sports, economy and more. This app incorporates questions for 18+ job categories. 

Why All GK app is one of the best general knowledge apps for Android and the best apps for current affairs:

  • Get daily news from worldwide
  • User Interface is simple so easy to navigate
  • Doesn’t get into the conflict with any Android version
  • This app consumes so less data that you can use it in 2G network 
  • No charge applicable, you can access everything without spending a penny

Knappily – The Knowledge App (Free)

This award-winning app offers you a 360 view of GK, current affairs, sports, politics, business, philosophy, technology, movies, TV shows, and mythology. In short, the Knappily app can render anything that one would feel interested in. You will get an editorial analysis of each thing in a 5W1H (What, Why, When, Where, Who, How) frame. We assume your questions and answer them in such a way that you can easily perceive it. In a few scrolls, you can go from zero knowledge to a well-rounded understanding of any topic. 

When it comes to acquiring numerous variety of news in just one general knowledge app or current affairs app for Android then Knappily is quite appropriate. Here are some interesting features of it:

  • Get a thorough analysis of any topic with the 5W1H format in just 6 swipes
  • You can bookmark topics to read later
  • Instant notification of every update
  • You can filter your feed according to your choices
  • The search option to customize the results

India GK (Free)

India GK is quite a resourceful app to help you secure your success in competitive examinations, provided by Sana Edutech. You will get almost 20,000 exam based questions and corresponding answers of various categories to practice every day. Besides offering quality information, this app helps you in staying updated and enriching your GK knowledge.

Subjects covered here are – Indian Economics and Commerce, General knowledge, awareness (including, Sports, Places, Events), Indian Polity, Constitution, Indian History, Indian Literature, Arts, Awards, Books and Authors, Organization, World history, India facts, Indian Freedom movement, Indian Geography, General Science and Technology, Medicine, and more. 

The aim of this Android general knowledge app is to help all students and secure success in all their exams. Here are some valuable features of it:

  • No chargers required, all content are free
  • India GK mainly focuses on what is happening, happened, and going to happen in India
  • There is a special feature named as automatic readout facility by which system reads out the question of a better understanding
  • You will get a detailed report of your performances in different quiz
  • There is nothing limited as you can try the same set of questions for an unlimited number of times

QuizUp (Free)

Here is another best general knowledge app for Android devices – QuizUp. This app is solely based on the quiz only. Different quiz games are incorporated that you can try to judge your knowledge of GK or current affairs. There is a separate section for providing daily updates as well. The User Interface is so simple that you get instant results in hand within a few seconds of your query. Also, it eats up a minimal amount of internet; even you can access this app while staying in the 2G network zone.

Why QuizUp is one of the most used and best quiz apps for Android devices, and why you should use it for improving your general knowledge and current affairs understanding:

  • A number of subjects are there to pick as per your choice
  • The unique gaming feature will grow your interest more to stick to the quiz only
  • You will play it online with millions of players
  • Learning at the time of playing games, make it more interesting

TED (Free)

Improve your GK knowledge by checking out millions of talks from all over the world, provided by TED. It works as a free, reliable platform to quench all your curiosities. TED Talk on different topics like education, science, history, psychology, philosophy, and more are available in this application. Some most amazing features of the TED app on Android devices are:

  • Search your topic and get millions of TED talk from every corner of the world on your phone’s screen
  • 100 languages are provided there 
  • You can check out TED’s latest podcasts and videos to know everything in and out
  • Bookmark your favorite topic to read later


You may not know, 25% success rate is there of cracking IAS prelims for a candidate. The competition is so huge and tough that one who doesn’t study strategically or stay updated, don’t have a future in these Government examinations. Which is why here we have tried our best to compensate your query – Which is the best app for GK and current affairs?

Now, it’s your turn to tell us which Android apps for general knowledge and current affairs you choose to have on your smartphone, just drop a comment in the below box.

Also, if you liked this extensive list of 19 best general knowledge apps for Android devices then feel free to share it with your friends or family members on social media networks so that they can get benefited from it too.

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